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  ?1?Who cleaned the room?

  ?2?Why did he come late?

  ?3?What will he do tomorrow?

  ?4?When does the office open?

  ?5?Where did the woman stay last year?

  ?6?Which does she prefer?tea or coffee?

  ?7?How much did she pay for the book?

  ?8?How often does he write to his mother?


  ?1?What are they talking about?

  ?2?What are the two speakers interested in?

  ?3?Which of the following topics are they talking about?

  ?4?What is the best title of the talk?


  ?1?What does the man think of it?

  ?2?How does the woman find it?

  ?3?How do they like it?

  ?4?Do they agree with each other?

  ?5?What do we learn from the woman’s words?

  ?6?When did this conversation take place?

  ?7?Where do they have the conversation?

  ?8?What is the probable relationship between the man and the woman?

  ?9?Why did the man do that?

  ?10?What is the reason for his absence?

  ?11?How much a pound are the apples?

  ?12?When does the plane take off?

  ?13?What’s the time now?


  ?1?Tom got up?dressed himself and went out.

  ?2?Mary said pointing to the notice…

  ?3?The first textbooks written for teaching English came out in the 16th century.

  ?4?He is considered to have invented the computer.

  ?5?Why not try going by boat?

  ?6?He could hardly keep his eyes open.

  ?7?I can hardly imagine Peter sailing across it.

  ?8?If we had driven in turn?you wouldn’t have got so tired.

  ?9?I didn’t know you were in London.

  ?10?The women got paid by the hour.

  ?11?You mustn’t play with the fire?you may hurt yourself.

  ?12?Could I borrow your book?Of course you can.

  ?13?We wish each other the best of luck.

  ?14?Look through the book and tell me what you think of it.

  ?15?The lights happened to go out.

  ?16?The fire broke out in the factory yesterday.


  ?17?The book is of great value.

  ?18?She is a newcomer to chemistry.

  ?19?He dropped the coffee cup.

  ?20?None of us had any money on us.

  ?21?They gave the child what he wanted.

  ?22?I bought two dozen of these eggs.

  ?23?This is Zhao speaking.

  ?24?Thank you. It is my pleasure.

  ?25?I have never heard a better voice.

  ?26?It was only then that I began to notice it.

  ?27?The number of people invited was fifty.

  ?28?You should leave things where you can find them.

  ?29?I don’t need any money?but I’ll bring some in case.

  ?30?Now that you’ve got a chance?you might as well make full use of it.



  I’m tired of sea food?so I didn’t eat much___that day.(答案B)A. vegetables B. flounder(比目鱼)


  He was badly ill?so he was___(答案B)

  A. present B. absent


  He was badly ill?however?he was____.(答案A)

  A. present B. absent


  He didn’t___the test?though he worked hard. (答案A)

  A. pass B. fail


  After he wrote the letter?she___-it and then___it. (答案B)

  A. posted/signed B. signed/posted


  I like my ----?which gives me great help in the rain. (答案A)

  A. umbrella B. bike C. pot


  He used to be lazy. But now he is quite___.(答案A)

  A. hardworking B. handsome


  He made a lot of mistakes in the last test This time we can still find___a few in his paper. (答案A)

  A. quite B. only


  We are shorter than he?so he is the___among us. (答案A)

  A. tallest B. shortest


  He is very clever?so he get the answer. (答案A)

  A. can B. can’t



  ①The story mainly tells us___.

  ②From the passage we know that___.

  ③The writer wants to tell us___.

  ④The best title of this passage should be___

  ⑤The main idea of Paragraph 1 is___.

  ⑥Paragraph 2 deals with___.

  ⑦The last paragraph ends the passage with an emphasis on___.

  ⑧What is the subject discussed in the text?

  ⑨Whish of the following statements is best supported by the last paragraph?


  ①We can infer from the passage___.

  ②From the passage?we can tell___.

  ③We can conclude from the passage___.

  ④What probably happened in the end?

  ⑤When he said?“…”?he meant___.

  ⑥This passage would most likely to be found in___.


  ①The right order which tells the story is___.

  ②Choose the right order of the events given in the following.

  ③Which of the following maps shows the right position of….?

  ④Which statement is true?


  ①This article is particularly written for___.

  ②When the writer says…he really means___.

  ③The author’s attitude to…is that___.

  ④What kind of atmosphere does the writer want to create in this passage?

  ⑤The writer regards…as___.

  ⑥The writer’s purpose in writing this story is___.


  ①The word…in paragraph…refers to___.

  ②The underlined word“…”means___.

  ③The word“…”could be replaced by___.

  ④Which of the following words can take the place of…?















  ②表示空间顺序:near?next to?far from?in front of?on the left?on one side…

  ③表示比较、对照:like?unlike?such as?but?however?on the other hand?on the contrary?nevertheless…

  ④表示因果关系:because?for?as a result?therefore?thus…

  ⑤表示递进关系:besides?what’s more?moreover?in addition…

  ⑥表示并列关系:and?as well as?also…

  ⑦表示总结性:in general?in a word?in short?on the whole…



  ①At first he didn’t hear anything at all.

  ②But then a sudden knock on the door woke him up.

  ③Following that came a man’s voice?saying?“Come out?or I will break in?”

  ④Several minutes later?he heard someone leave.

  ⑤Finally he got up?opened the door and looked around.


  ①She is a girl of twelve years old.

  ②She is tall and slim with big eyes and curly hair.

  ③Being kind and helpful?she always enjoys helping others out.

  ④In her spare time?she spends much time listening to music and reading novels.

  ⑤She gets on well with almost anyone and is always welcome wherever she goes.


  ①Liaoning Province lies in the northeast of China.

  ②It is rich in many kinds of natural resources?such as coal and petrol.

  ③It has a population of 23 million.

  ④It is terribly cold in winter and very hot in summer there.

  ⑤The people there are friendly and hardworking and their hospitality will never fail to give you a deep impression.


  ①Attention?please?/May I have your attention?please?

  ②The sports meet to be held tomorrow is canceled due to the bad weather.

  ③A meeting is to be held in Room 203 at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

  ④Please take a pen and notebook with you and be there on time.

  ⑤That’s all?thank you?


  ①Dear Tom?I’m very glad to receive your letter.

  ②I am fine but very busy recently?learning English.

  ③I have been strictly following the advice given by you in your last letter 学习方法指导 and have made some progress so far.

  ④Please remember me to your parents.

  ⑤Yours truly?Li Ming


  ①In my opinion?I prefer traveling by train rather than by plane.②For one thing?a train ticket is much cheaper than a plane ticket.

  ③For another?you can enjoy the beautiful views outside the train window.

  ④Above all?it’s safer traveling on a train than traveling in a plane.

  ⑤In a word?I will always travel by train if I’m not in a great hurry

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