Unit 7 Where would you like to visit学案

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Section B & Self Check
1.eastern 译为“东部的,来自东部的”,是形容词,名词是east。
例如:中国位于东亚。China lies in ____________ (east) Asia. (用所给词的适当形式填空)
注:west/ south/ north后都可以加后缀-ern,变成形容词。
2.provide是动词,译为“提供,供应,供给”,常用短语:provide sb. with sth.或provid sth. for sb.译为“为某人提供某物”。
We provide the hungry children with food. (改为同义句)
We provide ___________ __________ ___________ _____________ ______________.
1.take a trip 译为“旅行”,相当于have/ make a trip; be on a trip译为“在旅行”。
I want to ___________ _________ ___________to Canada.(根据汉语提示完成句子)
2.in eastern China 译为“在中国东部”,也可以说in the east of China, 介词in表示在某范围之内,如果用to则表示在某范围之外,且两地互不相连。而介词on 则表示两地相接壤。
例如:(1)韩国位于中国东部。Korea is ________ the east of China. (用适当的介词填空)
(2)蒙古位于中国北方。Mongolia is _________ the north of China. (用适当的介词填空)
3.be supposed to 译为“理应,应该”,相当于should。
Scientists ___________ ____________ ___________ know a lot. (根据汉语提示完成句子)
关系副词(when/ where/ why)引导的定语从句。
关系副词在定语从句中只能作状语,且不能省略,常见的关系副词有when/ where/ why
When在从句中作时间状语,其先行词是表示时间的词(day/ year/ season等)。例如:
(1)我永远不会忘记我入团的那一天。I shall never forget the day______I joined the League.
The PLA men come at the time ________ the people need them most.
2.where 引导的定语从句
Where在定语从句中作地点状语,其先行词是表示地点的词(place/ town/ home/ house)例如:(1) 你还记得我们初次见面的地方吗?
Do you still remember the place ____we first met?
(2) 近来你去过你成长的小城吗?
Have you been to the town _________ you grew up recently?
Nobody knows the reason ____________ he is often late for school.
Could you please give me some suggestions for vacation spots?
Could you please …?是委婉的表示请求的交际用语,也可以说Would you please…?后面跟动词原形,译为“请你……好吗?”
例如:给我些水好吗?Could you please _________ (give) me some water?
( )1.They provided the sufferers ____________ food and clothes.
A. for B. to C. with D. of
( )2.Would you mind my ____________ beside you?
A. sit B. sits C. sitting D. to sit
( )3.You ___________ your homework today.
A. don’t need to finish B. needn’t to finish C. need don’t finish D. don’t need finish
( )4.The man __________ a big bag is my teacher.
A. and B. by C. on D. with
( )5.I hope I can be an engineer _____________.
A. every day B. each day C. the other day D. some day
1.Can you give me some advice on vacation ___________ (场所).
2.My sister works in that ______________ (公司).
3.Do you know _____________ (孔子).
4.I don’t know if they can ___________ (提供)the recent news about the accident for us.
5.Would you please give us some s___________ for our English study?
1.Shangahi lies in ____________ (east) China.
2.I’d like to have an ____________ (expensive) house because I don’t have much money.
3.Could you please give me some ____________ (suggest) for vacation spots?
4.We hope _____________ (go) some where interesting.
5.Confucius was born in Qufu where it’s very _____________ (educate).
What things are important when you ____________ ____________ ___________?
2.我想去某个暖和的地方旅游。I’d like to go ___________ ____________ for a trip.
Jack had ____________ ____________ _____________ at a travel agency.
4.你好能告诉我什么呢?__________ ___________ can you tell me?
5.他们不想去寒冷的地方。They don’t want to go ____________ _____________.
A: Good afternoon, madam! (1)___________________________________
B: I’d like to spend my holiday abroad.
A: OK. (2)____________________________________________________
B: I haven’t decided which to visit. I just want to relax.
A: (3) ________________________________________________________
B: Singapore is too hot. Any other good place?
A: What about England?
B: I’ll think about it. (4) __________________________________________
A: It’s neither too hot nor too cold all the year round.

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