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dry 基本解释

形容词干的干燥的,干旱的; 干旱的,口渴的; 干咳的; 无趣味的,枯燥的

及物动词从…去掉水分,使…变干; 脱水保存(如肉或其它食物)


名词干涸; [复数] drys [非正式用语]主张禁酒的人

dry 同义词

形容词thirsty parched arid

动词dry out

dry 反义词



dry 相关词组

1. dry up : 干涸, 住口;

2. dry out : (使)戒酒(毒);

dry 相关例句


1. This coat will keep you dry in the rain.

2. The ship was dry and no liquor was allowed.

3. It is a dry novel.

4. He had a good sense of humor and his dry accounts of the encounter delighted his listeners.


1. They sat in front of the fire to dry their wet clothes.

dry 网络解释


1. 干性:此次EL 促销延长至3 月27 日),凡买32加币以上的产品都会免费赠送以下大礼包(见下图):新出的产品,泡沫超级丰富,大米大小就可以推开全脸了. 洗完后,脸上润润,不涂东西也不会干燥. 这款适合于干性(Dry)皮肤.

2. 干燥:使用环境考量:产品使用在不同环境下,如乾燥 (Dry)、潮湿 (Damp)、户外 (Wet) 等场所,安规标准对於带电体的间距、塑胶外壳、测试、警示标语 (Marking) 等,会有不同的要求.

3. 干的:药物(drugs)在荷兰文写成droog,意即乾的(dry),指用於医疗的物质. 昔日乾燥植物是医药最大来源,因此使用药物(drugs)这个名称. 中国康熙字典曰:「药,治病草. 」另外,相传神农氏亲尝百草,并分为上、中、下三品,此乃传统中药的来源.

4. 干燥的:2 A 常识运用逻辑推理 尤其是在象沙漠一样的干燥的(dry)地区,更要控制而珍惜水,这与沙漠的遥远(distant),荒芜(deserted)和野性(wild)无关. 3 D 逻辑推理常识运用 即使在没有大面积的耕(farming)地农田需要灌溉的地方,

dry 双语例句

1. Our main products are 3520 Phenolic paper laminated tube 3640 epoxy-phenolic glass cloth tube, ether-modified glass cloth tube, one side of adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, 355 bismaleimides epoxy glass cloth laminated tube, rhombic pattern gummed paper, 1411 phenolic resin varnish, 1032 melamine alkyd impregnating varnish, 1032-1 quick-drying varnish, 1230 alkyd paint covering, electrical insulating crepe, T4 cardboard tube and insulation parts, Dry-type transformer Off-Circuit Tap, PV-JUNCTION BOX.

2. Two floors of cardio and weight training, exercise classes, private pool and relax area, dry and steam saunas.
cardio 和重量教育的二楼,练习班级,私人的池而且放松区域,干和蒸气三温暖。

3. Be sure the outer walls of the cuvette are dry and clean by wiping them with a Kim-Wipe.


4. Sprayed different concentration ethephon on maize varieties Ping'an 18 (the upright-leaf type) and Sidan 19 (horizontal-leaf type) before tasselling stage to discuss the influence of ethephon on plant height, leaf area, dry matter weight and yield.

5. What's Good Between Canned And Dry Dogs Diet?
By :怎样才算是良好的关系罐头和干犬饮食?

6. They covered us with as much dry ciothes as they, and the guy with me stayed to transfer his body heat to me.
他们隐蔽着的我们与同样地多干 ciothes 当做他们,和人与我停留到移动他的身体热对我。


7. Over the past four years the company has set up the following projects: Rizhao City Construction Committee Building elevator between Mentao stone materials for decoration, the national flag for Taiwan and the stone facade and construction; Rizhao City Mentao the Inland Revenue Department building elevator doors decorated stone for construction materials and, within Dry-hanging stone wall for materials and construction, the East China Sea Hotel for materials; Gloria Plaza Hotel before the floor, stone ornaments for materials; sunshine-million for materials and construction of the hotel; part of the Shandong Water Conservancy Institute for materials and installation; sunshine Commissioner of South East along the external walls of floor dry hanging Stone materials and for installation in Chinese medicine hospitals, the East and the transformation of the old city hospital and other projects for materials and installation; sunshine Belvedere Garden staircase still for materials and installation works.

8. July, the housing developer can not return bank loans, the banks prosecution developers, and is prepared to exercise Mortgages, the auction houses, and who was willing to buy a house, and she submitted to the station brothers themselves up to dry.

9. And now she is transplanted into the desert, in a land not passable, and dry.

10. The experimental research and numerical simulation to control the temperature inside the rectangular parallelepiped below - 18% by sublimation of dry ice were conducted.


11. Measuring direct business card printing and membership card manufacturing process measurement of temperature and thermal transfer business card printing and membership card manufacturing process temperature the biggest difference is the heat transfer business card printings and membership cards to make the first one is the transfer paper on business card printing and membership card making and dry.

12. AIM: To evaluate the effect of wearing cylindrical lens on dry eyes.

13. The cationic starch with quaternary amino groups was prepared with 3chloro-2-hydroxypropyl-trimethyl ammorium chlorate as cationics in the present of alkaline by dry process.

14. Half of Goolwa`s boat moorings are now on dry land.

15. After several years of entrepreneurship development, forming a dry wine, liqueur and sparkling wine wine three series.

16. TRINITROBENZENE, dry or wettedwith less than 30% water, by mass

17. Sleep in the buff. It keeps your crotch dry and free of clothing contact for as long as you`re in bed.

18. The compositions of fruit types and their differentiation patterns with elevation of 1943 wild angiosperms in Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve in Gansu Province were explored. The results show that the proportion of dry fruits is 65.67% and 24.60% in fleshy fruits in the area. The most three are capsule (26.56%), achene (12.35%) and drupe (12.20%) among 22 basic fruit types. Fruit types and their species numbers increase and then decrease with elevation. The proportion of dry fruits increases and it vanishes at 3800 m or so in fleshy fruit with elevation. The proportion of capsule is dominant in each elevation segment and increases with elevation. It decreases and then increases in achene and caryopsis. It decreases in drupe and berry. It decreases and then increases in pome and samara.
分析甘肃白水江国家级自然保护区1943种野生被子植物果实类型组成及其沿海拔梯度的变化规律,结果表明:本区干果和肉果分别占65.67%和24.60%,在22种基本果实类型中,居前3位的分别为蒴果(26.56%)、瘦果(12.35%)和核果(12.20%);果实类型及其种数随海拔升高呈先增加后减少的趋势;随着海拔升高,干果比例上升,肉果比例下降并消失于3800 m左右,其中蒴果比例在各海拔段均占据显著优势并呈上升趋势,瘦果和颖果比例先下降后上升,核果和浆果比例下降,梨果和翅果比例先上升后下降。

19. Oh, it is dry again, and is not hurt at all; thestring is quite tight.

20. Velcro rollers can be used after your hair is dry.

dry 词典解释

1. u0031u67E5u00B7u8BEDu8BCD

1. 干的;干燥的
If something is dry, there is no water or moisture on it or in it.

e.g. Clean the metal with a soft dry cloth...
e.g. Pat it dry with a soft towel...

...the parched dryness of the air.

2. (使)变干;弄干;擦干
When something dries or when you dry it, it becomes dry.

e.g. The washing might dry outside today, the sun's shining...
e.g. Leave your hair to dry naturally whenever possible...

3. (洗后)擦干(盘、杯、刀、锅等)
When you dry the dishes after a meal, you wipe the water off the plates, cups, knives, pans, and other things when they have been washed, using a cloth.

e.g. Mrs. Madrigal began drying dishes.

4. (皮肤或头发)发干的,无水分的
If you say that your skin or hair is dry, you mean that it is less oily than, or not as soft as, normal.

e.g. Nothing looks worse than dry, cracked lips...
e.g. Dry hair can be damaged by washing it too frequently...

Dryness of the skin can also be caused by living in centrally heated homes and offices.

5. 干旱的;雨量少的;无雨的
If the weather or a period of time is dry, there is no rain or there is much less rain than average.

e.g. Exceptionally dry weather over the past year had cut agricultural production...
e.g. The spring had been unusually dry and we received only two tenths of an inch of rain during the entire month of June.
春天异常干旱,我们在整个 6 月只有 0.2 英寸的降雨量。

6. (地方或气候)少雨的,干燥的
A dry place or climate is one that gets very little rainfall.

e.g. It was one of the driest and dustiest places in Africa.
e.g. ...a hot, dry climate where the sun is shining all the time.

He was advised to spend time in the warmth and dryness of Italy.

7. 干燥;少雨
In the dry means in a place or at a time that is not damp, wet, or rainy.

e.g. Such cars, however, do grip the road well, even in the dry.

8. (通常指河流、湖泊或水井由于天热少雨而)干涸的
If a river, lake, or well is dry, it is empty of water, usually because of hot weather and lack of rain.

e.g. The aquifer which had once fed the wells was pronounced dry...
e.g. The single-engine plane landed at a dry lake in western Arizona...

9. (油井)枯竭的,不再产油的
If an oil well is dry, it is no longer producing any oil.

e.g. To harvest oil and gas profitably from the North Sea, it must focus on the exploitation of small reserves as the big wells run dry.

10. 口渴的;干渴的
If you are dry, you need to drink something.

e.g. She was suddenly thirsty and dry.

11. (因紧张、生病等)口干的,喉咙干的
If your mouth or throat is dry, it has little or no saliva in it, and so feels very unpleasant, perhaps because you are tense or ill.

e.g. His mouth was dry, he needed a drink...
e.g. My throat was dry. I was at a loss for words.

Symptoms included frequent dryness in the mouth.

12. (咳嗽)无痰的,干咳的
A dry cough is one that does not produce any mucus.

13. (眼睛)无泪的
If someone has dry eyes, there are no tears in their eyes; often used with negatives or in contexts where you are expressing surprise that they are not crying.

e.g. There were few dry eyes in the house when I finished...
e.g. She didn't wince and her eyes were dry. Talk about brave. She was unbelievable.

14. 禁酒的
If a country, state, or city is dry, it has laws or rules which forbid anyone to drink, sell, or buy alcoholic drink.

e.g. Gujurat has been a totally dry state for the past thirty years.
在过去的 30 年里古吉拉特一直是完全禁酒的一个州。

15. (被)吸干的;(被)榨干的
If you say that someone is sucking something dry or milking it dry, you are criticizing them for taking all the good things from it until there is nothing left.

e.g. ...a shady rip-off industry that sucks its talent dry then discards it...
e.g. He's just milking the company dry.

16. (幽默)不露声色的,含蓄不露的,机敏的
Dry humour is very amusing, but in a subtle and clever way.

e.g. Fulton has retained his dry humour...
e.g. Mr Brooke is renowned for his dry wit.

'That is surprising.' — 'Hardly,' I said drily.
...a frank and drily witty woman.
Her writing has a wry dryness.

17. 冷淡的;淡然的;不动感情的;冷冰冰的
If you describe a voice as dry, you mean that it is cold or dull, and does not express any emotions.

e.g. When he crept back to his desk, he heard the dry voice of Father Laurence.

'Possible,' I said drily, 'but not likely'.

18. 枯燥乏味的;干巴巴的;无趣的
If you describe something such as a book, play, or activity as dry, you mean that it is dull and uninteresting.

e.g. ...dry, academic phrases.
e.g. A lot of the work was very dry and boring in Westminster.

19. dry

19. (面包或吐司)不涂黄油和果酱的
Dry bread or toast is plain and not covered with butter or jam.

e.g. For breakfast, they had dry bread and tea.

20. (酒)无甜味的,干的
Dry sherry or wine does not have a sweet taste.

e.g. ...a glass of chilled, dry white wine.

21. high and dry -> see high
home and dry -> see home

...a tuft or two of dried-up grass.

22. dry什么意思

22. (河流、湖泊或水井)干涸
If a river, lake, or well dries up, it becomes empty of water, usually because of hot weather and a lack of rain.

e.g. Reservoirs are drying up and farmers have begun to leave their land...
e.g. The fountain is reputed never to dry up.

...a dried-up river bed.

23. (供应)枯竭,停止,中断
If a supply of something dries up, it stops.

e.g. Investment could dry up and that could cause the economy to falter...
e.g. Credit from foreign banks is drying up...

24. dry

24. 无话可说;突然住口
If you dry up when you are speaking, you stop in the middle of what you were saying, because you cannot think what to say next.

e.g. If you ask her what she's good at she will dry up after two minutes.

25. -> see dry 3

26. see also: dried-up;drying up

相关词组:dry off dry out dry up

dry 单语例句

1. Gently sauted in butter with a sage leaf and 2 cloves of chopped garlic, chicken livers are perfect with a glass of dry sherry on a cold evening.

2. She did not buy food but lived on relief grain and her dinner was usually a packet of dry noodles.

3. The Yangtze River has been regularly affected by dry spells since 2000.

4. By then, the snow on the wings had melted and the grounds were already dry.

5. dry是什么意思

5. Sinoma is known for its patented technology in the production of cement, called the " new dry process ".

6. An active cold current from Mongolia could easily sweep the dry dust and sand to Inner Mongolia and north China.

7. Ramirez ruled out possible pollution in the Venezuelan Caribbean waters as the gas is dry and the wells were sealed with a special fluid.

8. The carrying capacity may vary from year to year because river sources and lakes can dry out.

9. dry的解释

9. The panel said the government should look into more widespread use of dry cask storage as part of its detailed assessment of risks.

10. dry是什么意思

10. More thunderstorms are possible in the Cedar Rapids area over the weekend, but next week is expected to be sunny and dry.

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