Unit 4 TV programmes教案

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1.far too busy to do sth.太忙了,有能做某事
2.have nothing to do无事可做
3.have a little sleep小睡一会儿
4.It’s dinner time.到晚饭时间了。
5.A dog’s work is never done!狗儿的活是干不完的。
6.send out发送
7.make TV programmes制作电视节目
8.control…from a distance遥控
9.a weekly round-up一周综述
10.up-to-date information最新信息
11.interview with sb. / have an interview with sb.采访某人
12.cover live实况转播
13.this coming Saturday本周六
14.vote online for sb.在网上投票给某人
15.announce the results宣布结果
16.send text messages to发送信息到……
17.free concert tickets免费的音乐会票
18.a horror film directed by由……某人执导的恐怖片
19.be found + a.被发现……
20.kill oneself自杀
22.be full of充满
23.get scared害怕,恐惧
24.solve mysteries解开谜团
25.one-hour documentary 一个小时的纪录片
26.take a close look at关注,细看,观察
27.the Asian tiger亚洲虎
28.face the danger 面对危险
29.be killed for因为…而被杀
30.an animal lover动物爱好者
31.in India在印度
32.in the natural habitat在自然栖息地,野生环境中
33.win an award for因……而获奖
34.mind doing sth.介意做某事
35.real life events 生活中的真实事件
36.win a great price 获大奖
37.chat show 谈话节目
38.drama series电视连续剧
39.Weather Report天气预报
40.News Round-up新闻综述
41.argue about为……而争吵
42.get angry with each other互相生对方的气
43.throw … onto the ground把……扔在地上
44.the remote control遥控器
45.a twin daughter and a twin son双胞胎兄妹/姐弟
46.such an exciting day如此令人激动的一天
47.the writing competition作文竞赛
48.the whole month整个一个月,一整月
49.work on致力于,从事某方面的工作
50.surprising ending令人意外的结局
1、掌握from…to….;between …and ….表示时间的介词短语用法。
表示时间的介词短语 between … and … ; from … to …
between … and … 和 from … to … 都表示一段特定的时间
between … and … 表示“在…和…之间”
2、掌握before, after, until三个词引导时间状语时的用法。
before, after, until 都可以用作时间连词 ,我们可以用它们来引导一个时间状语从句,这些连词可以放在句首,也可以放在句中。放在句首时,要用逗号和主句分开。
before “比……早一点的时候”,“在……之前”;
after “比……迟一点的时候”,“在……之后”。
until “直到 ……的时候”。
not …until… 直到…才…
while和as是时间连词,“当……时候”; 表示事情(动作)同时发生。
e.g. While Millie was watching TV, Eddie was sleeping.
e.g. While Eddie was sleeping, Hobo went to watch TV.
As mother was cooking, Mary went back.
e.g. As you see him, give him this letter.
※注意: while和as引导的状语从句在时态上必须和主句保持一致。
副词的比较级和最高级与形容词的比较级及最高级的构成方法相同,即单音节和部分双音节副词在词尾加“er”、加“est”构成比较级和最高级;多音节副词在副词之前加more和most 构成比较级和最高级;以后缀ly结尾的副词要用more和most。
e.g. fast ? faster ? fastest early ? earlier ? earliest
late ? later ? latest beautifully ? more beautifully ? most beautifully
slowly ? more slowly ? most slowly quickly ? more quickly ? most quic kly
另外还 有不规则副词的比较级和最高级:
e.g. well ? better ? best badly ? worse ? worst much ? more ? most
little ? less ? least far ? farther ? farthest
1. 同级比较 2. 比较级 3. 最高级
4.比较级 and比较级 5. the比较级, the比较级
6. the比较级 of the two 7. so, quite, very, rather, far
8. a little, abit, much, far, ev en 9. late, early, fast, straight,
1.Most people have seen the film __________(导演) by the famous director Zhang Yimou.
2.The football match between Germany and the UK will be covered _________(现场直播的) on Sports Channel on Wednesday.
3.You love peace and d on’t like to __________(争论) with others if you are a polite and fair person.
4.Would you please put this box __________(在。。。之间) the desk and the wall?
5.The young girl was ___________(谋杀) by the riverside.
6.I enjoyed it f________ more than I expected.
7.Danel is s________, he is good at spor ts.
8.It’s important to spit or make a noise in p_________.
9.I hear that the result of the exam ____________( announce) next week.
10.He d_________ documentaries. He never watches them.
11.The news is so _________(surprise) that we can’t believe it.
( )1.--- Did you watch the basketball match last weekend?
--- Yes, I did. It was covered _____, and I think it was wonderful.
A. live B. alive C. living D. lively
( )2. We should try our best to protect our environment ______ it is too late.
A. after B. until C. when D. before
( )3. Newton was playing under an apple tree _____ an apple fell onto his head.
A. when B. while C. after D. before
( )4. --- Is Bob at home by himself now?
--- No. There’s anot her boy _______ with him.
A. playing B. play C. plays D. to play
( )5. The girl was _____ excited _____ say a word.
A. so; that B. enough; to C. very; to D. too; to
( )6. _____ of the students in this school is about 1,500 _____ of them are League members.
A. The number; a number B. A lot; some
C. A number; many D. A number; the number
( )7. We’ll try and ______ who did this.
A. look B. look for C. find D. find out
( )8. It ______ three years since I came to this school.
A. is B. has been C. were D. A and B.
( ) 9.“What do you think of his surfing?” “Oh, no one does _____ .”
A. good B. well C. better D. best
( )10.Would you please ______________ in the library ?
A. not to talk B. don’t talk C. to not talk D. not talk
( )11.A: Why did you go back to the shop? B: I left my friends _____ here.
A. to wait B. waiting C. wait D. waited
( )12.She is ______good doctor that everyone wants to see her .
A. such a B. a such C. so a D. so
( )13._____ of the twins has been there before.
A. Both B. Neither C. all D. None
( )14.The foreigner didn’t know_______ this word in Chinese.
A. what to say B. how to sayC. what to tellD. how to talk
( )15.Could you tell me ___________ _____________ _____________ go there by bus ?
. _____ ___ the sitting room looks!
A. How beautiful B. How beautifully C. What beautifully D. What beautiful
( ) 16. Do you feel _______w hen you are_______ at home.
A . lonely ;aloneB. lonely ;lonely C. alone; lonelyD. alone; alone

2. 观虎是2003年到2005年之?在印度拍摄的。


4. 我从来?有看过如此精彩的比赛。

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