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simply 基本解释

9. If you are simply trying to improve the taste of your water, a filtering pitcher will do.

10. Q If you are simply trying to improve the taste of your water, a filtering pitcher will do.

11. Simulation shows that the dimension variation of long and short bending axes are independent, and the circumference simply increases with bending curvature.

12. The primary school English teachers are basically switched to other teachers and their levels of English teaching can imagine the effect it had, together with primary school education is no pressure on the goal of teaching is not very clear, a lot of Teachers simply in order to meet the job is to teach and to teach, students do not care to master.

13. Of Baidu such a series of movements, to stationmaster people it is a sad news of the death simply, hear somebody to stood to depilate ceaselessly, fall counterpoised, it is sad wail really.

14. No one likes to make a direct admission but, secretly, shaving one`s legs has an 9 aesthetic dimension: it is simply how the racing cyclist should look.


15. But at the end of the day, the Hawker 800 will simply prove to be the more prudent investment.
但最终,事实会证明 Hawker 800是更明智的选择。

16. But at the end of the day, the Hawker 800 will simply prove to be the more prudent investment..

17. The former method simply consists of setting an elephant to work and beating him until he does what is expected of him.

18. Andy Liou the reputation in China is imaginable, in China simply the childs all know, just so-called, who can not know, be have to know Andy Liou~!!

19. Some companies are actually out to help you, while others are simply looking to fatten their pockets.

20. It is a very stupid situation to have your errors unfixed and wait for reinclusion because you will simply never get reincluded this way.

simply 词典解释simply在线翻译

1. 简单地;只不过;仅仅;纯粹
You use simply to emphasize that something consists of only one thing, happens for only one reason, or is done in only one way.

e.g. The table is simply a chipboard circle on a base...
e.g. Most of the damage that's occurred was simply because of fallen trees...

2. (用于强调)简直,根本
You use simply to emphasize what you are saying.

e.g. This sort of increase simply cannot be justified...
e.g. So many of these questions simply don't have answers...

3. see also: simple

simply 单语例句

1. simply的意思

1. The rest were newly established business and authorities simply did not licence them.

2. The Chinese government has finally realized that simply owning a wealth of business assets does not necessarily mean they are productive.

3. A businesswoman from Hong Kong was beaten in Chaoyang District simply because she called herself Chinese.

4. Simply getting out into rural Beijing to sample local seasonal food is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

5. While tourists are bound to have a blast shopping, there's simply too much to buy in China.

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6. Young people who want to have their own space, can simply buy an apartment and move out.


7. China can better tap its inner dynamism to become a global consumer market than simply remain a buyer of little choice.

8. It was not immediately clear if they were deliberately targeted or simply caught in a random act of violence.

9. simply的意思

9. Like lithium, some of the latest crop of early candidate drugs revealed their potential simply by chance.


10. Jiang stressed that the world is facing many problems, and they cannot be solved simply by force.

simply 英英释义



1. and nothing more

e.g. I was merely asking
it is simply a matter of time
just a scratch
he was only a child
hopes that last but a moment

Synonym: merely just only but

2. simply什么意思

2. absolutely

e.g. we are simply broke

3. in a simple manner
without extravagance or embellishment

e.g. she was dressed plainly
they lived very simply

Synonym: plainly

4. absolutely

e.g. I just can't take it anymore
he was just grand as Romeo
it's simply beautiful!

Synonym: just

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