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3.She does her hoework at hoe.(改为否定句)
4.He walks to school every day.(改为同义句)
5.TV show, y, he, aunt, the, writes, for, ( . )(连词成句)
( )A.stop B.pot ( )A.who B.go
( )A.too ( ) B.soup
( )A.cleaner C.bread
1._____________does the rain coe fro ? A.Where B.When

2._____________ can the water becoe vapour?Where A. B.When C.How

3.I' going to ______________ tree toorro A. plant B.plants C.planting

4.----Where _________he fro? ------The USA . A.does

5.You can see the sprout _____________several days. A. on C.for

6.What can you ________________in the picture ? A.see B.seeing C.sees

7.y baby brother is ten onths ____________. A.year B.big Cold

8.y plant _____________ two green leaves. A.have B.has

9.Lucy ____________fro Australia. Ae Bes

10.They ______________ near a cinea. A. live B.lives C.lived
1.under it put sun the (.)
_____________________________________________________________________you do that do now (?)
_____________________________________________________________________does coe the rain fro where (?)
2.plant garden I' flower in going our to seeds(.)
_____________________________________________________________________ do what then should (?)

War ,sun, fall, drops ,heavy ,sky, hot,sunny,sleeps,cloud

It's a ________________ day. Little Water Drop _______________ in a river . He wakes up.
He feels very _________________.It ay be cooler up in the ________________,he thinks,he goes up together with other _______________.And they becoe a _____________. And becoe very _______.They ___________down into a lake .The ________________coes out .Little Water Drops feels _____________again.
三、 找出划线部分发音不同与其他三个的单词。
( ) 1. A. learn B. earth C. hear D. heard
( ) 2. A. which B. chair C. French D. school
( ) 3. A. nose B. love C. post D. goal
( ) 4. A. visitor B. word C. irror D. color
( ) 5. A. go B. stop C. no D. hoe
( ) 6. This is y pen pal in __________.
A. Canada B. English C. Australian D. Japanese
( ) 7. _______ he go to school by bus?
A. Is B. Are C. Do D. Does
( ) 8. To ________ listening to usic.
A. likes B. like C. liking D. to like
( ) 9. I’ happy _______ a new pen pal.
A. have B. to have C. has D. having
( ) 10. They’re twins, but they look ________.
A. sae B. the sae C. different D. the different
( ) 11. The light is on, To ust ______ at hoe.
A. is B. a C. are D. be
( ) 12. I like playing _____ piano, but I don’t like playing ______ chess.
A. the, the B. the, / C. /, the D. /, /
( ) 13. Let’s go hoe after _______ basketball.
A. play B. plays C. playing D. to play
( ) 14. y other is a _______, she teaches in No.1 iddle School.
A. doctor B. nurse C. teacher D. cleaner
( ) 15. I write an eail ______ Alice every Sunday.
A. for B. to C. at D. give
( ) 16. Do you know how _________ an envelope ?
A. address B. addresses C. addressing D. to address
( ) 17. Where ______ you work?A. do B. does C. are D. is
( ) 18. r. White teaches _______ English. We all love her.
A. we B. us C. our D. ours
( ) 19. The woan is old, but she looks _______. A. old B. new C. young D. sall
( ) 20. She is a girl. ______ nae is Rose. A. Her B. Its C. His D. Shes