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1.how often 多久一次 21.on weekends 每逢周末
2.as for 至于,关于 22.go to the movies 去看电影
3.junk food 垃圾食品 23.go shopping 去够物
4.a lot of 大量.许多 24.hardly ever 几乎从不
5.of course 当然 25.always=all the times 总是
6.look after 照顾 26.sometimes=at the times 有时
7.how often 多久一次 some times 几次
how many/much 多少 sometime 将来的某时候
how long 多长 some time 某段 时间
how soon 多快 27.watch TV 看电视
how far 多远 28.Animal World 动物世界
8.once a week 一周一次 29.all/most/some/no + students 所有/大部份/…学生
twice a week 一周两次 all/most/some/one + of + n.复 …其中的大部分
three times 三次 30.at/in * * high school 在…高中
four times 四次 at/in * * middle school 在…中学
3 or 4 times a week 一周3-4次 31.do one’s homework 做某人作业
9.suef the Internet 上网冲浪 do one’s housework 做某人家务活
10. TV program 电视节目 32.the best student 最好的学生
11.the result of/for ……的结果 I like pop best 我非常喜欢流行乐
12.health(n.) 健康 33.drink/have milk/water
healthy / unhealthy (adj.) (不)健康的 34. be good for (one’s health) 对某人健康有益
13.be good for +n./one’s health 对…健康有益 35.want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事
keep in a good health 保持健康 36.eat vegetables 吃蔬菜
14.for ever 永远 37.try to do sth. 试着做某事
15.pretty/ very healthy 非常健康 try doing sth. 试图做某事
16.good/bad habit 好/坏习惯 38.health lifestyle 健康的生活方式
39.study better/more 学得更好,更多
17.eating habits 饮食习惯 40.a bottle of milk 一瓶牛奶
18.get good grades 取得好成绩 a cup of water 一杯水
19.in Class 3,Grade 2 在二年3班 41. be good at swimming 擅长于游泳+doing
20.start/begin with 以……开始 42.make a difference 使结果不同

Unit 2 What’s the matter ?
1.shouldn’t=should not 不应该 8.a moment ago=just now 刚才
2.be/get stressed out 紧张的 9.illness=sickness 病痛
3.a few 有些,几个 be ill=be sick 生病
4.at the moment=now 此时 10.a sick man 一个病人
5.the matter=the trouble=wrong 11.a piece of advice 一则建议
6.on foot=walk 走路 some advice 一些建议
7.①身体部位+ache (指持续性的疼痛) ask sb for advice 向某人征询建议
②sore+身体部位(指因发炎引起的肌肉疼痛) 12.be stress out 筋疲力尽
③a pain in+身体部位 be tried 劳累的(1)headache 头痛 stomachache 胃痛 13.keep a balance of/between A and B保持AB间平衡
toothache牙痛 earache 耳痛 eat a balanced diet 饮食均衡
backache 背痛 on a diet 节食
(2)Sore knee膝盖酸 sore foot脚酸 14.eat hot yang food 吃阴冷阳热食物
sore throat 喉痛 sore eye 腿酸 eat yin food 吃阴冷食物
sore back 背酸 15. 肯 否 一些,少许,几个
(3)a pain in one’s knee 膝盖疼痛 a few few + n.复
a pain in one’s back 背痛 a little little +不可数n
16.have a cold 伤风/感冒 23.not until 直到……才
have a fever 发烧 24.be improved great 大大被提高
have a headache 头痛 25.That sounds interesting 那听起来有趣
17.lie down and rest 躺下来休息 That sounds like a good idea 那听起来是好主意
=have a break =have a rest 休息 26.I think so 我这么认为
=get some rest 休息 I don’t think so . 我不这么认为
18.see a doctor/dentist 看医生 27.traditional Chinese doctors传统中国医生
19.a glass of water 一杯水 28.be healthy 健康的
drink/have more water 多喝水 29.need a balance of yin and yang 需要阴阳平衡
20.three days ago 三天前 30.for example 例如
21.too much +/U/ 太多 31.It’s +adj.+to do sth. 做……怎么样
too many books + /C/ 复 太多 32.take some medicine 吃药
much too + adj. 太… take one’s temperature 量体温
22.eat Dangshen and Huangqi herbs 33.take one’s turn to do sth=do sth. in turn轮流做sth.
吃党参与黄芪草木植物 34.be good for 对……有益

Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation ?
1.at home 在家 17.rent sth 租给某人
2.Hong Kong 香港 rent sth to/from sb 向/租给某人
3.how long 多久 18.think about 思考 考虑
4.get back 回来 think of sth/sb 想起
5.think about 考虑 think over 仔细思考
6.decide on 决定 19.decide on sth 决定某事
7.Gregt Lakes 五大湖 decide to do sth 决定去做某事
8.babysit sb. 照顾某人 20.in/at the countryside 在乡村
9.plan to do sth 计划做某事 21.forget to do sth 忘记将要做的事
10.stay at home=be at home 在家 forget doing sth(现进) 忘记已做某事
11.get back=come back 回来 22.ask sb about sth 问某人关于某事
get home/there/here 到家/那儿/这儿 23.famous movie star 著名影星
get to =arrive in/at=reach+地点 到达 24.spend time with friend 花时间与朋友一起
12.go sightseeing 去观光 spend money on sth= sth cost+ 钱 花钱买某物
go shopping 去购物 spend+time (in)doing sth 花时间做某事
go swimming 去游泳 25.vacation plans 假期计划
go skateboarding 去滑冰 26.a good place to do sth 做某事的好地方
go dancing 去跳舞 27.relax at home 在家休息
go fishing 去钓鱼 relax oneself 放松自我
go boating 去划船 28.play+球类 打/踢球
go bike riding/bicycling play the+乐器 弹* *
go camping 去露营 29.That sounds interesting. 那听起来有趣
go skinning 去滑雪 That sounds like a good idea. 那听起来是个好主意
13.go to+地=visit+地=go to visit+地
go to sports camp 去运动俱乐部 30.make a plan for vacation 制定假期计划
go to the beach 去沙滩 31.finish doing sth 完成某事
go shopping 去购物 32.a famous singer=a well-know singer
14.go away 离开 著名歌手
15.leave for 离开去某地 33.in Asia 在亚洲
have fun 34.want to do sth 想要做某事
enjoy doing sth/oneself 过得愉快 35.what’s the weather like? 天气怎么样
16.show sb sth= show sth to sb 给某人看某物 =How was the weather ?

Unit 4 How do you get to school ?
1.get to =arrive in/at=reach 到达 15.① how far 多远
get/arrive/reach +here/there/home/adv. ② how long 多长(时间)
get back=come back to +地 返回 16.have a quick/big breakfast
2.It takes sb some time to do sth have/eat breakfast新课标第一网
花费某人…时间做某事 eat/read quickly
4.North America 北美洲 Quickly = Harry up 快点
5.depend on 取决于,视…而定 17.bus station 车站
6.by boat 乘坐小船 train station 火车站
by train=on a/the train (空间大)坐火车 airport 飞机场
by car=in a/the car (空间小)坐小车 18.North America 北美洲
7.go to+地+by train/plane/ship/subway/ bus/car/taxi South America 南美洲
=take a/the+工具/train/plane +to+地 19.in a small town 在一个小镇
go to…by plane=fly to+地 20.depend on sth /sb 取决于某事,依赖某人
go to…by bike=ride a bike to +地 21.the most popular means of transportation
go to…on foot=walk to+地 最流行的交通方式
go…by car=drive to +地 22.ask for help 寻求帮助
8.be ill+be sick 生病 23.must be/can’t be 一定/不一定
in hospital/in bed 在医院,卧床 24.have a problem 一个问题
a sick man 一个病人 25.more+adj比较级 更…
9.worry about sb./sth more + n./water/trees 更多n.
=be worried(about sb/sth) 担忧/担心 26.a small number of … …中一小部分
Don’t worry=Don’t be worried 不要担忧 a number of 许许多多(复)
10.take…to… 把…东西带去… the number of … …的数目
It takes sb+时+to do sth 花时间做 the number of the students 学生的数目(单)
take a + 交通工具 乘坐 27. speak+语言/English 讲英语
11.bus ride 车程 28.look at +sth 朝…看
12.the early bus 早班车 29.A be different from B A与B不同
13.(all)around the world 遍及全世界 =There is some difference between A and B
14.walk=go on foot 走路

Unit 5 Can you come to my party ?
1.basebaseball game/match 棒球比赛 19.have too much homework 有太多功课
2.the day after tomorrow 后天 have too many rules 有太多规则
the day before yesterday 前天 20.from…to… 从…到…
3.come over to 从一个地方来到另一个地方 21.culture club 文化班
4.come to my party 来我的聚会 22.another time 另外的时间
5.lesson=class=course 课程 23.① I’m going to Hawaii.
piano/music lesson 钢琴课 ② I’m going to go to Hawaii.
6.teach sb a lesson 教训某人 24.watch the football match on TV在电视上看足球赛
give sb a lesson 给某人上课 25.in the evening=at night 在晚上
7.write soon 尽快回信 26.the school team 校队
8.discuss science report 研究科学报告 27.help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事
9.invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 help sb do sth 帮助某人某事
Thanks for your invitation 谢谢你的邀请 28.Can you come t my birthday party?
Thanks a lot for the invitation 非常感谢你叫我 29.finish the geography project.完成地理作业
Thanks for asking. 谢谢你叫我 30.have to 不得不
10.come over to 过来 31.study for a test 准备考试
come on 快点 32.go to the doctor 去看医生
come here 过来 =go to see the doctor
11.not until/till 直到……才 33.visit sb=pay a visit sb 看望某人
12.play the guitar 弹吉他 34.one’s birthday party 某人的生日聚会
play basketball 打篮球 35. at + 点钟
13.go to the movies/my guitar lesson on+具体的时间/Monday/ Tuesday…
去看电影/去上我的吉他课 in +不具体时间/February/1997
14.on Saturday 在星期六 36.go to the mall 去购物15.come and have fun 过来玩得愉快 37.Come and join us! 快加入我们吧!
16.soccer practice 足球练习 38.babysit sb 照顾某人
17.one’s party 某人的聚会 39.Thursday afternoon 星期四下午
18.next week 下周
Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister .
1.be good at =do well in 擅长 17.be popular in Taiwan 在台湾很流行
2.most of 大多数 18.Thanks for = Thank you for 为…而感谢
most/some/one/all/many +of …中一些… 19.last letter 前一封信
3.twin sister/brother 双胞胎姐妹/兄弟 the last letter 最后一封信
4.both (中位) 两个都 20.a photo of sb 某人的一张照片all (中位) 三个都 21.As you can see/think 正如你所见/所想
5.do one’s homework/schoolwork 做作业 22.in some ways 在某些方面
6.laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 23.be the same 是一样的
make sb laugh 使某人笑 look the same 看起来一样
7.opposite view/interest 相反观点/兴趣 24.look different from sb 看起来与某人不像
8.have interest in sth/doing sth 25.enjoy doing sth
=be interested in 对…感兴趣 26.more than = over 不只,超过
9.原级比较as … as 与…一样 more popular than(me) 比我受欢迎
否定not as/so +adj. +as 不如 27.in common 共同的
10.like (v.) 喜欢 28.drink more (water) 多喝水
like(prep) 像 talk more 多交谈
be/look like 看上去相象 29.(like to)do the same things as sb.
11.keep secrets 保密 (喜欢)和某人做同样的事情
12.It’s important/adj. to do sth 做某事很重要/… 30.a primary school student 小学生
be important to sb 对某人很重要 a middle school student 中学生
13.what else=anything else 还有其他什么 a junior student 初中生
14.best friend 最好的朋友 a senior student 高中生
15.have great grades 有好成绩 31.what they think/see/say他们所想/所见/所闻
16.help sb with sth 32.be good with sb=get well along with sb
help sb(to)do sth 帮助某人做某事 与某人相处愉快

Review of units 1-6
1.begin with 以…开始 10.excited to do sth 做…很激动
2.all together 一起,总共 11.feel well 感觉良好
3.swimming poll 游泳池 12.would like to do sth
4.the use of sth …的用途 feel like doing sth 想要做某事
5.be used 被使用 13.the more…,the more… 越来越
6.use up 用光 14.had better do sth 最好要做某事
7.sick=illness 病 had better not do sth 最好不要做某事
a sick man/woman/person/girl 一个病人 15.in the front of (内) 在…前面
8.walk up/down 向上/向下走 in front of (外) 在…前面
9.five minutes’walk 五分钟的路程
Unit 7 How do you make a banana smoothie ?
1.turn on 打开 11.cut up the bananas 切碎香蕉
2.cut up 切碎 cut them up 把他们切碎
3.how many/much 多少 12.peel the banana/apple 削/剥香蕉皮/苹果皮
4.roll pancake 春卷 13.pour(sth)+into… 把…倒入
5.add…to… 把…加到…上 14.put(sth)+into/on 把…放入/放…上
6.blender/popper/cooker +er 器具 15.how many+ n.复/apples/bananas/watermelons
7.turn on 打开 how much +(U) yogurt/cinnamon/ money/
turn off 关掉 16.spoon 汤勺
turn up 开大声 tablespoon 饭勺
turn down 关小声,拒绝 17.finally=at last=in the end 最后 turn it(代词) off 关掉它 18. make a banana smoothie 制作香蕉木西
8. a cup of coffee 一杯咖啡 make sb. do sth 使某人做某事
a glass of water 一杯水 make/keep/have sth doing sth 使一直做某事
a bowl of popcorn 一碗玉米花 make the bed 整理床铺
9. five apples 五粒苹果 17.mix up 混合
six bananas 六根香蕉 mix it all up 全部混合
10.on the top(of…) 在…上面 be mixed up 被混合

Unit 8
How was your school trip ?
1.yard sale 庭院旧货出售
2.what else = anything else 还有其它什么
3.He’s the big winner. 他是一个大赢家
4.at the end of +the month/the road (时间/地点) 在……尽头末端
in the end (只能单用)=finally=at last 最后
5.happy/ sad ending 快乐/悲伤的结局
6.drive to work=go to work by car 开车去上班
go for a drive 开车去兜风
7.be off 休息
day off 假期
8.start off 离开,出发
9. unfortunately =unluckily 不幸的
fortunately=lucky 幸运的
10.in future 在将来
11.have a great/ good/ wonderful time =have fun
enjoy oneself/ oneselves 玩的愉快
12.on the school trip 在学校郊游中
13.have a great/ bad time on the school trip
have a good school trip 愉快/糟糕的郊游
14.go to the zoo = visit
go to the aquarium
go to the beach/museum
go to the Outdoor Pool 去户外水池
go to the Gifts Shop 去礼品店
go to Blue Water Aquarium(专有名词)
go to Visitors’ Center 去游客中心
go camping/hiking/ swimming (in the rain)
go sightseeing/ fishing
15.Visitor’s Center 游客中心
Children’s Day 儿童节
Teachers’ Day 教师节
Women’s Day 妇女节
16.watch a movie about sharks ( about sth)
watch a dolphin show
see a film
go to a movie about sth 看一场关于…的电影
17.see sth / see sb 看见某物/某人
18.buy lots of gifts ( for sb) 买sth给sb.
=buy sb sth= buy sth for sb
give sth to sb=give sb sth. 给sb 某物
19.take the bus back to school 坐车回校
=go back to school by bus
20.take photos of sb 给某人拍照
play beach volleyball 打沙滩排球
21.hang out with her friends 与某人出去闲逛
22 no one 没有人
23.buy a souvenir / sth 买个纪念品/ 东西
24.play computer games 玩电脑游戏
25.get one’s photos 获得某人的照片
26.meet a famous/ great/ well-known actor
27.win a prize 中奖
win a hat /sth. 赢得帽子/某物
28.make a movie 拍电影
29.watch TV with a friend ( friends)和朋友看电视
watch videos 看影碟
30.sleep late = get up late 睡迟了,迟起床
31.take a class 上课
32.help mom and dad do sth 帮爸妈做事情
33.all day long= the whole day=all day 整天
34 study hard for the math test为数学考试努力学习
35.wake up 醒来
wake sb up 把某人叫醒
36.have a very fun day 愉快的一天
37.in the morning/ afternoon/ evening 在早上/…
38.kind of = a little +adj. 一点
39.stay in the house 待在屋子里
40.put sth out 把sth拿出去,熄灭
41.have a yard sale 庭院售货

Unit 9
When was he born ?

1.professional pilot 职业飞行员
2.ice skating 滑冰
3.table tennis 乒乓球运动
4.be born on+具体时间/August 8th,1932
be born in+月/年/地点August/1932/Fuzhou
5.start/begin doing sth=begin to do 开始做某事
start hiccupping/sneezing/writing/riding/golfing
6.stop doing / smoking/ writing/hiccupping
stop to do/have a rest/smoke/listen to music
stop writing to read 停止写字去阅读
7.get an achievement
get some/ many achievements 获得成就
8.a creative/ talented girl/ musician
a kind/ loving grandmother 慈爱的祖母
an outstanding player 一个杰出的运动员
a talented drawer 一个有天赋的画家
an unusual girl 一个不寻常的女孩
9.He’s talented/loving/outstanding.他有才能/杰出
10.unusual things 不寻常的事
11.well-known= famous 出名的,著名的
a well-known Chinese violinist/ pianist
12.hum songs 哼唱歌曲
hum difficult pieces of music 哼唱较难歌曲
write songs 写歌曲
a piece of music/song 一首音乐/歌曲
13.be alive 活着的
14.as usual 如往常一样
15.enter the university/ college 进入大学
16.major in+学科 主修…专业
major (n) My major is English.我的专业是英语
(v) I major in English. 我主修英语
major (in collage) 在大学的专业
My major in college is English .
17 spend time (in) doing sth=It takes+时+to do sth
spend money on sth = sth. costs + 钱
spend time with sb = stay with sb during …
18.take part in… 参加比赛/活动
19 world record 世界记录
keep the world record 保持世界记录
break the world record 打破世界记录
20.too…to… 太……不能做某事
not…enough to… 不够…而不能做某事
so… that… 如此……以至于…
例:He’s too young to go to school.
He’s so young that he can’t go to school.
You’re never too young to start doing sths.
You’re enough old that you can start doing things. 你足够大了,可以开始做事了。
21.world championships 世军冠军
world championships 世界锦标赛冠军
22.ping-pong player 乒乓球运动员
tennis player 网球运动员
football player 足球运动员
23.start/ begin learning English 开始学英语
24.69 years and 5 months 69年零5个月
25.for example 例如
take…for example 举…为例
26.start golfing/ start playing golf 开始打高尔夫
27.write music/songs 作曲/写歌
28.play for his/ the national team 为国家队效力
29.perform Beijing opera 表演京剧
30.be famous as+职业 作为…而出名
be famous for 因为…而出名
31.gold medal 金牌
32.become a movie star/a singer 成为电影明星
33. go to a/the first movie 去看(第一部)电影
34.graduate from 从…毕业,毕业于
35 in the speech competition 在演讲比赛中
36.fall asleep = be asleep 睡着的
37.from tomorrow on 从明天开始
so much+不可数+that (从句)
so+adj. +that … 如此…以至…
39.tour Asia/China 环游亚洲/中国
tour the U.S 环游美国
40.begin to learn the accordion 开始学手风琴
44.at the age of four = when he was four years old
46.the 14th Chopin International piano Competition in Poland 在波兰举行的第十四届肖邦国际钢琴大赛
47.win/take the first prize 获得第一名
48.in the 70-year history of the competition
49.become famous/well-known 变得出名
50.admire sb 崇拜某人

Unit 10
I’m going to be a basketball player .

1.computer programmer 电脑程序设计师
2.computer science 计算机科学
3.sound like 听起来像…
4.fashion show 时装表演
5.at the same time 同时
6.keep fit/healthy 保持健康
7.airline pilot 飞行员
8.move to 搬到
9.save money 储钱,存钱
10.hold art exhibitions 举行美展
11.a retire teacher 一个退休老师
12.TV show=TV program 电视节目
13.in time 及时
14.on time 准时
15.full-time job 全职工作
part-time job 兼职工作
get/find/look for a part time job
16.have a welcome party 举行一个迎新晚会
17.New Year’s Resolutions 新年的决心
18.be going to be=want to be 打算成为,想成为
19.in one’s mind 在sb脑海中,意识里
20.a professional basketball player一个职业篮球运动员
a part—time basketball player 一个业余篮球选手
21.study English really hard 真正努力学习英语
22.move to New York 搬到纽约
23.move somewhere interesting 搬到有趣的地方
24.be a computer programmer成为电脑程序设计师
25.be a reporter for a fashion magazine
26.buy sb sth=buy sth for sb 给某人买某物
27.travel all over the world 环游世界
28.at an art school 在一所艺校
29.finish high school and college完成中学和大学
30.send the articles to magazines and newspaper
31.write for international magazine为国际杂志写稿
32.in Paris/ in France 在巴黎/在法国
33.sound like + n. 听起来像…
sound like a good idea 听起来像一个好建议
sound interesting 听起来有趣
34.save (v.) 挽救, 节约
safe (adj.) 安全的 safety (n.) 安全
35.hold/have a meeting 开会
hold/have/catch a cold 感冒
hold up 高举
36.a rich man/country/place 一个富裕的人/乡村/地方
a pool man/place 一个贫穷的人/地方
37.get/receive (over) 200 faxes 收到200多个传真
38.keep the room clean 保持房间干净
keep ourselves warm 使我们自己暖和
keep fit/healthy/happy 保持高兴
keep slim 保持苗条
39.be going to be=will be=want to be 将成为/打算成为
What are you going to be ?=What will you be =What do you want to be (When you grow up)? 长大后你想做什么?
I’m going to be an actor. = I will be an actor.
=I want to be an actor when I grow up .
40 be going to do=will do=be doing打算/将要做某事
How are you going to do that?
=How will you do that?
=How are you doing that ? 你怎样实现呢?
I’m going to take acting classes.我将去上演艺课
41.be sure (that)+从句 确信…
be sure of/about +n. 确信某事
be sure to do sth. 确信做某事
e.g. I’m sure (that) you’re right. 我相信你是正确的
I’m sure to finish my homework first every day.

42.get good grades 取得好成绩
43.learn to play an instrument 学会弹一种乐器
44.eat healthier food 吃较健康的食物
45.get lots of exercise 做许多运动
46.make a soccer team 组建一只球队
47.dream job 梦想的工作
48.It’s time to do sth. 该做某事的时候了
49.talented show 才艺表演
50.learn a new language 学习一种新语言
51.play an instrument /the guitar/the violin
52.make the soccer/basketball//chorus team
53.eat healthy/healthier/healthiest food
54.take guitar/violin/acting lessons/classes上…课
55.What are you going to do this year ?
What is he/she going to do this year?
What will he/she do this year?
What is he/she doing this year ?
56.practice hard / study hard 努力学习
work harder 更努力学习
study harder in school 在学校更努力学习
57.New Year’s resolutions =New Year’s decisions
58 get/receive many/over 200 letters/faxes/e-mails
收到许多来信/传真/邮件(from sb.)
59.survey results 调查结果
60.play/have sports 做运动
61.study the subjects (that/which) their children learn at school.学习他们小孩在学校学的课程
62.a few/some readers 几个/一些读者
a little water yogurt 一些水/酸奶
63.communicate (better) with sb. 和某人更好地交流
64.find a job as… 找到一个做…的工作
as a foreign language teacher 作为一名外语教师
65.Start/begin doing=start/begin to do 开始做sth.
66.move from Fuzhou to Shanghai 从福州搬到上海
67.exercise more to keep fit 多做锻炼保持健康
68.build a (bigger) subway 建一座地铁

Unit 11
Could you please clean your room ?

1.take sth. out=take out sth(the trash/rubbish)
take 代(it) out (代词只放中间)
2.do chores 干家务
3.do the dishes 洗餐具, 做菜肴
=wash the dishes 洗餐具
do chores/some cleaning/exercise/homework
做家务/打扫/做运动/做作业do the laundry=wash the clothes 洗衣服
4.sweep the floor 清扫地板
5.living room 起居室,客厅
6.work on 从事
7.take care of =look after=care for 照看,照顾
8.weren’t =were not 不是(过去时)
9 in trouble/difficulty 陷入困难
10 what …for ?=why 为什么
11 borrow sth. from sb. 向某人借某物
lend sth. to sb.= lend sb. sth 把某物借给某人
(1) I have no money ,could I borrow some ?
(2) He asked me to lend my bike to him.
12. Don’t worry=Don’t be worried. 不要担忧
13. wash the car/clothes/bowl 洗车/洗衣服/洗碗
14. fold the clothes 叠衣服
15. clean the living room/blackboard/window清理
clean one’s bed 清理床铺
make the bed 铺床
16 (in) all their lives (在)他们一生中
17. go to the movie/meeting/party
go shopping
18. work on computer 在计算机上工作
19. take sb.(out) for a walk 带某人去散步
go out for a walk 出去散步
20.. cheer each other up 互相欢呼
help each other 互相帮助
21 much more 更多
22. invite sb. to do sth 邀请某人干某事
23. hate doing sth=dislike
hate to do sth. 讨厌做某事
24. no matter how much 不管多少
25. feed sb. sth. =feed sth to … 给…喂…
…on feed 在饲养中
26. buy some drinks and snacks 买饮料和小吃
27. clean the kitchen 清洗厨房
28. give sb. a ride=get a ride 搭便车
29. walk up 走到,走上前
30. be stolen 被偷
31. drive away 开车离开
32. turn to 转身
33. Beg your pardon ? 再说一遍/请原谅
34. be outside 在户外,在外面
35. cook/make+三餐 煮饭
36. 介组:work on+代词 /sit on it /介词+代词
副组:take them out
cut it up /turn it on (代词放中间)
37. make a living 生存
38. play with sb./sth 和…玩
play the piano/the +乐器 弹钢琴
play basketball /+球类 打篮球

Unit 12
What’s the best radio station?

1. close to 靠近,接近
2. radio station 无线电台
3. Frequency Modulation 调频
4. Amplitude Modulation 调幅
5. go by bus =take a bus 乘坐公共汽车
6. more comfortable/ successful 比较舒适/成功
the most comfortable/ successful 最舒适/成功
7. sit on the seat 坐在座位上
8. the biggest screen 最大屏幕
9. the best cinema 最大电影院
10. go to a movie
go to a cinema
see a film 去看电影
11. radio station/ TV station 广播台/电视台
12. great success 非常成功

13. perform the actions 表演动作
14. the prize for the funniest act 最有趣的表演奖
15. without music 没有音乐
without permission 未经允许
16. Fujian Province 福建省
Cangshan District 仓山区
17. too…to… 太……而不能
not …enough to… 不够……而不能
so… that… 如此……以至于
例句: The bag is heavy. I can’t carry it.
The bag is too heavy for me to carry it.
The bag is not light enough for me to carry it.
The bag is so heavy that I can’t carry it.
18. win a prize for the best performer 最佳表演奖
19. have good quality clothes 有质量好的衣服
20. do/ make a survey 调查
21. play a beautiful piano piece 弹奏一曲美妙音乐
22. talent show 才能表演
23. sing a song 唱歌
24. Who (do you think) is the funniest actor?

Review of UNIT 7-12
1. out of 在……之外
2. DJ=disc jockey 音乐节目主持人
3. brown bread 黑面包
4. Forbidden City 紫禁城
5. elementary school 小学
6. all the time 一直
7. be asleep= fall asleep 熟睡
8. go by plane=fly to 坐飞机去…
go on foot= walk to 走路去…
go by bike= ride to 骑车去…
go by car= drive to 开车去…
9. make trouble 捣乱
10. called= named 叫做…
a girl called/named Mary一个叫做Mary的女孩
完整:a girl (who is) called Mary .
11. a very popular person= quite a popular person
12. on the trip 在旅行
13. help sb. do sth 听观看使让帮助+V原
= help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事
14. why not go there?
=why don’t you go there? 为什么不去那儿?
15. try to do sth 试着做某事
16. work out 解出,解决
17. check over the child 仔细检查那个孩子
18. have a rest every two hours 每两个小时休息一次
19. exercise as more as possible 尽可能地多运动
20. eat more fruit and vegetables and eat less meat

Culture 1?Growing up around the world

1. grow up 成长,长大
2. White House 白宫
live in the White House 住在白宫
3. Library of Congress 国会图书馆
4. hang out 经常出没,闲荡
5. in common 共同地,共有的
6. on a farm 在农场
lives on a farm with sb 和某人住在农场
7. Alice Spring 阿利斯普林斯
8. on freeze ponds 在结冰的池塘上
9. would like to do= want to do 想要做,愿意
10. some of …中的一些
11. straw hat 草帽
12. in those days 在当时
13. the Great Depression 大萧条
14. ice hockey 冰球
15. after class/school 下课后/放学后
16. because of +(n.) = because+句子 因为…
17. the capital of ……的首都
18. so much / so many 如此多
19. a lot of = lots of =many / much 许多
20. when I have free time= when I am free 当我有空时
21. be poor / be rich 贫穷/糟糕的/富裕的
22. on weekends =at the weekends 在周末
23. wear uniform 穿制服
24. go for walk 去散步
25. go to the mall 去商业街
26. next to 在旁边
27. plan to do sth 计划做某事
28. for a change 换种方式
29. be from = come from 来自于
30. the Australian Outback 澳大利亚内陆
31. by radio and the Internet 通过无线电和因特网
32. ride my bike five miles to school骑自行车五公里到学校
33. ride one’s horse 骑某人的马
34. hard work /jobs 艰难的工作
work hard =be hard-working 努力工作

Culture 2?What did you have for dinner?

1. table manners 餐桌礼仪
2. eat with one’s right/ left hands 用某人的左/ 右手吃饭
3. a kind of 一种
4. mix A with B 把A和B混合
5. keep/ be/ stay still 保持静止
6. share something with sb 与某人分享东西
7. one’s own + n./house/car 某人自己的东西
8. wave around 四周挥舞
9. in different parts of the world 在世界不同的地方
10. It’s + adj. + to do 做…很…
11. in fact  在事实上
13. pay for 为……付钱
14. going Dutch A A 制
15. leave a tip 给小费
16. depend on 取决于
17. all over the world 遍及全世界
18. keep/ stay healthy 保持健康
19. just for sb 只为某人准备
20. roast beef 烤牛肉
21. NO,thanks. 不用了,谢谢。(礼貌用语)
22. hot pot 火锅
23. main course 主食
24. minestrone soup=minestrone

Unit 1
Will people have robots?
1 will do =be going to do 将做某事
won’t=will not (won’t) 将不
will be—won’t be 将成为/将不成为
2 they’ll=they will 他们将
they won’t=they will not 他们将不
3 she’ll=she will 她将
4 I’ll=I will 我将
5 space station 太空站
6 go skating 去滑冰
7 be able to (学习之后能够)=can(本能) 能够;能以
8 the World Cup 世界杯
9 come true =realize 实现;到达
10 in the future=in future 将来;未来
predict the future 预言未来
11 hundreds of 好几百,许许多多
12 try to do sth 尝试做某事
try one’s best to do sth 尽力做某事
13 a piece of paper 一张纸
paper money 纸币;钞票
14 use up 用光
be used 被使用
used to 过去常常
the use of … …的用途
15 little--less--least/last+不可数 很少/更少/最少
few--fewer—fewest +可数复 很少/更少/最少
many/much--more-most 许多/更多/最多
16 pollution (n.)--pollute (v.) 污染
be polluted 被污染
17 live in a tall building /apartment 住在高楼/公寓
live with sb 和…一起住
live alone 独自居住
live on a space station 住在太空站
18 as an astronaut 作为宇航员
19 fly--flew--flew 飞,飞行
fly to = go to…by plane 坐飞机去…
fly rockets to the moon 乘火箭去月球
fly away 飞走了
20 take--took--taken 乘坐,花费
take the train to school 坐火车去上学
It took me three hours to get there . 我花了3小时到那儿
=I spent three hours (in) getting there .
21 on the moon 在月球上
on the earth 在地球上
on the space station 在太空站
22 fall--fell--fallen 落下
fall down 落下,跌倒
fall asleep 睡着
fall ill 生病
fall in love with sth/ sb. 喜欢上某物/某人
23 do sth alone 单独做某事
go to the party alone 独自去晚会
24pat him on the head 拍他的头
pat her on the back 拍她的背
25probably=maybe 可能;也许
26go skating /swimming/shopping 去滑冰/游泳…
27have one’s own sth 拥有属于自己的东西
28 dress oneself 给自己穿衣服
dress sb./oneself up 化妆
29.the World Cup 世界杯
win the world cup 获得世界杯
world peace 世界和平
30 a suit of clothes 一套衣服
casual clothes 便装,休闲服装
dress more casually 穿的更随意
wear a suit 穿套装
crazy clothes 奇装异服
crazy English 疯狂英语
make sb crazy 使某人疯狂
31even 甚至 even if 即使
32 which one/girl/boy 哪一个
33 no sound in movies 无声电影
34.myself-- ourselves 我(们)自己
herself/himself/itself --themselves他/她/它(们)自己
yourself--yourselves 你(们)自己
35.interview 采访 interviewer 采访者
36.predict--prediction 预言
37. the head of … …的头/老大
38 be worthy of be worth 值的
39 think-thought-thought 认为/想/思考
40 unpleasant—pleasant 不愉快——愉快
the most unpleasant job 最不乐意的工作
41 scientist—science 科学家——科学
42 one hundred years old 一百岁
live to two hundred years old 活到200岁
hundreds of years 成百上千年
in 200 years 200年后
already /never /ever /since /yet /for+段时间/…
现在完成时结构:have/has done
44 in/at the factory 在工厂里
45.such as 例如
46.get/be bored 感到厌烦
47.human being 人类
48.possible -?possibly 可能
impossible--impossibly 不可能
more/most possible 更可能/最可能
49.do homework 做作业
do chores 做家务
50.seem的用法 似乎,好象
It seems that (从句)=主语+seem to do 似乎…
51.be free 空闲的
free time/leisure time 空闲的时间
52 study at home on computer
53 I hope so/not 我希望/不希望如此
54 use sth more 更使用
use the water most 最常用水
55 in the college ?in the university 在大学
56 rain heavily=rain cats and dogs=heavy rain 下大雨
57 kind of = a little 一点
58 do sth over and over 一遍又一遍做某事
59 do the same sth as sb 与某人做同样的事
60 a picture of my parents 我父母的一张照片
a map of China 一张中国地图
61 be far from 离…遥远
62 How is …like?=What do you think of…? …怎么样?
63 Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吗?
64 It’s adj. for sb to do sth 某人做…怎么样
65 for example 例如
66 next year /last year 明年/去年
67 science fiction 科幻小说
68 make sb do sth 使人做某事
make sth doing 使…一直做某事
make the machine working 使机器一直工作
69 keep a pet dog/cat 养宠物狗/猫
keep on doing sth 继续做某事
keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事
keep up with sb 追上某人
70 look smart 看上去聪明
look at 朝…看
72 at the weekends=on weekends 在周末
73 go to ……on vacation 去某地度假
74 one day 总有一天
75 from now on 从现在开始
76 work for the magazine 为杂志社工作
77 wake up 唤醒

Unit 2
what should I do ?

1 keep sb out (of the door ) 把某人拦在门外
keep on doing sth 坚持做某事
keep up with sb 赶上追上某人
keep/make +n+ adj 使…怎么样
keep the room clean 使房间干净
2 play the record too loud 把放音机开得太大声
play soccer/the guitar 踢足球/弹吉他speak/talk loudly 大声说话/谈天
walk quickly 快步走
3 loud--loudly quiet--quietly 大声的/安静的
4 argue with sb on sth 与某人争吵某事
argue with sb = have an argument with sb. 吵架
fight with sb =have a fight with sb 与某人打架 5 what’s wrong with sb /sth ? …怎么了/出什么事了?
what’s the matter ?
what’s the trouble?
Is there anything wrong with sb?
What’s up ?
What happened ?
6 out of style 过时的
in style 时髦的
7 can-could shall-should 能够 / 应该
8. call sb up =phone/telephone sb. 打电话给某人
call sb at +电话号码 打电话
talk about sth on the phone 在电话中谈论某事
9. surprise sb 使某人吃惊
to one’s surprise 令我惊奇的是
be surprised at sth 吃惊于
10 pay for sth 付钱
11 get /find a part-time job 找到兼职工作
full-time/professional job 全职/专职工作
12 either …or … 或者…或者…
neither…nor … 既不…也不…
either否定句尾 too肯定句尾 also 句中
13 the same as 相同的
different from 不同的
14 except(排除在外) besides(包括在内) 除了
15 get/be upset 不安/沮丧

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