Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks教案

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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks教案
Unit 8
第1课时 Section A 1a—1c (总第45课时)

【Lerning objectives】
1.Knowing:clean up, hunger, homeless, cheer, give out
2. Practicing: I'd like to work outside. You could help clean up the city parks.
【Important leaning points】
Practicing: I'd like to work outside. You could help clean up the city parks.
【Learning process】
Task1: Look at the bulletion board and read about ways you could help people.
_________________ _____________ ____________ ____________________
Task2: Listen and complete the sentences.
(1)A: I'd like to_____outside.
B: You could help clean____the city parks.
(2)A: I'd like to_____homeless people.
B: You could give_____food at the food bank.
(3)A: I'd like tocheer ___sick kids.
B: You could __them in the hospital.
Task3: pairwork. Practice the conversation in the picture above.
1. feel like,want, would like的用法___________________________________________.
2. sick, ill的区别__________________________________________________________.
1. I'd like to join_____________________(学校志愿者计划)
2. You could volunteer______________________(在一个课后学习计划里)。
3. A group of students are planning a_____________(城市公园清洁日)
4. 我一直在努力地让他振作起来已经20分钟了。
I've been trying to___him__for twenty minutes.
You can____him____by_____with him.
6. You could ____ ______ _______(分发食物) at a food bank.
7. We need ___ _____ ______(想出)a plan.
1. It took me a lot of time_______my homework.
A.finish B.to finish C.finishing D.finished
2. Please______,or I'll be late for work..
A.call me up B.call up me C. don't call up me
3. He also______some signs asking for old bikes..
A. put down B. put up C.put off D. put in
4.Sometimes people ____angry for years about a small problem.
A.say B.stay C.forget D.find
5.They won't make new problems____you.
A.with B.in C.out D.for

第2课时 Unit 8 Section A 2a—2c 总第46课时)

【Lerning objectives】
1.Knowing:clean-up,sign,advertisement,put off, set up,establish,think up.
2.Understanding:The meaning of the listening contents.
3. Practicing: need to ,come up with,write down,put up,hand out,call up.
【Important leaning points】
1.Understanding:The meaning of the listening contents.
2. Practicing:need to ,come up with,write down,put up,hand out,call up.
【Learning process】
1. Answer some questions,such as:
①What will you do on Clean-up Day?______________________________.
②Do you have any ideas to tell people about the Clean-Up Day? For example?
2. A group of students ar e planning a City Parks Clean--Up Day. They are talking about
ways to tell people about the Clean--Up Day.Listen and check the things the students are
going to do.Finish 2a.
3. Listen to the tape again and fill in the blanks.
①We____ to ___ ____ ____a plan.
②We can't_____ _____making a plan. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now.
③I'll_____ _____all our ideas.
④We could______ _____signs.
⑤I'll ______ _____advertisements after school.
⑥We could each_____ _____ten people and ask them to come.
4. Role-play the conversation in pairs.
Task2: Learn 2c
Pairwork to role-play the conversation according to 2b.
A: We need to come up with a plan.
B: Let's have lunch first.
A: No,we can't put off making a plan. What should wedo to help homeless people?
B: We should_____________________________________________________________.
①We need to come up with a plan._________________________________.
②We can't put off making a plan. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now.________.
③I'll write down all our ideas.__________________________.
④We could put up signs.______________________________.
⑤I'll hand out advertisements after school.______________________.
⑥We could each call up ten people and ask them to come.________________________.
2.理解由from构成的短语的含义:from now________from now on_______be from___
from then on________from---to--_______be different from______be far away from_____
come from________hear from______
2.come up with(同义短语)_____hand out(反义短语)____call up(同义短语)___
1. I'll help________(清扫) the city park.
2. We can't___________(推迟制订计划).
3. I'd like to__________________(鼓舞)the sick kids.
4. We're going __________(建立) a food bank to help hungry people.
5. You could__________(分发食物) at a food bank.
6. We need_________________________(想出) a plan
7. These words are all very important. ________________(把…写下来), please!
8. He also_________(张贴)some signs asking for old bikes
1. Ask him __ come to our party tomorrow. A. not B. not to C. doesn't D. isn't
2. It's twelve now. Let's have _____ lunch together.A. a B. an C. the D. x
3. It's your turn to _____ the room, Wang Fang.
A. clean up B. clean to C. clean-up D. clean off
4.这些词都很重要,请把它们记下来. These words are all very important. _____,please!

第3课时 Unit 8 Section A 3a—4 总第课时

【Learning objectives】
1. Knowing: major; commitment;elementary; veterinarian; coach
2. Uderstanding: The passage of 3a
3. Practicing: volunteer sb's time to ---; put ---to use; plan to ---;cheer ---up;
spend ---in (doing); not only---but also ---; set up; put off
【Important points】
1. Uderstanding: The passage of 3a
2. Practicing: volunteer sb's time to ---; put ---to use; plan to ---;cheer ---up;
spend ---in (doing); not only---but also ---; set up; put off
【Learning process】
Task 1 Learn 3b---4
1 假如你有以下爱好, 想想你可以做哪些志愿工作? 讨论完成表格

2 根据以上表格, 两人一组仿照做对话.
Task 2 Learn 3a
① What does HuiPing love to do ? What's her volunteer work ?
② What does LinPei plan to do when he leaves school?
What kind of volunteer work does he do?
③ What does Zhu Ming want to be ? WHat's his volunteer work?
④ Why they like their volunteer work?
⑤ What do the three students plan to do at their school?
2 听录音, 熟读课文.
3 小组讨论下面句子的含义:
①These three students all volunteer their time to help other people
②So it is a major commitment .
③and she puts this love to good use by working in the after -school care center at her
local elementary school..
④He sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up
⑤Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing
what I love to do .
⑥Don't put it off.
1、put ----to use 把---投入使用
They have already ______ this kind of machine _____ _____ _______
2、not only ---but also ---___________就近原则, 其他相似结构__________________
不仅我们而且我们的 英语老师也喜欢流行歌曲
3、put ----off _________ 后跟名词/Ving 形式
我得把我的行程推迟倒下个月 I have to ______ ______ going until next month.
4、cheer up _________
这个消息使他高兴起来. ________________________________.

1. You can't put off _______ a plan. A make B to make C making D for making
2. You could visit the sick kids in the hospital to ________
A cheer up them B laugh at them C cheer them up D take after them
3. The work ________ me a week.
A spends B takes C costs D pays
4. Mary likes autumn beacuse the weather is _______ too hot _______ too cold.
A not only ---- but also B both --- and C neither ---nor D either ---or
A: I 'd like _______the school volunteer _________, but I 'm not _______ what I ____do.
B: What would you like ________?
A: I love ________ football.
B: Well, you could help ________ a football team _______ little kids.
C: I'd like to read ______ Chinese history .What kind of volunteer work do you think
I could do ?
B: You could _________ a Chinese History Club.


第4课时 Unit 8 Seetion B la—2a (总第48课时)
[Learning objectivel]
1. Knowing:Be able to master the words in this unit. take after fix up repair similar to
2. Understanding: Be able to understand the phrases
3. Habit-forming: Be able to use the phrases
[Important points] take after fix up give away be similar to come up with run out of
[Learning process]
Task 1:1a and 1b
1. Learn la. Match the sentences with similar meaning.
写出下列短语:与…相像__________修理__________赠送__________ 与…相似__________ 用完__________
2. Learn 1b Make sentences with the phrases in the box using your ideas.
Task 2:2a and 2b
1. I carn 2a. Listen and number the pictures in the correct order.
2 .Learn 2b. Listen again. Circle "T"or "F"
3. Read the dialogue and understand the sentences.
1) Jinmy修自行车然后把它们赠送出去。
Jimmy is the boy who _____________________________________.
Then I __________the bikes and _________to kids___________.
I guess _____________________________________________.
4) 但现在我已用完了买自行车的钱。
But mow I've ________________________________ to buy old bikes.
5) 我必须要想某个办法弄到钱,不然的话我就要停止了。
I ___________ some way of getting money or I'll have to stop.
6) 你的父母一定会为你感到自豪。
Your parents __________________________you.
Task 3:pairwork Practise the conversation between Jimmy and the reporter. Use the information from 2a and 2b.
A: What do you do , Jimmy?
B: I fix up bikes and give then away.
run out of take after fix up give away be similar to come up with
1. fix it up give it away
2. take after him run out of it
1 He _________ all the money, so he has to go back home.
A. run out of B. has run out of C. has run out D. runs out of
2 He is repairing the TV set.
A. mend B. fixed C. fixing up Dmended
3 She looks like her father very much.
A. is take after B. is similar to C. looks the same D. likes
4 I ___________(take after/ take care of ) my sister , so people often make mistake.

第5课时 Unit 8 Section B 3a—4b 总第课时
【Learning objectives】
1. Knowing: Master the words and the phrases: by accident,
2. Understanding: Be able to understand the meaning of the
passage in 3a.
3. Habit-forming: over three thousand years one of the world's
favotite drinks
4. Communicating: Talk about some invents.
【Important points】
1. Understanding: Be able to understand the meaning of the
passage in 3a.
2. Habit-forming: over three thousand yearsone of the world's
favotite drinks
3. Communicating: Talk about some invents.
【Learning process】
Task 1 Learn 3a
1. Read the article and write answers to the questions.
2. Read it again, and find out the phrases:
最受欢迎的饮料______________ 在世界上_______________
偶然的___________ 三千多年_____________ 根据________
用这种方式_____________ 一个古老的中国传说__________
世界上最喜爱的饮料之一__________________ 落入_______
3. Retell the passage according to the key words:
Who invented tea?
...know...popular...invened...? ...wasn't...to ...until 1610, ...
beverage...three...before...According...legend, ...Shen Nong...
when...boiling...over...fire. ...leaves...nearby...fell...and...for... ...
noticed...in...smell. Later...taste... qutie... ...way, one of...was...
Task 2 Communicating
Read the information ,then make up conversations according to the dialogue in 4b.
Promle: writing tests
New invention: a pen that listens and writes
Use: writing clean and tidy
Price: 30 yuan
Inventor: Zheng Jie
Task 3 Writing
Write an article using the notes in the box of 3b.
From pie plate to flying disk
The flying disk was invented by college students.______
1. Although tea wasn't brought to Western world until 1610.
not ...until 含义:_____________
2. According to an ancient Chinese legend,...
according to 意思是:_____________ ,后面一般接名词。
3. Some leaves from a nearby bush fell into the water...
He lives in a nearby village. = He lives in a village nearby nearby 可做形容词或副词。修饰名词时,可放在名词____, 也可放在名词____。
4. The emperor noticed that the leaves in the water produced a
pleasant smell.
notice 意为: _________是感官动词,列举学过的感官动词:
2) 我看到李先生正在走进办公室。______________________
1. Tea _______________(invent) by SHen Nong .
2. The beverrage _________(discover) over three thousand years.
3. We spent a _____________(please) evening.
4. I'm ___________(please) to meet you.
5.The boy _________(fall) down from the tree.
6. Did you notice the man __________(go) out of the room?
7.The computer is one of the most important __________(invent).

第6课时 Unit 8 Self-check (总第课时)
【Learning objectives】
1. Knowing: Master the words and phrases in this unit.
2. Practising: give away, take after, come up with,give out, hang out
3. Communicating: Offer help.
【Important points】
1. Knowing: Master the words and phrases in this unit.
2. Practising: give away, take after, come up with,give out, hang out
【Learning process】
Task 1 选词填空
1. Read the phrases in the table and understand them .
5)Mr Li已经 向慈善机构捐了很多钱。
Task 2 Writing
1、读Part 2 部分,收集有关Sally的信息。
赚钱________________ 打电话_______________能够__________________
3、根据提供的信息写出Sally 的故事。
打扫干净_____________推迟____________ 从现在起______________
1) It's difficult to learn English well,but you can't __________.
A. put it up B. take it up C. look it up D. give it up
2) I think the room is too small for us __________.
A.to live B. living in C. to live in D. live in
3) His little sister's kite is broken. Let's ________ and cheer______.
A. mend it up ,her up B. fix up it, up her
C. fix it up, up her D. fix it up, her up
4) Could you tell me something about Hong Kong? I'm _____going there for a
holiday soon.
A. looking up B. thinking about C. trying out D. finding out

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