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比较级:more accurate


最高级:most accurate

accurate 基本解释

形容词精确的,准确的; 正确无误的

accurate 相关例句


1. His information was accurate.

2. Is this watch accurate?

3. The new salesgirl is accurate at figures.

accurate 情景对话



A:Do you think appearances are important?

B:If you’re superficial, appearances can be important.

A:Don’t you think everyone is a bit superficial?

B:I guess maybe a little. But in the end, it’s someone’s personality that’s important. Why do you ask?

A:I have a job interview tomorrow. I’m worried that someone more attractive than me will get the job.

B:You can’t be serious.

A:I’ve read many articles about how attractive people get higher salaries than ugly people.

B:You can’t believe everything you read.

A:I know, but I think it’s accurate to say that people like attractive people.

B:I guess that may be true sometimes, but I know that’s not always the case.

A:Why’s that?

B:Well, I’m not particularly handsome, and I’ve got a great job!

accurate 网络解释


1. 准确的:他们不仅可以理解单词的意思,还可以在不经意中学感知基本语法概念(concept)名词的单复数,在潜意识中逐步理解了什么是准确的(accurate)语言表达,尽管这并不意味着他们每次都能说出准确的英语来.

2. ??:企业文化1)经营理念:优质、高效、精诚、卓诚2)经营模式:科学化、标准化、合理化、人性化3)管理理念:制度完善、职责明确、奖罚分明、协作上进4)工作标准:(5A) 积极(Active) 熟练(Adxcit) 准确(Accurate)专注(Attedtive)完善(Acme)5)用人

3. 准:百胜客(PASCO)是集团的名字,是集团的精神,更是集团的经营理念,我们将以专业(Professional)的服务水平透过精准(Accurate)的规划融入完善的策略(Strategic)安排利用良好的合作(Cooperative)关系为百战百胜的客户提供最佳(Optimum)的服务与选择十年来,

accurate 双语例句

1. Traditional methods are no longer able to cope with accurate detection and classification of faults.

2. The distribution of solar radiation on dam surface can be computed by the method and accurate thermal boundary conditions of the dam temperature field are obtained.

3. Still it is one of the most popular methods to test the beads and many times gives accurate results.


4. Thus, the fuel injection controller suitably achieves accurate learning of an inter-cylinder variation in the injection characteristic of the fuel injection valve and performing of the learning in a short time.

5. See Significance of Accurate Level 2 Force Prediction.

6. Description: This project shall adopt the double-mixing-shaft reciprocal rotary distribution design, with the vibration excitation/isolation system to be floating-connected by double-seated spring and hydraulic system adopting highly-dynamic performance proportion, making unnecessary a separate motor for driving and ensuring high compactness of blocks. The machine should make less noise than similar products, operate quickly, reduce the impact upon change of direction and save energy. Each joint should be linked with knuckle bearing and provided with lubricating device to prevent wear and tear. The automatic control system should use PLC and HMI display of operation, providing accurate and explicit detection of faults.

7. Objective To select an accurate method for determining the protein contents in earthworm extract.

8. The method is simple, accurate and sensitive for the determination of tetrandrine in Jinake.

9. In Intelligence Traffic System, the accurate detection of traffic flux at real time on road scene is very important steps.
引 言在智能交通系统 ITS中,如何实时、有效地从道路场景中得到道路交通的流量、行驶速度、占道率、车辆类型等道路状况信息,是一个很重要的环节。

10. Why? In offers accurate colors, great looking whites and the most generous viewing angles of any screen.


11. Rapid and accurate identification of etiologic agent is the key to control the disease.

12. Accurate detection and prompt antifungal treatment with adjuvant surgical intervention may preserve ocular integrity and visual acuity in patients with Scedosporium apiospermum keratitis
早期及正确的诊断和药物治疗并适时的手术可以让Scedosporium apiospermum角膜炎的病人有较佳的愈后及视力。

13. The method is simple, accurate and suitable for its assaying.

14. Results:the diagnostic accurate rate of thyroid carcinoma is 87%, thyroid adenoma is 91%, nodular goiter is 90%, toxic goiter is 100%, subacute thyroiditis is 82% and hashimoto's thyroiditis is 80%.


15. Results The diagnostic accurate rates of thyroid carcinoma, thyroid adenoma, nodular goiter, toxic goiter and Hashimoto's thyroiditis are 86%, 92%, 93%, 100% and 100% respectively.

16. Meanwhile, we can believe that 150 + years of experience in the collection according tohedata, tell us today learning the majority of people, is very accurate and reliable.

17. In China's accession to the WTO today, our company set research, production, marketing, technical services, training as a whole for customers to build reliable, high quality, with better cost-effective series resistance to a more professional, more accurate and better quality services and new and old customers to go beyond - to new heights!


18. By this means we can deal with the need of combination of more and more accurate control and measurement.

19. The results are compared with those obtained with exponential differencing scheme and so on by turbulent flow field computation in cascade. Using GWLAD scheme and GWLAS method, significantly more accurate can be obtained at the same conditions.

20. The high-voltage electric bridge method improved is another accurate and convenient method to measure DBD plasma discharge power, owing to it can effectively eliminate the effect of equivalent capacitance in discharge gap.

accurate 词典解释

1. (信息、测量、数据或仪器等)精确的,准确的
Accurate information, measurements, and statistics are correct to a very detailed level. An accurate instrument is able to give you information of this kind.

e.g. Police have stressed that this is the most accurate description of the killer to date...
e.g. This may provide a quick and accurate way of monitoring the amount of carbon dioxide in the air...

The test can accurately predict what a bigger explosion would do.

2. (说法、描述)确切的,恰当的
An accurate statement or account gives a true or fair judgment of something.

e.g. I think it may take sometime before we can have an accurate assessment of the damage...
e.g. They were accurate in their prediction that he would change her life drastically.

What many people mean by the word 'power' could be more accurately described as 'control'.

3. (行动、模仿)正确的,到位的
You can use accurate to describe the results of someone's actions when they do or copy something correctly or exactly.

e.g. Marks were given for accurate spelling and punctuation.
e.g. ...his maliciously accurate imitation of Hubert de Burgh.


4. (武器、投掷)精准的;(人)射击(或投掷)准的
An accurate weapon or throw reaches the exact point or target that it was intended to reach. You can also describe a person as accurate if they fire a weapon or throw something in this way.

e.g. The rifle was extremely accurate...
e.g. The pilots, however, were not as accurate as they should be.

...the technology to aim bombs accurately from aircraft.
accurate 单语例句

1. We won't know whether the forecasts are accurate until the next year, but by then few would bother to recall.

2. accurate什么意思

2. China will adopt new standards to calculate and register its verified oil and natural gas reserves to get accurate data.

3. Australian producer Peter Du Cane said the international market is keen on documentaries that give an accurate account of Chinese history and social life.

4. The weather can be capricious and it is unrealistic for meteorological workers to give 100 percent accurate forecasts.

5. First he catches the fish, then he makes an accurate and artistic image - then he eats his catch.

6. u0031u67E5u00B7u8BEDu8BCD

6. The result was the most accurate and precise census of a bear population to date, bear experts said.

7. An accurate understanding of the red flag standard has bearing on subjective cognition.

8. Accurate numbers are hard to come by because of shortfalls in reporting and poor health care in many countries.

9. If the weather forecasts are accurate, the worst is yet to come for the central and southern areas of China.

10. Chinese analysts said that Lin's star had risen so fast that they couldn't put an accurate commercial value on it.

accurate 英英释义


1. conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy

e.g. an accurate reproduction
the accounting was accurate
accurate measurements
an accurate scale

2. (of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth
strictly correct

e.g. a precise image
a precise measurement

Synonym: exact precise

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