I’m going to be a basketball player

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Unit 7 I’m going to be a basketball player

1、______ your sister _______ the new bike?
A. What is,think B. What do,think C. How does,think of D. What does,think of
2、______ can you _______ her?
A. How,stand B. What,standed C. How,standing D. What,stands
3、---What language does your father _______?
---How about your mother?
---She ______, too.
A. tell,does B. speak,does C. speak,speak D.say,does
4、She usually goes to bed ______ 11 o’clock ______ Saturday evening.
A. at,in B. in,on C. at,on D. at,in
5、_______ eat in the class.
A. No B. Not C. Don’t D. Doesn’t
6、I am very sorry because I was late ______ school y esterday.
A. for B. at C. in D. on
7、The boy _______ funny glasses is running ______.
A. has,in B. with,on C. with,in D. has,under
8、I _____ get up early this morning because I have lots of work to do.
A. can B. has to C. have to D. had to
9、“No _______!”says the sign.
A. smokes B. smokes C. smoking D. to smoke
10、----Where are you?
----I _____ at home.
----It’s sunny today. Let’s ______ outside.
A. stayed,goes B. staying,go C. am staying,go D. stayed,went
11、Thank you for ______ to my birthday party.
A. come B. to come C. coming D. comeing
12、Do you mind ______ the window?
A. open B. opening C. close D.closeing
13、Her mother _______ cakes at home.
A. enjoy making B. enjoys to make C. like making D. likes to make
14、----Lucy,where did you ______ last Sunday?
----I _____ to Beijing.
A. went,went B. go,go C. went,go D.go,went
15、----I think soap operas are boring.
----I _______.
A. agree you B. agree with you C. agree to you D. don’t mind

Peter was ten years old. One day his friend Paul _____1_____him, “I'm going to have a birthday party ____2_____Saturday, Peter. Can you come?”
?Peter asked his mother and she said, “Yes, you can____3_____” She phoned Paul's mother to tell her. Before Peter _____4_____the party, his mother said to him, “Now, Peter,____5____ to be polite.(客气)Don't ask _____6_ ____ food. Wait until someone gives it to you.”
?“All right, um,” Peter answered, and he went to Paul's ____7_______ ? on his bike.
?There were a lot of children at the party. They played for an hour, and then P aul's mother gave them some food, but she forgot 、_____8_____ Peterany. He waited politely for 、____9_____ minutes, and then he held his plate up(举起) and said loudly. “___10______ anyone want a nice clean plate?”
?1. A、 said to B、says to C、said D、talked to
?2. A、 in B、on C、at D、of
?3. A、 go B、to go C、went D、going
?4. A、 go B、come C、went D、came
?5. A、 not to forget B. don't forget
?C、doesn't forget D、didn't forget
?6. A、 to B、any C、some D、for
?7. A、 family B、house C、home D、room
?8. A、 giving B、give C、to give D、gives
?9. A、 few B、little C、a few D、a little
?10. A、Does B、Do C、Did D、Is

?One summer, Jim and John wanted to visit(参观)another city. Both of them bought the tickets and got into the train. In the train John couldn't find his ticket  in his pockets(口袋). Jim found the ticket on the floor and picked it up. But he didn't tell John about it. He put it into his own(自己)pocket.
?After a while(过了一会儿),the conductor came. He wanted to check the tickets,John was very afraid(害怕).He had to hide(藏)himself under his seat. When the conductor came, Jim brought out two tickets from his pocket.
?“Who is the other?” asked the conductor.
?“y friend doesn't like to sit. He likes to lie(躺)on the floor under the seat,” Jim answered.
?1. One summer, Jim and John went to another city 、.
?A、by bike B、by car C、by plane D、by train
?2. In the train 、__________________ couldn't find the ticket.
?A、JimB、JohnC、Both of them D、they
?3. 、__________________ found the ticket on the floor and picked it up.[:学&科&网Z&X&X&]
?A、 Jim B、John
?C 、the conductor D、another passenger(旅客)
?4. When the conductor came, Jim brought out
?A、two tickets from his bag B、a ticket from his pocket
?C、money from his pocket D、two tickets from his pocket
?5. Why didn't Jim give the ticket to John?
?A、 He wanted to have two tickets?
B、He wanted to travel alone
?C、 He wanted to play a joke(玩笑)on John
?D、He wanted to help John
?Turner is a young man. He does not have a wife, but he has a ver y big dog and he has a very small car too. He likes playing tennis(网球).Last onday he played tennis for an hour at the club(俱乐部)and then he ran out and jumped into a car
. His dog came after him, but it did not jump into the same car. It jumped into the next one.
?“ Come here, foolish dog!” Turner shouted at it, but the dog stayed in the ot her car.
?Turner put his key(钥匙)into the lock(锁)of the car, but the key did not turn. Then he look at the car again. It was not his! He was in the wrong car. And the dog was in the right one! “He's sitting and laughing at me!” Turner said angr ily. But then he smiled and got into his own car with his dog.
?1. Turner liked 、_________ _________.
?A、a dog B、driving a car
?C、going to a club D、playing tennis
?2. Last onday 、__________________ got on the wrong car.
?A、the dog B、Turner
?C、Turner and his dogD、none
?3. Turner was a 、__________________man.
?A、foolish(愚蠢的) B、careless(粗心的)  
?C、busy D、clever
?4. Turner knew he was wrong because 、__________________.
?A、the dog was laughing at him
?B、 he couldn't open the lock of the car
?C、 the dog stayed in the other car
?D、 the dog jumped int o the next car
?5. The story tells us 、__________________.
?A、a man needs a dog B、a dog is useful
?C、a dog can help his master(主人) ?D、a dog is a man's friend

1、Students have to wear u_______ in school.
2、r. Brown often t_______ interesting stories to us.
3、What does tom t______ of the book?
4、Whose w__________? There is so much money in it.
5、The reporter i___________ the old man yesterday.
6、You aren’t a good r______. You run too slo
7、any girls like wearing ________ (color) clothes.
8、y friend is medium __________ (high).
9、Women like going ________ (shop)
10、They all sing well. They are good s_______.

1、Do you enjoy ________ (read) books on Sunday?
2、Where _______ you _______ (go) on vacation last week?
3、It’s six o’clock. The Browns _______ (have) supper.
4、What ______ you _______ (do) when it’s raining?
5、I want _______ (be) a teacher when I grow up (长大).
6、______ (not arrive) l ate for school, Jim.
7、______ she ______ (mind) my smoking?
8、She can’t _______ (stand) the old mand.
9、Would you like _______ (come) to my home?
10、Let me ______ (he lp) you.

1、It was sunny and hot all day.(划线提问)
_____ ______ ______ ______ all day?
2、Eat the bread.(改为否定句)
_____ ______ the bread.
3、What do you think of game show s?(同义句)
_____ ______ _______ _______ game shows?
4、She is showing me his picture no(用last Sunday改写)
She ______ me his picture _______ _______.
5、You must clean the floor.(改为祈使句)
_______ ______ _______.
6、I watched TV yesterday morning.(划线提问)[
_______ you _______ yesterday morning?
7、She played basketball with her classmates last week.(变为一般疑问句)
_______ she ________ basketball with her classmates last week?



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