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2011-2012学年高一英语必修1(译林牛津版)素材(含教案和练习)Unit1-Unit 3 复习
一. 内容:
复习Unit 1-Unit 3
二. 目标:
掌握Unit 1-Unit 3中的单词、词组
三. 教学重难点:
掌握Unit 1-Unit 3中的单词、词组
参加讲座 attend a lecture
参军join the army
加入我们为希望工程捐赠活动join us in donating to Project Hope
计划学习文学mean to learn literature
意味着永远失去这个机会 mean losing this chance forever
听起来是个疯狂的主意sound like a crazy idea
听起来是不可能的sound impossible
习惯对儿子严格要求be used to being hard on his son
曾经是一位美丽的女性used to be a beautiful lady
免费享用甜点have desserts for free
享受在家的自由自在experience freedom at home
有经验的女演员an actress full of experience/an experienced actress
指望他会支持你expect him to support you
等一个贵重的包裹expect an valuable parcel
正如预料的那样as expected
正如您讲话所说的as was mentioned in your speech
希望被批准be expected to be approved
应由学生管理be supposed to be run by students
你认为do you suppose
对待,处理do with
向青少年解释大自然的奥秘explain the secrets of nature to teenagers= explain to teenagers the secrets of nature
负责网吧 in charge of Internet café
乱成一团a terrible mess
而不是惩罚运动员instead of punishing sportsman
反而继续节食continue going on diets instead
由于,既然now that
摸起来像丝feel like silk
想和我一块散步feel like walking with me
特别注意pay special attention to
闭着眼睛with his eyes shut
收到……的来信hear from
听见隔壁夫妇发疯似的打架hear the couple next door fight like crazy
听见妈妈正在厨房做早饭hear mom preparing breakfast in the kitchen
减肥lose weight
增肥put on weight
为黑皮肤感到羞愧be ashamed of the black skin
为被认出而羞愧be ashamed of being recognized
准备手术prepare for operation
为2008奥运会作准备make preparations for 2008 Olympic Games
学好英语做准备learn English for preparation
不起作用。It doesn’t work.
至少,不少于at least
至多10元 10 yuan at most
后悔听了他的建议regret following his advice
遗憾地通知你我们的决定regret to inform you of our decision
一条建议 a piece of advice
首先above all
总共in all
毕竟 after all
从长远角度看in the long term
事实上as a matter of fact
立刻 in no time; immediately
熄灭go out
弄乱 mix up
坚持假期去昆明insist on going to Kunming on vacation
I. 选择填空
1. --My brother is not good at speaking English.
--I suggest ______ English for two hours every day.
A. he practise speaking B. him to speak
C. he speaking D. his practicing to speak
2. The music, which used to _____ before the important meeting, has now been changed.
A. play B. playing C. be played D. being played
3. The children are _____ into 4 groups and each group will have a ____ room to live in.
A. divided; separated B. separated; divided
C. divided; separate D. separated; separate
4. Some of the passengers told the reporters about their _____ in the burning train.
A. details B. trips C. events D. experiences
5. I remember that _____ took part in the party had a wonderful time.
A. all B. all that C. all which D. all what
6. As the final examinations were just around the corner, all the students in our class _____studying till midnight .
A. put up B. kept up C. stayed up D. remained up
7. —How does the plan sound to you?
A. Very well B. Differently C. Wonderful D. Possibly
8. The band’s singer, _______ was Jeff Hyman, died of cancer in 2001.
A. the name B. whose name
C. her name D. what her name
9. How long does your mother usually spend _______ a big dinner.
A. to prepare B. to prepare for C. preparing for D. preparing
10. I can’t forget the persons and the things ______ I met in my former company.
A. which B. who C. that D. what
11. ____ puzzled the police most was how the murderer had been dead.
A. The thing   B. That   C. What   D. Which
12. The pen, ______ I paid 2 dollars , was lost.
A. which    B. that   C. for which   D. to which
13. Hearing his traveling ________, I knew that he was an ________traveler.
A. experiences, experienced B. experience, experience
C. experiences, experiencing D. experience, experienced
14. ------I regret ______you John has been fired.
------I can hardly believe my ears. He’s such a fine worker.
A. telling B. having told C. to tell D. to have told
15. Could you please explain _______in a simple way?
A. me the problem B. me to the problem
C. the problem to me D. the problem with me
II. 完型填空
At a time of high-speed Internet and DVD, a book can still work magic. It’s ( 16 ) author J.K. Rowling who is ( 17 ) a wonderful world with her boywizard, Harry Potter.
The fifth book of Rowling’s popular series—“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” —went on sale on Jun 21. It ( 18 ) countries across the world, ( 19 ) China. And it was the first time China ( 20 ) a global book activity. All 5,500 of the imported(进口的) English copies quickly sold out in Beijing. ( 21 ) books will be imported to China and translated into Chinese in October.
The series tells the adventures of Harry, a young wizard at a ( 22 ) school in England. In the latest book Harry turns 15. Rowling plans to write one book for each of his seven years at school. So why is Harry Potter so ( 23 ) ? “Rowling’s Harry Potter books have very good plots(情节). They are great ( 24 ) ,” said Gao Lulu, a 17-year-old Shanghai student.
Zeng Lisha, a Senior 1 student in Jiangxi, agreed. “The magical world in the books is quite different from reality. Rowling has excellent storytelling ( 25 ) and imagination. What’ more, ( 26 ) writing is wonderful.”
“One key ( 27 ) the books’ success is the characters,” said John Schatzel, ( 28 ) of a US company. “There is something in there for everybody, ( 29 ) loyalty and friendship.”
And others say the books ( 30 ) people to escape reality and believe in the supernatural.
16. A. British B. Japanese C. American D. Chinese
17. A. inventing B. creating C. developing D. advancing
18. A. beat B. struck C. hit D. touched
19. A. including B. included C. containing D. contained
20. A. attended B. joined C. took part D. joined in
21. A. Much B. Many C. More D. Plenty of
22. A. magic B. middle C. local D. primary
23. A. smart B. brave C. handsome D. attractive
24. A. fun B. wonder C. trick D. drama
25. A. ways B. plans C. interests D. skills
26. A. his B. its C. her D. my
27. A. to B. on C. toward D. about
28. A. schoolmaster B. teacher C. doctor D. manager
29. A. usually B. mainly C. hardly D. certainly
30. A. encouraged B. ordered C. refused D. intended
III 阅读理解
Parents whose children show a special interest in a sport feel very difficult to make a decision about their children’s careers. Should they allow their children to train to become top sports men and women? For many children it means starting schoolwork very young, and going out with friends and other interests have to take a second place. It’s very difficult to explain to a young child why he or she has to train five hours a day, even at the weekend, when most of his or her friends are playing.
Another problem is of course money. In many countries money for training is available from government for the very best young sportsmen and women. If this help can not be given, it means that it is the parents who have to find the time and the money to support their child’s development and sports clothes, transport to competitions, special equipment, etc. Can all be very expensive?
Many parents are worried that it is dangerous to start serious training in a sport at an early age. Some doctors agree that young muscles may be damaged by training before they are properly developed. Professional(专业的) trainers, however, believe that it is only by training young that you can reach the top as a successful sports person. It is clear that very few people do reach the top, and both parents and children should be prepared for failure even after many years of training.
31. This article is most probably taken from ____.
A. a letter B. an advertisement
C. a personal diary D. a newspaper article
32. According to the passage, parents whose children show a special interest in sport ____.
A. feel uncertain if they should let their children train to be sports men or women .
B. try to get financial(财政的) support from the government for their children’s training.
C. have to get medical advice from doctors about training methods
D. prefer their children to be trained as young as possible
33. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. By starting young, you won’t have much time for your schoolwork.
B. Early training may damage your muscles.
C. Most children may become professional sports men after a long period of training.
D. It’s very expensive for parents to support their child’s development in sports.
34. The phrase “ to take a second place” means____.
A. to repeat the activities some other day
B. to become less important
C. of all the things, they are the most important
D. to happen again
35. ____can become the best players after many years of training.
A. Most people B. Some people C. Hardly any people D. No people
Your body, which has close relations with the food you eat, is the most important thing you own, so it needs proper treatment and proper nourishment(营养). The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ” is not as silly as some people think. The body needs fruit and vegetables because they contain vitamin C. Many people take extra vitamins in pill form(丸剂), believing that these will make them healthy. But a good diet is made up of nourishing food and this gives all the vitamins you need. The body doesn’t need or use extra vitamins, so why waste money on them?
In the modern western world, many people are too busy to bother about eating properly. They throw away the good habits and throw anything into their stomachs, eating hurriedly and carelessly. The list of illnesses caused or made worse by bad eating habits is frightening.
36. From the first sentence we know that ________
A. all kinds of food you eat can be made into nourishment
B. your body is make up of the food you eat
C. what you eat has great effect on your health
D. the more you eat, the better you will feel
37. How do you understand the old saying underlined in the passage?
A. Eating apples regularly brings lots of benefits to our health.
B. Doctors are no longer necessary if we eat an apple every day.
C. The apple is the best among all kinds of fruits.
D. An apple is a good way to cure illnesses.
38. What can we conclude from the second paragraph?
A. Our bodies need food, or we can’t live.
B. Often eating apples is a good habit.
C. Taking extra vitamin pills is completely useless.
D. A good diet is of great importance for our health.
39. In modern western countries, ________.
A. people don’t want to pay more attention to their eating
B. lots of people’s illnesses are caused or made worse by bad eating habits
C. people throw everything into their stomachs without digestion
D. people are only too busy to cook meals fro themselves
40. If we want to keep healthy, we should ________ .
A. only eat an apple a day
B. eat properly
C. take as many vitamin pills as possible
D. throw everything into our stomachs slowly and carefully
Two policemen stopped Andrew Kershaw in his sports car one night, because he was speeding in the street of the town. The young man was very drunk. He knew he was in trouble, so he decided to make fun of them. He was a law-student at the university, so he knew the law very well, better than most people.
When the policemen came to his car, Andrew asked one of the policemen to write down in his notebook everything they said. The policeman had to do this because it is the law, although people don’t usually know it. The policeman tested Andrew’s breath and the breathalyser showed that he had too much alcoho1(乙醇)in his blood. This all took a long time because the policeman had to write down everything that he or the policeman said.
In the end, by law, the policeman had to ask Andrew if he wanted to say anything. Andrew decided that he had two things to say and the policemen had to write down. The first thing was “Please don’t hit me again, officer!” And the second thing was :" Does the other officer want £5,too?" Of course, the poor policeman had to read this in court, in front of the judge, and he was very embarrassed (难堪). Andrew, who was in court, thought it was very funny, until the judge took away his licence for a year and fined him £100, £90 for drunk driving, and £10 for his rudeness!
41. The policemen stopped Andrew in his car because ______.
A. it was very late   B. he was drunk
C. he was driving too fast  D. he hardly broke the law
42. The policeman had to write down ______.
A. everything the two policemen saidB. everything Andrew said
C. everything they all said D. everything either of them said
43. The word “breathalyzer” means ______.
A. a tool used for repairing machines
B. a machine used for examining patients
C. a person who is in charge of giving breath-test
D. an instrument used for testing and analyzing(分析)one’s breath
44. What did Andrew think was funny?
A. The judgeB. The policemen’s situation
C. The courtD. Two policemen
45. Andrew made fun of the policemen, only _____.
A. to be praised by the judge B. to be asked by the judge
C. to be taken away by the judge D. to be punished by the judge
IV 单词拼写
1. The morning a________ at our school is at 9 o’clock in the school hall.
2. Large a________ of harmful chemicals were poured into the rivers.
3. During the Ming D , the Great Wall was rebuilt and repaired.
4. The a__________ height of the students in class is 1.70m.
5. The teacher gave a clear _________ (解释)on the use of the word.
6. He thought it better to start our work __________(立即).
7. Tom accepted his friend’s ________(挑战) to swim across the lake.
8. Martin won a prize for good ________(行为) at school.
9. The headmaster has ________(同意) our plan for a spring outing.
10. The Beijing Municipal Government (市政府) is making p_________ for the 2008 Olympics.
I. 1. A2. C3. C4. D5. B
6. C7. C8. B9.D10. C
11. C 12. C13 D14 C15 C
II. 16. A17. B18. C19. A20. D
21. C22. A23. D24. A25. D
26. C 27. A28. D29. B30. A
III. 31D32.A33.C34.B35.C
36. C 37. D 38. A 39. B 40. B
41. C 42. C 43. D 44. B 45. D
IV. 单词拼写
1. assembly 2. amount 3. Dynasty 4 average 5. explanation

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