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later on  
later on 基本解释

<口>以后; 嗣后; 他日

later on 情景对话

later on

Waking Someone Up-(叫醒某人)

A:Hey, Jim, it’s time to wake up? and get out of bed.

B:Do I have to get up now?

A:You’d better get up, or you’ll be late.

B:What are you talking about? My alarm hasn’t even gone off yet.
你说什么呀? 我的闹钟都还没响呢?

A:Yes, it did. It went off? 30 minutes ago. You slept right through it?. You’re like a dead person while you sleep.

B:I must have slept right through it.

A:Rise and shine?! Sleepyhead!

B:Just let me sleep 5 more minutes.

A:The early bird gets the worm?.

B:I know. I know. But I don’t want any worms.

A:Ha! Ha! If you don’t make an effort now, later on it’ll be a lot tougher for you.
哈!哈! 如果你现在不努力的话,将来的生活就会变得更加艰


A:What do you think about mature student?

B:What do you mean by mature student?

A:You know, people who go back to school later on in life?

B:I don’t know. I guess I’ve never really thought about it before. Why? Are you thinking about going back to school?

A:Yeah, I am. I never finished my undergraduate degree.

B:I didn’t know that. What were you studying?


B:Why didn’t you finish?

A:I didn’t think it was necessary to have a degree.

B:Would it help you get a better job now?

A:I think so. Besides, I want to travel around. If I don’t have a degree, I won’t be able to get a work visa.

B:Sounds like your mind is made up. Go for it !

later on 网络解释

later on的解释

1. 以后;随后:10. make mistakes 犯错 | 11. later on 以后;随后 | 12. be afraid to 害怕去做

2. 过后;后来:knock over 撞倒;撞翻 | later on 过后;后来 | laugh at 嘲笑

3. 稍后:social fund 社会基金 | later on 稍后 | finish at 几点结速

4. 后来:omitvt.疏忽,忘记;省略;遗漏 | later on后来 | on and on 继续不停地

later on 双语例句

later on的意思

1. As a positive result of their meeting on board the warship, the Atlantic Charter came into existence, the principles of which would later basically be embodied in the aims of the United Nations.

2. The devil is in the details, he said:'Whether this betters the situation in rural areas and improves farmers'lives doesn't depend on the policy itself, but on how we implement the policy and a series of details and limitations, which will be mapped out later.

3. Later Monday, Goldman spokesman Lucas van Praag confirmed in an email that Tourre is on'paid leave with no end date.

4. Later on, I was very fortunate to encounter a Good

later on的近义词

5. Results: There was efficient on both treatment grope and control grope in treating bacterial keratitis. Five days later, there was significant deviatian between the two gropes, the treaty grope is better than the contrasted one in effect of treating and visual and elleviating such as tickle, ache, photophobia and lacrimation.

later on的意思

6. The problem is, can we avoid a serious water shortage later on?

7. At a later date, Duster will go on to be manufactured at the Avtoframos plant in Moscow, Russia.

later on是什么意思

8. Later, Wen Zhong went to the State of Wu on diplomatic missions and helped Gou Jian gain the confidence.

9. The store will leave a cookie on the machine, and someone could later try to purchase something from the store using your account.

later on的解释

10. Here, you can see the finished product less the silicone o-ring gasket I ll manufacture later on.

11. The infected NIH3T3 cells were implanted in akin defect at rat back and the acellular dermis on the wound was obtained one week later; the expression of hVEGF was detected by IHG in the dermis and the density of vessels was determined under microscope.

12. Later, I post on fogyism again sell 80/ to cover.

13. Zhang. Villagers held a three-day leafleting campaign outside the county government offices, attracting attention from national newspapers and later a popular investigative segment on state-run national television.

14. Villagers held a three-day leafleting campaign outside the county government offices, attracting attention from national newspapers and later a popular investigative segment on state-run national television.

later on什么意思

15. One and half years later we have taught over 300 children on weekends and holidays.

16. Based on the egg-painting skills, a folk craft, egg carving, appeared later.

17. Starting later on Tuesday, the excitement you seek is on the way -- or is it you who's creating it?

18. The first year of emperor Xian Feng(1851), whose brother got the title of prince Gong in 1851. Later the palace was bestowed on the prince Gong.

19. Give me a buzz later on when you get home.

20. First, hu jianwei`s Brief Notes on Penghu addresses the early period (Hu 1961[1766]second, jiang yong`s Pehnghu Sequal covers the middle period(jiang 1961[1832]and finally, Lin hao`s Penghu subprefecture Record deals with the later period (Lin 1961[1893] the other major sources for this article are handwritten manuscripts, described below, from Hongluo village.
第一是胡建伟的早期澎湖讲学笔记( Hu 1961[1766]);第二是江涌的中期澎湖续篇( Jiang 1961[1832]);最后是林好的澎湖次辖区记录。本文其它主要资料来源于红罗村的手稿。

later on 单语例句

1. later on什么意思

1. They later found the cigarette butt in a quilt airing on the balcony.

2. Many families once content to buy now and pay later are eager to trim their reliance on credit cards.

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3. He read a lot of books to learn how to look after it and later spent most of his pocket money on buying more beetles.

4. later on什么意思

4. Hu was later confirmed by the police as traveling between 84 and 101 km per hour on the street where the legal limit was 50.

5. later on的近义词

5. He is later joined by three male friends for a discussion on what turns them on.

6. Cabinet Minister Haim Ramon said the rabbis are aware that the Palestinians will likely knock down the buildings later on.

7. California lawmakers will vote later this summer on a bill requiring microchips in every dog or cat adopted or claimed from a shelter.

8. Why would you behave in a manner that we might call hasty later on?

9. She plans to call her parents on the big night and rush back to see them four days later.

10. The Canadian creator of the famed circus troupe is paying $ 35 million to jet up to the station later this month on a Russian craft.

later on 英英释义


1. happening at a time subsequent to a reference time

e.g. he apologized subsequently
he's going to the store but he'll be back here later
it didn't happen until afterward
two hours after that

Synonym: subsequently later afterwards afterward after

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