In the library

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Junior English for China
Book 3
Unit 1 In the library Lesson 1
Teaching & Practicing lesson
Period 1 for the whole lesson
Ⅰ Teaching Material
1.Functional and notional items: Talk about what has done.
2.Language points: words: CD player, several, shelf,
Sentences: Have you got …?
I haven’t got ….
Have you seen it anywhere?
Grammar: The Present Perfect Tense
Ⅱ Teaching Objectives
1.Talk about what has done orally.
2.Try to understand the whole lesson and read it fluently. The tone and pronunciation should be basically right.
3.Master the following words and sentences.
4Ss: Words: CD player, shelf, several
Sentences: Have you got …?
I haven’t got ….
Have you seen it anywhere? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.
Ⅲ Teaching Points
1.The main points: ⑴&⑵ of teaching objectives
2.The difficult point:① shelf (pl) shelves
②I have a pen.= I have got a pen.
③the use of the present perfect tense
Ⅳ Teaching Procedure
1.Organization of the class
B.Raise requirement
T: We’re going to talk about the library.
T: Do we have a library in our school? What do we have in the library? What can we do in the library?
3.The teaching of the new lesson
A.Unit 1 In the library
Lesson 1
T: Let’s learn Unit 1 In the library, Lesson 1. (write down the title)
B.Teach: Have you got …?
T: If you want to borrow a history book from the library, what do you say?
Ss: Excuse me, do you have a history book?
T: Yes, and we can also say: Have you got a history book?
Write down the new sentence and compare the new one and the old one. Then teach the negative form and simple question form.
And make more examples.
Examples: He has got a good pen.
They haven’t got any water.
Our school has got a lot of students.
C.Teach: Part 1
T: Have you got a ruler? S1: Yes, I have. Here you are.
T: Have you got an umbrella? S2: Sorry, I haven’t. Ask …
Ask the Ss to use Part 1 to make new dialogue in pairs and then ask some to do it in front of the class. Teach “ CD player” at the same time.
D.Teach: several
T: Have you got a pen? How many pens have you got?
S1: Five
T: We may also say: “You’ve got several pens.”
Write down the word: several
E.Teach: shelf
T: Just now we talked about the library, we know there are many books in the library. Where are the books put?
Teach: on the shelf shelf (pl) shelves
T: Now I’d like you to make a dialogue talking about borrowing books about different subjects.
Do it in pairs first then ask some to do it.
Analysis: books about … at the moment = now = right now
G.Part 3
Dialogue 1
Listen and answer: Well, when you borrow books from the library, you must be careful, but Jim is not careful.
What happened? Where was the book?
Then read it and learn the dialogue.
Analysis: Have you seen it anywhere? ( tense and the use of anywhere)
Dialogue 2
Listen and answer: How about Tom? What has he lost? Where was it?
Read and learn.
Analysis: have lost (tense)
Perhaps he’s seen it. ( ‘s is short for has)
I saw it on Lin Tao’s desk five minutes ago. ( tense)
1. have got = have 2 several = a few 3.on the shelf 4. the present perfect tense
I.Wb. Ex1 &2
1.Do Wb. Ex 3&4
2.Recite Part 3

1.Teaching Objectives: a tape for lesson 1
2.The writing on the Bb
Unit 1 In the library
Lesson 1
CD player I have got a history book. on the shelf
several I haven’t got a history book. books about …
shelf Have you got a history book? at the moment
shelves Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t


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