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----A lot.很多
He has invited nearly a hundred people but a lot aren’t able to come.
A lot of people are going to the meeting.
What a lot of presents!礼物真多啊!
I’m feeling a lot better today.我今天感觉好多了。
Thanks a lot for your help.多谢你的帮助。
I play tennis quite a lot in summer.我夏天常打网球。
790. loud(a.)大声的/地, 响亮的/地
The music is too loud----please turn it down.
She spoke in a very loud voice.
791. love(v, n)爱, 热爱, 喜爱; 爱情
He is in love with his work.他热爱自己的工作。
She was in love with him.她与他相爱。
I fell in love with the house.我喜欢上这房子。
Take care, my love.保重,我的爱人。
If you love each other,why not get married?
I haven’t been to Brazil, but I’d love to.
--Would you like to go for a walk?
--I’d love to, but I’m afraid I have no time.
792. lovely(a.) 可爱的, 美丽的,动人的
He has a lovely voice.他说话的声音很好听。
Isn’t it a lovely day?天气真好呀!
We’ve had a lovely time.我们玩得很痛快。
How lovely to see you!见到你真让人高兴。
He has a lovely daughter.他有个可爱的女儿。
793. low(a,ad)低的, 矮的; 低下的;
The sun was low in the sky.太阳低挂在天空。
They were speaking in low voices.他们在低声说话。
They were in low spirits.他们精神不振。
Speak lower or he’ll hear you.小声点,不然他会听见你。
794. luck (n) 运气; 好运, 幸运
Good luck to you.祝你好运!
Wish you good luck! 祝你好运!
Better luck next time.祝下次好运(祝未成功的人)
795. lucky(a.)幸运的, 侥幸的, 吉利的
She was lucky enough to be chosen for the team.
It was lucky for us that we were able to go.
Luckily for us, the train was late.我们真凑巧,火车晚点了。
Luckily, I am a good swimming.幸好我是个游泳好手。
796. lunch (n) 午饭, 吃午餐
She’s gone to lunch.她吃午饭去了。
What shall we have for lunch?我们午餐吃什么?
797. machine(n)机器
Can you run the machine?你能开这机器吗?
How does this machine work?这机器是如何工作的?
798. mad(a.)恼火的 发疯的
Don't be mad at me.不要对我大发脾气。
She went mad after the death of her son.儿子死后她就疯了。
He’s always been mad about kids.他一向特别喜欢孩子。
My cousin is mad on tennis.我表弟对网球着迷。
799. madam = madame(n)女士, 太太;
What can I do for you, madam?
800. magazine (n) 杂志, 期刊
a weekly / monthly magazine周刊,月刊
The newspapers and magazines are not allowed to be taken out of the reading room.报纸杂志不准带出阅览室。
It was a magic moment that the two sisters were reunited after 30 years.
It is really a magic palace.那真是一个有魔力的宫殿。
---What was the trip like?旅行感觉怎么样?
【补充】 (n)魔法,魔术,法术
Can you perform magic?你会表演魔术吗?
They believe that it was all done by magic.
802. mail(n)邮政, 邮递/寄; 邮件
Air mail is quicker than sea mail.
We do our business by mail.我们通过邮递做生意。
Don’t forget to mail that letter to your mother.
Don’t forget to mail your mother that letter.
* mailbox (n)邮筒
803. main(a.)主要的,最重要的
She noted down the main points of the speech.
This is my main purpose of my coming here.
* mainland (n) 大陆
804. make (made, made) (v) 做;制造; 使得;
Mary made a paper boat. 玛丽做了一只纸船。
I keep making the same mistakes.我总是犯同样错误。
The news made him very happy.这消息使他非常高兴。
His jokes made us all laugh.他的笑话把我们都逗笑了。
Could you make yourself understood in Russian?
She must be made to follow the rules.必须让她遵守规则
The Internet makes it easy to get much new information in a short time.
make the bed铺床 make a decision做决定
make mistakes犯错 make tea泡茶
make a noise制造噪音 make faces做鬼脸
He makes $1,000 a month. 他每月挣一千元。
This room would make a nice office.
Dogs make great pets.狗适合做宠物。
Let’s make it half past six.我们把时间定为6:30吧。
I've made it a rule never to hurry.
He made a kite __his son happy. A. make B. to make C. making
--When will we meet? --Let’s ___ it 4:30.
A.decide B. have C.make D. hold
805. man (men) (n) 成年男子;人;人类
He is a nice young man. 他是一个很好的青年。
Man has been trying to control nature.
806. manage(v)管理;经营;设法做到
He manages a hotel for his father.他替他父亲经营一家旅馆。
I doubt whether Jack could manage a sailing boat.
She managed to make herself understood in English.
Can you manage on your own?你一个人能行吗?
How do you manage without a car?
(manage 不同于try:manage to指设法做成某事,含有成功之意;try to 指争取做成某事,但不一定成功)
807. manager (n) 经理, 管理人
808. many (more, most) 许多(的)
Not too many people can write with the left hand.
How many children do you have?你有几个孩子?
补充:many a (与单数名词及动词连用)
Many a student is mad on the Internet
【词语辨析】many 与 a lot of , lots of
(many 只与可数名词连用,主要用于疑问句和否定句中;lots of 和a lot of 在陈述句中用的多,但一般不与表示时间和距离的量词连用:I stayed in England many / quite a few / ten weeks.我在英格兰逗留了许多/好几/十周; 不能说:I stayed in England a lot of weeks)
809. map (n) 地图
Read the map查看地图
Can you find Black Hill on the map?
810. March (n) 三月
811. mark (n, v记号;分数;标记;做记号于;打分
The children left dirty marks all over the kitchen floor.
A horse with a white mark on its head.头上有块白斑的马。
I got full marks in the spelling test.
to give sb. a high / low mark给某人高/低分
I got a good/poor mark in English.我英语得分高/低。
The box of eggs was marked “With Care”.
The teacher marked the examination papers.
I spent at least six hours a week marking.
She was careful to mark her place before she shut the book.
812 market(n)市场, 集市
She went to th market to sell what she had made.
813. marriage(n)结婚; 婚姻
Accept the marriage答应结婚 Break a marriage离婚
Th news of their marriage was not made public until three months later.
814. marry(v) 娶;嫁,和...结婚
He is going to marry Jane. 他将与简结婚。
They have got married for ten years.他们已经结婚十年了。
815. master (n, v)主人,大师;精通,掌握,控制
You will be masters of the 21st century.
The dog ran to its master.那狗向它主人跑去。
Is your master at home?你家主人在家吗?
The painting is the work of a master.
French was a language he had never mastered.法语他一直没学好。
She learned to master her anger.她学会了控制自己不发火。
Russian is a difficult language to master.
816. match (v. n )比赛,敌手;相配者 火柴;和...相配,
They are playing an important match against Liverpool on Saturday.
I’m no match for him at tennis.打网球我不是他的对手。
I’ll go and buy a box of match.我去买盒火柴。
The chairs and the desk are a good match.
The hat is a match for the coat.这帽子与外衣很相配。
The color of the shirt does not match that of the tie.
Those two shoes don’t match.那两只鞋不是一双。
The tie matches your suit.这领带和你的西装很相配。
817. math(s) = mathematics(n)数学
818. may(modal v)可以,许可;也许,可能;
May I use your bicycle?我可以用你的自行车吗?
May I ask why you made that decision?
He may possibly know it.他可能知道。
May you succeed!祝你成功!
May she rest in peace.愿她安息!
--Is Mr. Brown driving here?
--I’m not sure. He _____ come by train.
A. may B. shall C. need d. must
819. May(n)五月
820. maybe可能, 大概,也许
Maybe he’ll come, maybe he won’t.
--Are you going to sell your house?
It will cost two, maybe three hundred pounds.
821. me我(宾格)
Give it to me.给我。
Hello, it’s me.喂,是我。
You’re taller than me.你比我高。
822. meal(n)餐, 饭; 进餐时间
Try not to eat between meals.两餐之间尽量别吃东西。
Enjoy your meal.请用餐。
A three-course meal有三道菜的一顿饭。
Lunch is his main meal of the day.午饭是他的正餐。
823. mean (meant, meant)(v)意思是,意指
What does this sentence mean?这句子是什么意思?
I realized what he meant.我明白他的意思了。
What do you mean, you thought I wouldn’t mind?
I’m sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean to.
Don't think I am joking; I mean business.
* means (n) 方法,手段
* meanwhile (ad) 同时
824. meaning(n)意思, 含义; 重要性
He doesn’t know the meaning of the word.
What’s the meaning of the word?这个词是什么意思?
825. meat(n)肉
a piece of meat一块肉
meat-eating animals食肉动物
826. medical(a.)医学的, 医疗的; 内科的
827. medicine(n)药, 内服药
I felt better after taking the medicine
Good medicines taste bitter.良药苦口。
828. meet (met, met) (v)遇见,见到,迎接,集会
I met her at the gymnasium. 我在体育馆遇见她。
Shall we go to the station to meet your mother?
That’s where the river meets the sea.
Nice to meet you.见到你真高兴。
How can we best meet the needs of all the different groups.
829. meeting(n)聚会; 会议; 运动会;汇合点
To have / hold a meeting召开/举办会议
We have two meetings in London.
There will be a sports meeting next week.
830. member(n)成员, 会员
How much does it cost to become a member?要成为会员要花多少钱?
831. memory(n)记忆, 记忆中的事物, 回忆
I have a bad memory for names.我不善于记名字。
The photos bring back lots of good memories.
832. mend (v)修理, 修补; 恢复
He mended shoes for a living.他靠修鞋为生
Could you mend my bike for me?
833. mention (n, v ) 提及,说起
Nobody mentioned anything to me about it.
Sorry, I won’t mention it again.对不起,我再也不提它了。
Did you mention this to the boss? 你跟老板提到这事没有?
Did she mention where she was going?
You mentioned in your letter that you might be moving abroad.
834. message(n)口信,信息;消息
There were no messages for me at the hotel.
I left a message on your answering machine.
Jenny’s not here at the moment. Can I take a message?
835. menu(n)菜单; (荧光屏上显示的)项目
What’s on the menu tonight?今晚有什么菜?
836. metal(n, a.)金属; 金属制成的
a piece of metal一块金属
The chair is made of metal.这椅子是金属做的。
837. method(n)方法, 办法
He invented a new method to make bread.
838. metre (AmE meter) (n)米,公尺
a square metre平方米
1000 metres is a long distance.
839. middle中间/部(的)
A lake with an island in the middle.
He was standing in the middle of the room.
The phone rang in the middle of the night
Pens are kept in the middle drawer.
* midnight(n) 午夜
* midday (n)中午,正午
* mid-autumn (n)中秋
* Middle East 中东
840. might (modal v)可能,也许,或许
It might rain. 可能下雨。
He might get there in time, but I can’t be sure.
Might I use your phone?我可以用一下你的电话吗?
--What will the weather be like tomorrow?
--It _____ be rainy, cloudy or sunny. Who knows?
A. must B. might C. shall D. should
841. mile(n)英里
An area of four square miles四平方英里的面积。
There isn’t a house for miles around here.
842. milk(n)乳, 牛奶;
The farmer milks the cows twice a day.
843. mind (n, v)思想,想法;介意,关心
Two days later he changed his mind.
Mind the wet paint. 当心油漆未干。
Mind that step!小心台阶。
Mind your head小心别碰头。
Would you mind my closing the window?
--Would you like tea or coffee?
--I don’t mind---either’s fine.无所谓---什么都行
Have you broken it? Never mind, we can buy another one.
Have you made up your minds where to go for your honeymoon?
Who’s minding the children this evening?今晚谁看孩子?
--It’s too hot. Would you mind my____ the door?
--_______. Please do it now.
A. to open, OK B. opening, Certainly not
C. opening, Of course D. to open, Good idea
844. mine(pron)我的(名词性物主代词);
He’s a friend of mine.他是我的一位朋友。
That’s mine.这是我的。
--Is this your e-dictionary?
--No. _______ is in the schoolbag.
A. His B. Yours C. Hers D. Mine
845. minute(n)分钟, 瞬间, 1/60度
It’s four minutes to six.差四分六点。
I’ll be back in a few minutes.我一会就回来。
A ten-minute bus ride.乘公共汽车10分钟的路程。
* minibus (n)小型公共汽车
* miniskirt (n) 超短裙
* minimum (a.) 最小的
846. mirror(n)镜子
She looked at herself in the mirror.她照了照镜子。
Dickens’ novels are a mirror of his times.
847.miss (n) 小姐
That’s all, thank you, Miss Lipman.
848. miss (v)失去,错过,缺,思念,未击中
The hotel is the only white building on the road----you can’t miss it.
He missed my meaning. 他没有领会我的意思。
If I don’t leave now I’ll miss my plane.
You missed a good party last night.
The hunter fired at the deer but missed it.
I know how you miss your mother.
849. mistake(n)错误,过失;误会
It’s easy to make a mistake.犯错误很容易。
You must try to learn from your mistakes.
Tom didn't make a single spelling mistake in his composition.
850. mistake (mistook, mistaken)(v)弄错,误解 把...误认为
You mistook my meaning entirely. 你完全误会了我的意思。
I mistook the number and went to the wrong room. 我记错号码,走错了房间。
He was mistaken for the headmaster.人们错把他当作校长。
* mistaken (a.)错误的
* misunderstand (v) 误会,不理解
851. model(n)模型 模范 模特儿
My uncle can make model planes.我叔叔会做模型飞机。
She is one of the country’s top models.
a model student 模范生 a model farm示范农场
852. modern(a.)现代的, 近代的, 时髦的
The dress is the most modern.
She has very modern ideas about educating her children.
853. mom (AmE mum) (n) 妈妈(口)
854. moment(n)瞬间, 片刻, 时刻, 时机
Could you wait a moment, please?
He thought for a moment before replying.
We’re busy at the moment.我们这会儿很忙。
I’m waiting for the right moment to tell him the bad news.
--Shall we go shopping now?
--Sorry. It’s not the right ____. I’m too tired.
A. way B. weather C. place D. moment
855. Monday(n)星期一
She started work last Monday.
Are you busy next Monday?下周一你忙吗?
He was born on a Monday.他出生那天是星期一。
We’ll discuss this at Monday’s meeting.
856. money(n)钱, 金钱, 货币; 财富
We’ll need to raise more money next year.
Where can I change my money into dollars?
He lost all his money.他失去了全部财产。
The movie should make money.这部电影应该赚大钱。
857. monitor (n) (学校的)班长, *** ;监视器
He will make a good monitor for them.
A PC with a 17 inch color monitor
858. monkey(n)猴,
Man and the monkey have many things in common.人和猿有许多共同之处。
859. month(n)月, 月份; 一个月的时间
He learnt English in ten months.
There are twelve months in a year.一年有12个月。
860. moon(n)月亮, 月球,月光
There’s no moon tonight.今晚看不见月亮。
How many moons does Jupiter have?
* moon cake (n) 月饼
861. more(a. ad. n)另外的,较多的;再,另外,而且,更;更多的量,另外的一些。
Only two more days to go!仅仅剩下两天了。
He has more chance than ever.
If you still feel hungry, there is more food in the kitchen.
Instead of fewer accidents, there were more.
He is the more careful of the two boys.
He read the letter more carefully the second time.
Could you repeat it once more?你能再重复一遍吗?
What’s more.而且
More and more people are using the Internet.
I’ve more or less finished the book.我差不多已读完这本书
--Do you have enough men to carry these chairs?
--No. I think we need _______ men.
A. Another B. other two
C. more two D. two more
There are a lot _______ people today than yesterday.
A. of B. / C. most D. more
The Summer Palace is really beautiful. In fact, I doubt whether China has ___park.
A. a more beautiful B.a most beautiful
C. A beautiful D. the most beautiful
862. morning(n)早晨, 上午
See you tomorrow morning.明天上午见。
She woke every morning at the same time.
He was born on the morning of May 1st, 1994.
863. most (a. ad) 最多的,大部分的;最
Which of you has made the most mistakes?
Most birds can fly. 多数的鸟会飞。
Most of her books were stolen她的大部分书都被偷走了。
It was the most exciting holiday I’ve ever had.
Of the three questions, this is the most difficult.
It was what she wanted most of all.
What did you enjoy most?你最欣赏的是什么?
at most最多
--It seems that Alice never wants to do anything except draw pictures.
--Right. That’s what she likes to do _____.
A. more B. less C. most D. least
864. mother(n)母亲, 妈妈;
I want to buy a present for my mother and father.
She’s the mother of twins.
* motherland (n) 祖国
865. motorcycle(n)摩托车
* motor (n) 发动机,马达
866. mountain(n)山, 山岳, 山脉
We spent a week walking in the mountains.
to climb a mountain.爬山
* mountainous (a.) 多山的。
867. mouse (mice) (n)鼠, 鼠标
A mouse is a small animal.老鼠是一种小动物。
You should know how to use the mouse before learning playing the computer.
868. mouth(n)嘴, 口
Don’t speak with your mouth full.
* mouthful (n) 满口,一口
* from mouth to mouth人传人,口口相传
869. move(v)使移动,搬动 使感动,迁移;搬家
That chair is in the way, move it please.
They were much moved by her story.
The news moved him very much.消息使他很感动。
When are you moving to Shanghai?
870. movie(n)电影; 电影院
direct a movie导演电影
He is going to the movie.他打算去看电影。
Have you seen the latest movie?
871. Mr. (mister) (n)先生(后须跟姓)
Mr Brown布朗先生
Mr and Mrs Brown布朗夫妇
【补充】Mr. Right如意郎君,白马王子
I’m not getting married in a hurry---I’m waiting for Mr.Right to come along.
872. Mrs (mistress) (n)夫人,太太
873. Ms. (n) 女士, (未知婚否,后须跟姓)
874. much(a. ad)许多的,大量的; 非常,很,十分
I don’t have much money with me.我没带多少钱。
How much water do you need?你要多少水?
How much is it?这东西多少钱?
Thank you very much for the flowers.
You worry too much.你过于担心了。
She’s much better today.她今天好多了。
I’m not much good at tennis.我不太擅长打网球。
He is much too careless.他太粗心大意。
We have too much homework我们作业太多。
If you like the chicken, you may have as much as you can.
875. murder(n)谋杀, 谋杀案
876. museum(n)博物馆
You won’t see live animals in a museum.
a history museum历史博物馆
878. music(n)音乐, 乐曲, 音乐作品, 乐谱
I listened to the music on the radio。
Many people like his music.许多人喜欢他的乐曲。
* musical (a.) 音乐的,爱好音乐的
* musician (n) 音乐家,乐师
879. must (modal v ) 必须,应当;一定是
You must do as you are told. 你必须遵嘱行事。
We must be home by six我们必须在六点以前回家。
This must be your room. 这一定是你的房间了。
He must be eighty now. 他现在八成有八十岁了。
If you must go, at least wait till the rain stops.
--May I take this magazine out? --No, you mustn’t
We mustn’t waste our time.我们不应该浪费时间。
--Must I leave now?
--Yes, please./ I’m afraid so.
--No, you needn’t / No, you don’t have to
880. my (pron) 我的
881. myself (pron我自己; (加强语气)亲自
I am teaching myself French. 我在自修法语。
I myself wrote the report. 我自己写的报告。
I'll talk to him myself. 我自己去和他说。
I am feeling myself again. 我觉得健康如昔。
I haven’t been feeling myself recently.我最近感觉不太好
882. name( n)名字, 名称
Do you know the name of the flower?
Please write down your name and address.
He was named after his father.
They named their son John.
883. national (a.) 国家的, 民族的, 国民的
a national flag国旗
I8 love the national culture very much.
* nationality (n) 国籍
* nationwide (ad.)全国范围的
884. natural(a.)自然的, 天然的
the natural world自然界
My hair soon grew back to its natural color.
It’s natural to worry about your children.
He’s a natural leader.他天生是个领袖。
885. nature(n)大自然, 自然界;种类;本性
Nature is at its best in spring.
The beauties of nature自然界中美好的东西。
It’s the nature of tigers to kill other animals.
886. near(a,.prep)近的; (关系、程度上)接近的;近似的
The post office is quite near. 邮局很近。
Can you tell me the nearest way to the station?
the near bank of the river 较近的一边河岸
The small child was afraid to go near the dog.
It’s near five o’clock现在将近5点。
* nearby (a.) 附近的
887. nearly几乎, 差不多
Nearly everyone knows it.几乎人人都知道此事。
888. necessary(a.)必须的,必要地
It may be necessary to buy a new one.
It doesn’t seem necessary for us to meet
--Dad, it’s such a long way from our home to the park !
--You mean it’s _____ to take a taxi?
A. popular B. necessary C. possible D.important
889. neck(n)颈, 脖子
He tied a scarf around his neck.他脖子上围着围巾。
He broke his neck in the fall.他摔断了脖子。
Neck and neck势均力敌,不相上下。
* necklace(n) 项链
890. need (v, n, modal v )需要;必要;需求;
We have no need to be afraid of them.我们不必怕他们。
There is no need for you to get up early tomorrow.你明天不必起早。
The garden needs watering. 花园该浇水了。
I’m in need of fresh air.我很想呼吸一点新鲜空气。
I don't think you need to worry about this.
They need our help. 他们需要我们帮助。
Need you go so soon? 你需要这么早走吗 ?
you needn’t finish it today.你不必今天完成。
--Shall I book some seats for the concert?
-- _____. I’v done that.
A. Yes, you may B. No, you mustn’t
C. No, you needn’t D. I’d rather not
891. neighbour(AmE neighbor) (n)邻居; 邻人
We’ve had a lot of support all our friends and neighbours.
Our next-door neighbours are very noisy.
* neighbourhood=neighborhood邻近地区
892. neither (a.) 两者都不
Neither answer is correct.两个答案都不对。
Neither of them has / have a car.他们两个都没有汽车。
--Which do you like?
--Neither, I think they’re both ugly.
He didn’t remember and neither did I 他没记住,我也忘了。
--I don’t know我不知道。--Me neither我也不知道。
Their house is neither big nor small.他们的房子不大也不小。
We have got two TV sets, but ____of them works well.
A. any B. both C. either D. neither
--Are Jim and Bob playing outside?
--____. They are doing their homework in the study.
A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. None
893. nervous(a.)神经质的;紧张不安的
I felt really nervous before the interview.
He’s nervous of strangers.他见到陌生人就感到紧张不安。
--I’m really ____ before the competition.
--Take it easy. Sure you are the best.
A. cool B. serious C. nervous D. patient
894. never (ad.)决不,从来没有
He will never go there again.他再也不会去那里了。
I have never done that before. 我从未做过那个。
Never mind. 没关系
--Eating carrots is good for our health.
--But I don’t like them at all and I never eat them.
895. new(a.)新的;新鲜的
He has bought a new dictionary. 他买了一本新字典。
Are you new here, aren’t you?你是新来的,是吗?
I’d like to learn a new language.我想学习一门新的语言
Her name is new to me.她的名字对我来说完全陌生。
896. news(n)新闻, 消息
What’s the latest news?有什么最新消息?
a piece of news一则消息
No news is good news.没有消息就是好消息。
897. newspaper(n)报纸
I read about it in the newspaper.
898. next(a, ad.)下一个, 紧接的, 贴近的; 然后,随后
Do you know the woman in the next room?
Next time I’ll bring a book.下次我带本书来。
Next, I heard the sound of voices.
899. nice(a.)好的;美好的,宜人的; 好心的,友好的
It's a nice day.天气真好。
Did you have a nice time?你玩的痛快吗?
You look very nice.你看上去真好。
Nice to meet you.很高兴见到你。
It’s nice that you can come with us.
It was nice of them to invite us.他们真是很好,邀请了我。
Have a nice day!(与顾客道别时)再见。
Nice work!干得好!
You did a good job today. Nice work, James!
It was nice and warm yesterday.昨天的天气暖洋洋的。
(Nice and加另一个形容词不可用于名词前,如不能说:a nice and quiet place)
900. night(n)夜晚
The accident happened on Friday night.
These animals only come out at night.
on the night of January 10.在一月十日的晚上
I saw her in town the other night.
I’m working late tomorrow night
Good night ! See you in the morning.晚安,明儿见。
The machines are kept running day and night.
* night-club. (n)夜总会
901. nine(num)九
Nine to five九点至五点,正常上班时间
I work nine to five.我九点至五点上班
A nine-to-five job朝九晚五的工作
902. nineteen(num)十九
903. ninety(num)九十
The nineties 九十年代
In your nineties 90多岁
904. ninth(num)第九
Mr. Brown lives on the ninth floor.布朗先生住在九楼
905. no (ad, a)不,不是,没有,无,不
--Are you ready ?准备好了吗?--No, I’m not没有,没准备好
--Another drink?再来一杯?--No, thanks.不要了,谢谢
--She’s had an accident她发生了意外--Oh, no !怎么会呢 (表示惊讶)
He has no friends in this city. 在这个城市里他没有朋友。
There were no letters this morning.
There’s no bread left.一片面包都没有了。
He'll be back in no time. 他很快就会回来。
No smoking! 严禁吸烟!
906. nobody(n, pron)无足轻重的人;无人,没有人
She rose from being a nobody to become a superstar.
Nobody seems to notice. 似乎没有人注意。
907. nod(v)点头; 打瞌睡
He nodded to show that he understood.
She nodded her head when she passed me in the street
She nodded a welcome to Mary.她向玛丽点头表示欢迎。
908. noise (n)噪声, 喧哗声
The noise awoke me from my sleep.
I asked them to stop making such a noise.
* noisy (a.) 喧闹的,嘈杂的
* noisily (ad.) 喧闹地
909. none (pron ) 无任何东西或人;无一人
None of these pens works / work.
We have three sons but none of them lives / live nearby.
I wanted some more cold meat but there was none left.
--Is there any more milk?还有牛奶吗?
--No, none at all.没有,一点也没有
【补充】none but仅仅,只有
None but he knew the truth.只有他知道真相。
910. noodle(n)面条
911. noon(n)中午, 正午
We should be there by noon.
912. nor (conj.)(用在neither之后)也不
I have neither time nor money for pop festival
The story is not interesting or instructive.
You do not like him, nor do I.
913. normal(a.)平常的, 正常的
Her temperature is normal.她的体温正常。
It’s normal to feel tired after such a long trip.
914. north(a. n)(在/向)北方(的); 朝北的; 来自北方的
Beijing is to the north of Hefei.
Beijing is in the north of China.
*northeast东北 northwest西北
* northwards (ad) 向北
915. northern(a.)北方的, 北部的
916. nose(n)鼻子; 似鼻子的东西
He broke his nose in the fight.他打架时打断了鼻梁。
Stop picking your nose!别抠鼻孔了。
a dog with a good nose嗅觉灵敏的狗
917. not (ad)不, 没
It’s cold ,isn’t it?很冷,是吧?
Didn’t you eat meat?你不吃肉吗?
He warned me not to be late.他提醒我别迟到。
--Will she be there?她会在那儿吗?
--I hope not.但愿不会
--Is it ready? --I’m afraid not.
I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not.
--Thanks a lot. --Not at all. 不客气
Not only you but also I am going to hand in the papers.
918. note (n, v)便条,笔记,注释,钞票,纸币,音符,音调;记下,记录,注意,留意
He never took notes in class.他上课从不记笔记。
He sent me four fifty-dollar notes.
Please make a note of the dates.请记下日期
She left a note for Ben on the kitchen table.
See note 3, page 259 见259页注释3
Please note that this bill must be paid within 10 days.
The policeman noted down every word I said.
919. notebook(n)笔记本
920. nothing(pron)没有东西/事情
There was nothing in the bag.包里什么也没有。
There’s nothing you can do to help.你什么忙也帮不上。
The doctor said there was nothing wrong with me.
I want nothing but the best for my children.
There is nothing much in the fridge.冰箱里没什么东西。
921. notice (n, v )公告,,贴示 警告 ;察觉,注意 通知
She didn't notice that I had entered the room.
I didn’t notice him leaving.我没看到他离开。
I noticed them come in.我注意到他们进来。
The plane was noticed to take off at six o’clock.
There was a notice on the board saying the class had been cancelled.
A notice saying “Keep off the grass”.
922. November(n)十一月
923. now现在,目前; 立刻,马上; 其时,当时
I had a headache this morning, but I’m all right now.
From now on I’ll be more careful今后,我将更加细心。
Now, listen to what she’s saying.嗨,听听她在讲什么。
* nowadays (ad) 当今,现在
924. number数字; 号码; 数目, 数量; 数
Three is my lucky number.三是我的幸运数字。
We live at No. 107 Church Street.
I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number.
A large number of people have lost their jobs.
925. nurse(n)护士, 保育员; 保姆
My mother used to be a nurse.我妈妈过去是护士。
* nursery (n) 托儿所
* nursing (n) (职业性的)保育,护理
926. OK (ad) 好的
--Shall we go for a walk?咱们去散步好不好?
I’ll do it my way. OK? 我想怎么做就怎么做,行吗?
Are you OK? 你没事吧?
Is it OK if I leave now? 我现在离开,可以吗?
Is it OK for me to come too? 我也去,行吗?
--How are you doing? --____, thank you.
A. I’m OK. B. I’m a teacher
C. I’d love to D. I’m coming
927. object(n)物体 对象;目标 宗旨 宾语
everyday objects日常用品
I don’t know the names of the objects in this lab. 我不知道这个实验室里物件的名称。
What is the object of his visit? 他这次访问的目的是什么?
928. ocean(n)洋, 海洋
One afternoon, she went for a swim in the ocean.一天下午她到海里去游泳。
the Atlantic Ocean大西洋 the Indian Ocean印度洋
the Pacific Ocean太平洋
* Oceania (n) 大洋洲
(ocean常和专有名词构成海洋的名称,其前须有定冠词the ,ocean常可省略)
929. October(n) 十月
930. of (prep)
One of the legs of the table is broken.桌子的一条腿坏了。
Mr. Brown is a friend of mine.布朗先生是我的朋友。
The house is made of stone. 这房子是石建的。
Of all the students in this class, Tom is the best. 在这个班级中,汤姆是最优秀的。
2 kilos of potatoes两公斤马铃薯
It was very kind of you to help us.
He came to New York at the age of ten.
We waited for the arrival of the next bus.
I have the complete works of Shakespeare.
Her son died of cancer. 她儿子因患癌症而死。
It is a matter of importance.这是一件重要的事。
931. off (prep, ad. )离开,脱离,(电,自来水)停了,中断
I fell offf the ladder.我从梯子上跌下来
Keep off the grass! 勿踏草坪!
You're going off the subject. 你们离题了。
You need to take the top off the bottle first.
They went off together and left me sitting there.
I called him but he ran off.我喊他但他跑开了。
Take your coat off.脱了外衣吧。
The water is off.停水了。
Make sure th TV is off.请注意关掉电视机。
The town is five miles off. 小城离这儿五英里远。
He turned off the light before going out.
He’s had ten days off school.他有十天没上学。
I’ve got three days off next week.我下周有三天休假。
All the shirts are 10% off.衬衣全部减价10%。
Shoes with $2 off减价两美元的鞋子。
932. offer (n, v)
【动词】给予, 提供; 拿出, 试图(做某事);提议, 出(价);
He offered me a glass of wine. 他端给我一杯酒。
They offered to help me. 他们表示愿意帮助我。
We offered him the sweater for US$50.
He offered $4000 for the car.他出价四千美元买这辆车。
They decided to offer the job to Joe = They decided to off Joe the job.
【名词】 提供,提议;出价;报价
to accept an offer接受好意
Thank you for your kind offer of help.
I accepted her offer to pay.她要付款,我同意了。
They’ve decided to accept our off.
933. office(n)办公室
Some people have to share an office.
She came to the station and went to th booking office.
It is my office to open the door.我的职责就是开门。
The present government took office in 1997.
How long has he been in office? 他任职多久了?
934. officer(n)军官, 高级官员
He dreamed to be an officer.
Her husband was ao officer.
* official (a, n) 政府,公司官员;官方的
935. often (ad.)常常, 经常
I often go swimming in summer.夏天我常游泳。
How often does this magazine come out?
936. oil(n)油, 石油;
* oilfield (n) 油田
937. old(a.)老的, 旧的;
Oxford is an old university.牛津大学是一所老大学。
My father is fifty years old. 我的父亲五十岁了。
He got his old job back. 他恢复了原来的工作。
I met with an old friend at a dinner party.
Things were different in the old days.
How old is this building? 这座建筑已有多少年了?
938. on(prep, ad)在...上,关于, (穿,放…)上,接通,进行下去,(电灯)开
He laid a hand on my shoulder.他把一只手放在我肩上。
There is a mark on your skirt.你裙子上有一块斑。
She stood on my left. 她站在我左边。
I came on my bike. 我骑自行车来的。
He had been hit on the head.他被打中了脑袋。
She was standing on one foot.她单脚站立。
on the evening of May the first在五月一日晚
Did you hear it on the radio?
We went to the factory on foot.我们步行去工厂。
Information is available on the Internet.
He is on the school volleyball team.他是校排球队员。
He jumped with joy on hearing the news.
He worked on without a break.他毫不停歇地继续工作。
She stopped for a moment, then walked on.
From then on he never trusted her again.
Put your coat on.把外衣穿上!
The lights were all on.灯都亮着。
It doesn’t matter. The film has been on for only a few minutes.
The bus stopped and four people got on.
He jumped with joy on hearing the news.
On arriving home I discovered they had gone.
939. once (n, ad. Conj.)一次,一度;从前;一旦
Once is enough. 一次就够了。
I see them once every two months.
He once knew her, but they are no longer friends.
Once you get into a bad habit, you'll find it hard to get out of it.
940. one (num. pron) 一, 某一, 某人
There is only room for one person.只有一个人的空间。
One more, please! 请再来一个!
One of my friends lives in Shanghai
One day you’ll understand.总有一天你会明白的。
Our car’s always breaking down,. But we’re getting a new one soon.
The students who are the most successful are usually the ones who come to all the classes.
941. oneself (pron)自己,自身
If one wants to learn it, one must do it oneself.要想学会它就得亲自去做。
942. only (a. ad)唯一的,仅有的;仅仅,只,才
She’s their only daughter.她是他们的独生女。
She’s the only person for the job.
She’s only 21 and she runs her own business.
It only took a few seconds. = It took only a few second.那只需要几秒钟。
He not only read the book,but also remembered what he had read.
only child独生子(女):I’m an only child.
943. open (a, v ) 打开的; 开放的; 营业的; 公开的
She had left the door wide open.她把门敞开着。
My door is always open to visitors.
Is the store open from 9 to 7?
The competition is open to young people under the age of 18.
That’s an open society. 那是一个开放的社会。
She was always open with her parents.
【动词】开;打开; 使开张(营业); 开业
I opened the window after I got up.我起床后便把窗子打开。
What time does the bank open? 这家银行什么时候开门?
The company opened its doors for business a month ago.
Travelling really opens your eyes to other cultures.
* opener (n) 开具,启子
* opening (n) 开放,口子
The door has been ____ for a long time.
A. open B. opened C. opening
944. operation(n) 手术,操作;运转,经营;
Will I need to have an operation? 我需要做手术吗?
The operation of this machine is simple.
The new rules come into operation from next week.
* operate (v) 做手术,经营,管理,运转
The company operates three factories.
The machine is operating properly.机器运转正常。
945. or(conj)或者 否则,要不然
He can’t read or write.他不会读也不会写。
Either you or I am to go. 你我之间总有一个人要去。
You may spend two or three days there.
Hurry up, or you'll be late. 快点,否则你会迟到的。
946. orange(a, n) 柑, 橘; 橘色, 橙色(的)
Would you like some orange? 想喝点橙汁吗?
947. order (v. n) 命令 定购;点菜;顺序,秩序命令订购
The house had been kept in good order.
Some teachers find it difficult to keep their classes in order.
Things were in terrible order. 情况一团糟。
He gave orders that the job be done in three days.
May I take your order? 现在可以点菜吗?
The company received a large order for computers.
He ordered her to go. 他命令她走。
I ordered a beer and a sandwich.
948. other(pron. a) (两者中)另一个的;其余的; 其他的
Mr. Harris and Mrs Bate and three other teachers were here.
There are other ways to do this exercise.
Are there any other questions?还有其他的问题没有?
He raised one arm and then the other.
I saw Jack the other day.我前几天看到杰克了。
The other day / week / morning / evening
It is hard to tell the twin brothers one from the other.
Some boys are reading; others are listening to the radio.
949. our(pron)我们的(形容词物主代词)
* ours (pron) 我们的(名词性)
950. ourselves(pron)我们自己
We’ve often thought of going there ourselves.
951. out(ad)出外;在外;向外,没有,问世,完全, (用)完;熄灭;无知觉,不流行
Let’s go out for a walk. 我们出去散散步吧。
He’s been out of work for six months.他已经失业六个月了。
I watched the car until it was out of sight.
Two out of three people think Jack is wrong.
When does her new book come out?
His secret got out. 他的秘密泄漏了。
He blew out the candle. 他把蜡烛吹灭了。
The little girl passed out at the sight of the snake.
Mr. Liu, you are out!刘老师,你落伍了。
952. outside (n. ad. prep)
【名词】外面,外部 外表,外观
The outside of the house needs painting.
We walked around the outside of the building.
【副词】在外面,向外面 在室外,向室外
There is no light outside of the gate. 大门外面没有灯。
It was raining hard outside. 外边雨下得很大。
Outside the window it was a wonderful spring morning.
You can park your car outside our house.
953. over (prep, ad.)
【介词】 在...之上,在正上方; (覆盖)在...上面
越过... 遍及 超过 通过...媒介
We live over a small bookstore.
There was a lamp hanging over the table.
There is bridge over the river.河上面有座桥
She climbed over the wall .她翻过墙去
Snow is falling all over the country全国各地都在下雪
A plane flew over the house. 一架飞机飞过了房子。
She told me over the telephone about it.
She is over sixty.她六十多岁了
She knocked the bottle over.她碰倒了瓶子。
Cover her over with an overcoat把她盖件大衣。
By the time we arrived the meeting was over.
We rowed over to the other side of the river.
954. overcoat(n)外套, 大衣
955. own (a. v) 自己的;有,拥有
I saw the whole accident with my own eyes.
He owns three cars. 他有三辆汽车。
956.owner(n)物主, 所有人
Do you know the name of the owner?
The owner of the shop came up to see what was the matter.
* ownership (n) 所有制
957. P.C.=personal computer(n)个人电脑
958. P.E.=physical education(n)体育
959. Pacific太平洋(的)
960. package(n)包裹;包;(香烟等的)一包
He brought me a large package.他给我送来一大包裹。
* pack(n, v) 包,捆;为运输打包
961.page(n)页, 张
Turn to Page 64.请翻到64页。
962.paint(n)油漆, 涂料 绘画作品
Wet paint !油漆未干!
We’ve decided to have the house painted.
* painter (n) 绘画者,(油)画家
963.pair(n)一双, 一副, 一把, 一对
a pair of gloves / shoes / earrings
a huge pair of eyes一双大眼睛
a pair of glasses / pants / jeans / trousers
Students worked in pairs on the project.
964. palace(n)宫殿
the Summer Palace颐和园
965. pale(a.)苍白的 ,灰白的 (颜色)淡的
She was pale with fear. 她吓得脸色发白。
You look pale. Are you OK? 你气色不好,没事吧?
He wore a pale blue tie. 他戴一条浅蓝色的领带。
pale blue eyes.淡蓝色的眼睛
966. pancake(n)烙饼, 薄饼
967. panda(n)熊猫
968. paper(n)纸 报纸 试题,试卷,论文,
a piece of paper 一张纸
Have you seen today’s paper?
She spent the evening marking exam papers.
969. pardon (n)原谅,饶恕,宽恕
--You’re very quiet today.你今天话很少啊。
--Pardon? 什么?
--I said you’re very quiet today.我说你今天话很少。
I beg your pardon, what you say is not correct.
I hope you’ll pardon me saying so.希望你原谅我这么说。
970. parent(n)父, 母; 家长
He’s still living with his parents.他还和父母住在一块。
971. park (n) 公园 停车场
There’s a car park over there.那儿有个停车场。
972. park (v) 停放(车辆等)
Don’t park the car on this street.别把汽车停放在这条街上。
* parking lot停车场
973. part, (n)部分; 部,篇; 部件,零件;角色
Parts of the book are interesting.这本书有几部分很有意思.
We’ve done the difficult part of the job.
She carried some machine parts from this city to that one.
What part did you play? 你演什么角色?
* (a.) 局部的,部分的
【补充】(v) 分离,分开,分割
We parted at the street corner我们在街道拐角分手
* partly (ad.) 部分地,在一定程度上
* partner (n) 搭档,合作者
* part-time (a) 兼职的,部分时间的
974. party(n)党, 政党; 社交聚会
a birthday / dinner / garden party生日聚会/宴会/游园会
Did you go to their party? 你参加他们的聚会没有?
975. pass(v);传,经过,通过
You cannot pass. Stop where you are.
The ten days passed quickly. 这十天很快就过去了。
He passed in German, but failed in English.
Please pass me the salt. 请把盐递给我。
The bill was passed in 1908.
His mother passed away last year.
976. passage(n)文章,乐曲等的)一段,一节, 走廊, 过道
asecret underground passage地下秘密通道
A dark narrow passage led to the hall.
Read the following passage and answer the questions below.
977. passenger(n)乘客,旅客
The train drew in and all the passengers got off.
* passer-by (n) 过客,过路人
978. passport(n)护照;通行证;执照
979. past ( n, a. prep) 过去,昔日;过去的; 以前的 前任的;(指时间、数量等)过;通过,经过
In the past he had to read by candle light.
John Smith is a past president of our club.
ten minutes past two两点十分 / half past two两点半
The boys walked past our house. 孩子们走过我们的房子
980. path(n)小路, 路线, 途径
Follow the path through the woods.
981. patient(n) 病人
She was one of Dr. Shaw’s patients.
The patient was well looked after by the nurse.
982. patient(a.)有耐心的,能忍受的,能容忍的
He’s a very patient man. 他是个很有耐心的人。
She is very patient with young children.
* patience (n) 容忍,耐心
983. pay (paid, paid) 付款; 给予; 工资(n)
Would you mind paying the taxi driver?
I’m paid $100 a day.我每天工资100元。
I didn’t pay attention to what she was saying.
If you lose a book from the library, you’ll have to pay for it.
He paid 100 yuan for the dictionary.
984. peace(n)和平, 治安
After years of war, the people long for a lasting peace.
All I want is a bit of peace and quiet.
* peaceful (a.) 和平的,安宁的
985. pear(n)梨
The pear is a delicious fruit and I like it very much.
We carried the pears with a boat.我们用小船运梨。
986. pen(n)笔, 钢笔, 圆珠笔
My pen writes well我的笔好使。
He must write the letter with a pen.
Students are required to write their excercises in pen.
George is clever with his pen.乔治善于写作。
* pencil-box铅笔盒 penfriend笔友
987. pence (n) (penny的复数) 便士(pl)
988. pencil(n)铅笔
I’ll get a pencil and paper.我去拿铅笔盒纸。
She wrote a note in pencil.她用铅笔写了张便条。
989. penny(n)便士;一便士硬币(pence, pennies)
He had a few pennies in his pocket.
They cost 20 pence each.这些东西每个需要20便士。
990. people (n)人, 人们; 人民; 民族
At least ten people were killed in the accident.
Many young people are out of work.很多年轻人失业。
There are fifty-six peoples in our country.
991. percent (n)百分之…
The area of Asia takes up 27 percent of the world’s total.
More than 70 per cent of my time has been spent in teaching.
* percentage (n) 百分率
992. perfect(a.)完美的; 精通的
She speaks perfect English. 她说一口地道的英语。
The weather was perfect.天气好极了。
Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。
993. perhaps或许, 大概, 可能
--Are you going to come?
--Perhaps. I’ll see how I feel.
Perhaps it would be better if you came back tomorrow.
994. period (n) (一段)时间,学时,时期,时代
He got well after a period of medical treatment.
This is his most difficult period.这是他最困难的时期。
The school day is divided into seven periods.
Use a period at the end of the sentence.
995. person(n)人; (语法)人称
A certain person told me about it.有人告诉了我这件事。
“He” is the third person. “He”是第三人称。
996. personal (a.)个人的, 私人的
It’s a personal letter.这是私人信件。
The novel is written from personal experience.
997. pet(n)宠物
Do you have any pets?你有没有养宠物?
a pet dog宠物狗
998. phone = telephone(n. v)电话; 打电话(给某人)
I have to make a phone call.我得打个电话。
a phone bill 电话费单
to pick up the phone拿起电话
to put the phone down放下电话
He’s been on the phone to Kate for more than an hour.
Could you phone back later?
Phone them up and find out when they are coming.
999. photo = photograph(n)照片, 相片
a color/black-and-white/passport photo
I’ll take a photo of you.我来给你拍个照。
* photographer (n)摄影师
1000. physics物理学 physicist物理学家
1001. piano(n)钢琴 pianist(n)钢琴家
1002. pick(v)挑选,选择; 采,摘
Please pick a good book for me. 请为我挑一本好书。
He picked her a rose. 他给她采了一朵玫瑰花。
1003. picnic(n)野餐; 郊游
It’s a nice day.Let’s go for a picnic.
【补充】(v)(picnicked, picnicked)野餐
We picnicked on the beach yesterday.
1004. picture (n)图画, 肖像, 照片
A picture of flowers hung on the wall.
We had our pictures taken in front of the hotel.我们在旅馆前照了相。
1005. pie(n)派(酥壳有馅的饼);馅饼
Does anyone want some more pie?有谁想再吃点馅饼吗?
Help yourself to some more pie.请随意再吃些果馅饼吧。
1006. piece(n)一块(片,张,件……)
Could you give me a piece of paper?你能给我一张纸吗?
The pianist played a piece by Chopin.
Here is a good piece of news for you.有个好消息要告诉你。
There were tiny pieces of glass all over the road.道路上布满了碎玻璃渣。
a piece of news / information / advice
a piece of cake:轻而易举的事,举手之劳
--Can you carry the heavy box?
--Yes. Just a piece of cake!
1007. pig(n)猪
1008. pilot(n)飞行员, 宇航员
1009. ping-pong(n)乒乓球
1010. pink (a.)粉红色(的); 淡红的
Pale pink roses淡粉红色的玫瑰
1011. pioneer(n)拓荒者,先驱者,开拓者
They were the pioneers of the American West.
Henry Ford was a pioneer in the auto industry.
He is a pioneer in modern medical practice.
1012. pity (n)怜悯 ;同情 可惜的事, 憾事
She never asked for pity before. 她过去从未乞求怜悯
It’s a pity he missed the chance to travel abroad.
It’s a pity that you can’t stay longer.
--I’ve lost it.我把东西丢了
--Oh, what a pity!哎呀,真可惜!
What a pity that she didn’t tell me earlier.
It seems a pity to waste this food.浪费这些食物真可惜.
1013. place(n,v)
【名词】地方 住所 席位 名次
Is this the place where it happened? 这就是事发现场吗?
The police searched the place.警察搜索了那个地方。
Mary won first place in the singing competition.
He finished in third place.他得了第三名。
She had marked her place with a bookmark.
The film festival takes place in October.
Computers have taken the place of typewriters in most offices.
【动词】 放置;定出(选手)名次
He placed his hand on her shoulder.他把手搭在她的肩上。
I would place her among the top five tennis players in the world.
He was placed fifth in last Saturday’s race.
1014. plain (a, n) 简朴的 清楚的;明白的;平原;旷野
He made it plain that we should leave.
The meaning of the sentence is very plain.
plain food素食
She’s in plain clothes.她穿着朴素。
The food was plain but well prepared.
I’ll tell you everything in plain words.
The child has a plain face.这孩子相貌平常。
cross plains穿过平原
1015. plan(n v)计划, 打算, 方案; 平面图
Do you have any plans for the summer?
We can’t change our plans now.
We need to make plans for the future.
A meeting has been planned for early next year.
We’re planning a trip to France in the spring. Are you interested?
1016. plane(n)飞机
She left by plane for Berlin.她乘飞机去柏林了。
I caught the next plane to Dublin.
The plane took off an hour late.飞机延迟一小时起飞。
The plane landed at Geneva.飞机在日内瓦降落。
1017. planet(n)行星
Is there life on other planets?在其他行星上有生命吗?
1018. plant (n, v) 植物, 工厂;栽种;播种
All plants need light and water.一切植物都需要阳光和水。
He works at a power plant. 他在发电厂工作。
We planted a lot of flowers in our garden.
1019. plastic (n, a.)塑胶;塑胶制品;可塑的,塑性的
The shop assistant helped Mary put the fruit into a plastic shopping bag.
The chairs should be made of plastic.
1020. plate(n)盘子, 碟
1021. play(v)玩耍,演奏; 表演;播放; 放(唱片等) 扮演(角色);上演(戏剧,同...比赛;玩(游戏等);打(球);;打(牌);下(棋)
The children don’t know how to play the game.
France are playing against Wales on Saturday.
I’m good at playing the piano but I can’t play tennis.
Play their new CD for us, please.
The part of Elizabeth was played by Kate.
* (n) 玩耍,戏剧
to put on a play上演戏剧
* playroom (n) 游戏室
* player (n) 比赛者,选手
* playmate (n) 玩伴
1022. playground(n)操场, 娱乐场
The city has several playgrounds for children.
1023. pleasant(a.)令人愉快的;舒适的
The walk was very pleasant.那次散步很愉快。
We spent a very pleasant evening.
1024. please (v)使高兴,使喜欢,使满意,请
Two coffees, please.请来两客咖啡
--May I come in? 我可以进来吗?
--Come in, please. 请进。
What pleases you best? 你最喜欢什么?
--Would you like some help? --Yes, please.
He’s a difficult man to please.他是个难以取悦的人。
I did it to please my parents.我那么做是要让父母高兴。
【成语】if you pleae (用于特别表示客气) 请
Take a seat, if you please.请坐!
* pleased (a.) 高兴的,满意的
She was very pleased with her exam results.
Pleased to meet you.见到你真高兴!
1025. pleasure(n)愉快,高兴;满足,乐事;乐趣
Has he gone to Paris on business or for pleasure?
He finds great pleasure in reading.
It is a pleasure to work with you.
--Excuse me, could you help me carry the heavy box?
--With pleasure. (好:表示乐意为人效劳)
1026. plenty (n)丰富;充足;大量
plenty of eggs / money / time充裕的鸡蛋/钱/时间
He has plenty of humorous stories to tell.
--Do we need more milk?我们要不要再来些牛奶?
--No, there’s plenty in the fridge.不必了,冰箱里还多。
1027. pocket(n)口袋; 袖珍的
Take your hands out of your pockets!
I put the note in my pocket.我把纸币装进了口袋。
pocket money零花钱
a pocket dictionary袖珍词典
1028. poem(n)诗, 韵文
He wrote some poems in English.
1029. point(v, n)
【名词】 观点,论点, 重点,要点,小数点, 尖
She made several interesting points in the article.
The point is you shouldn’t have to wait so long to see a doctor.
two point six 2.6
the point of a pencil / knife铅笔尖 / 刀尖
【动词】把...指向,把...对准;瞄准 指出
It’s rude to point your fingers at people.
He pointed out that they were mistaken.他指出他们错了。
He pointed at the book he wanted.
1030. police(n)警察
Get out of of the house or I’ll call the police.
The police were searching the forest for a thief.
1031. policeman = policewoman(n)男警察
1032. #policy(n)政策, 方针, 策略; 保险单
The government must make new policies to protect the environment.
Check the terms of the policy before you sign.
1033. polite(a.)有礼貌的, 有教养的
Please be polite to our guests.礼貌待客。
I don’t know how to make polite conversation.
【补充】politely 有礼貌地
Allie asked me politely to put the things away.
1034. pond(n)池塘
Most farms have a pond from which cows can drink.
1035. pool(n)水池,水塘,游泳池
Does the hotel have a pool? 这家旅馆有没有游泳池?
1036. poor(a.)贫穷的; 贫乏的; 可怜的;差的
My family used to be poor. 我家过去很穷。
That country is poor in natural resources.
My handwriting is poorer than hers.我的字不如她的。
The poor old man had lost both his sons in the war.
He’s still in poor health after his illness.
They provided food for the poor.他们为贫困者提供食物。
1037. pop = popular流行的, 普通的, 受大众欢迎的
I’m not very popular with my parents at the moment.
I like popular music best.我最喜欢流行音乐。
1038. population(n)人口, 全体居民
What’s the population of your country?
China has the largest population in the world.
Muslims make up 55% of the population.
1039. pork(n)猪肉
1040. position(n)位置,地点,方位 立场;态度,姿势
The bed used to be in this position. 床原来是放在这儿的。
He has a high position in society. 他社会地位很高。
What's your position on this problem?
She has made her position very clear.
Make sure that you are working in a comfortable position.
What would you do in my position?
1041. possible(a.)可能的; 有可能的
I'll do everything possible to help you.
It's possible that he will not accept the invitation. 他有可能不接受邀请。
Would it be possible for me to leave a message for her?
If possible如果可能的话。
as….. as possible = as … as sb. can 尽可能
I’ll return the book to you as soon as possible.
If you want to learn English well, you must use it as often as possible.
* possibly (ad.) 可能地,也许
1042. post( v, n)邮寄; 公告, 张贴; 邮政. 邮件
Do you mind posting a letter for me?
I posted him a letter yesterday.昨天我给他寄去一封信。
Post this notice on the wall.把这个通知贴在墙上。
He lives in front of the post office.他住在邮局前面。
There was a lot of post this morning.今天上午邮件很多。
Have you opened your post yet?你拆开你的邮件没有?
1043. postcard(n)明信片
1044. postman(n)邮递员, 邮差
A postman brought me a postcard yesterday.
1045. potato(n)马铃薯, 土豆;
My brother likes potatoes very much, but I don’t care for them.
They are small potatoes.他们是些微不足道的人
1046. pound(n) (重量单位)磅 ,(货币)英镑
What would you do if you won a million pounds?
They cost two dollars a pound.这些东西每磅两元。
1047. practice(n)练习, 实践
Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧
She’s trying to put her new ideas into practice.
It takes a lot of practice to play the violin well.
1048. practise (AmE: practice) 练习, 实习
He practises playing the piano every day.
1049. praise(n, v)赞扬,称赞
He wrote poems in praise of freedom.
His latest movie has won high praises from the critics.
The publishers praised his novel pretty highly.
The mayor praised the boy for his courage.
1050. prepare(v)准备; 筹备
The students are preparing for the final exam.
The teachers are preparing the final exam.
He was in the kitchen preparing lunch.他在厨房做午饭。
1051. present(n)礼物,赠品
He often gave his neighbor's kids little presents.
What can I get him for a birthday present?
(adj. 出席的,到场的)
How many of the group are present today?
(v. 赠与,交给)
We presented him a basketball on his birthday.
1052. president(n)总统, (大学)校长;董事长,会长
1053. pretty(a.)漂亮的;秀丽的;可爱的
What a pretty house it is! 多漂亮的一栋房子!
She’s so pretty. 她真漂亮。
She’s got a pretty voice. 她的声音很悦耳。
She seemed pretty satisfied with the result.
1054. prevent(v)防止,预防 阻止;制止;妨碍
Vitamin C is supposed to prevent colds.
Who prevents their plans from being carried out?
Of course I can't prevent your going. 当然,我不能阻止你去。
He is prevented by law from holding a licence.
1055. price(n)价格,价钱 代价
Prices keep going up. 物价持续上涨。
What’s the price of the MP5? 这MP5多少钱?
The price of the bag is very high / low.
How much are these? They don’t have a price on them.
Children over five must pay the full price for the ticket.
We want peace at any price.为了和平,我们不惜一切代价。
1056. pride(n)骄傲, 自豪, 自尊
I take a pride in my work.我为自己的工作感到骄傲。
We take great pride in offering the best service in town.
The Bird’s Nest is the pride of Beijing.
1057. primary首要的 初级的 最初的;原始的基本的
A primary cause of Tom's failure is his laziness.
The primary aim of this course is to improve your spoken English.
1058. print(v)印刷, 出版,发行, 铭记
Each card is printed with a different message.
They printed 30 000 copies of the book.
Their dictionary was printed last month.
The accident printed itself on his memory.
* printer(n) 打印机 / printing印刷,印刷术
1059. prison (n) 监狱, 看守所; 坐牢
He was sent to prison for five years.
Prison Break is the best American TV play that I have watched these years.
1060. prisoner(n)囚徒, 俘虏
The enemy prisoners were kept in prison camps.敌军俘虏拘禁于战俘集中营。
1061. private(a.)个人的,私人的私下的,秘密的
The hotel has 110 bedrooms, all with private bathrooms.
That’s my private view. 那是我个人的观点。
I wish to have a private talk with you. 我希望私下和你谈谈。
1062. prize(n)奖金, 奖品
He received his prize with a proud step.
He won the first prize in the competition.
--Mum, I’ve got the first prize in the speech competition.
--Congratulations !祝贺你!
1063. probably(ad.)大概; 很可能
--Is he going to be there? --Probably. 大概吧。
--Do we need the car? --Probably not.大概不需要吧
You are probably right.你可能是对的。
* probable (a.) 很可能的
1064. problem(n)问题,疑难问题
Do you have any problems learning English?
--Can I pay by credit card?我能用信用卡支付吗?
--Yes, no problem. 行,没问题
They have no problems ____the maths problem.
A. to work out B. working out
1065. produce(v)生产,出产;制造
The factory produces 1,000 cars a week.
1066. programme(AmE program) 节目, 项目,程序
Did you see the programme on India last night?
What’s the programme for tomorrow?
1067. progress (n, v)进步,上进;进展,进行
They made slow progress towards the mountaintop.
The boy has made great progress this year.
The boy has progressed in his studies.
The course allows students to progress at their own speed.
The weather became colder as the day progressed.
1068. promise(n, v) 承诺,诺言;允诺,答应,保证
to make / keep / break a promise.许下/信守/违背诺言
She kept her promise to visit her aunt every week.
He promised me the book. 他答应给我这本书。
He promised to help us. 他答应要帮助我们。
I can't give you the book; I've promised it to Susan.
--Promise not to tell anyone !请保证不要告诉别人!
--I promise!我保证
I’ll see what I can do but I can’t promise anything.
1069. pronounce(v)发音, 读; 宣布
The “b” in lamb is not pronounced.
She pronounced him the winner of the competition.
1070. pronunciation(n)发音
There is more than one pronunciation of “excuse”.
Chinese is different from English in pronunciation.
1071. proper(a.)适合的,恰当的
He wondered whether it would be proper to knock at her door.
It is the proper time to sleep.是该去睡觉的时间了。
* properly (ad.) 适当地
The television isn’t working properly.
1072. protect(v)保护,防护
May God protect you from harm.愿上帝保佑你免受伤害。
Wearing dark glasses can protect your eyes from the sun.
* protection (n) 保护
1073. proud(a.)骄傲的, 自豪的; 傲慢的
He was very proud of himself for not giving up.
We are proud of our country.我们为我们的国家感到自豪。
I feel very proud to be a part of the team.
Carl felt ___ because he won the first prize in the school singing competition.
A. interested B. proud C. angry D. worried
1074. prove (v) 证明,证实; 证明是;
I’ll prove to the world that he was right.
My advice proved to be wrong.我的意见证明是错的。
1075. provide(v)提供装备, 供给
On Sundays his landlady provided dinner as well as breakfast.
Somehow she managed to provide her children with food and clothing.
We are here to provide the public with a service =
We are here to provide a service for the public.我们来这里是为公众服务。
1076. public(a, n)公众的;公共的,,众所周知的
You mustn't do that in a public place.
Levels of waste from the factory may be a danger to public health.
They made the secret public. 他们公开了这个秘密。
* publicly (ad) 当众,公开地
1077. pull (v, n ) 拉, 扯, 拔; 划(船)
You push and I’ll pull.你推,我拉。
He pulled a gun on me.他拔出枪来指着我。
1078. punish (v)罚, 处罚, 惩罚; 痛打
He was punished for refusing to answer their questions.
My parents used to punish me by not letting me watching TV.
1079. pupil(n)小学生 ,学生,门生,门徒;瞳孔
How many pupils does the school have?
the pupil of the eye瞳仁
1080.# purple(a, n)紫(色)的, 紫衣/袍
How beautiful th purple flower is!
His hands were purple with cold.他的双手冻紫了。
He is in purple.他穿着紫色的衣服。
1081. purpose(n) 目的,意图
What is the purpose of his visit? 他来访的目的是什么?
He returned to his homeland with the purpose of serving his own people.
1082. purse(n)钱包, 女用小提包;
Her red purse matches her skirt.
There’s no money left in the purse.钱包里没有钱了。
1083. push (n, v) 推动 逼迫;催促,促使
He pushed the library door open.他推开了图书馆的门。
He tried to kiss her but she pushed him away.
She pushed her son to learn English.她督促儿子学习英语。
No one pushed you to take the job, did they?
The car won’t start. Can you give it a push?
1084. put (put, put) 放, 置;使处于(某种状态)
Did you put sugar in my coffee?
Put yourself in my position. What would you have done?
Put the glass where it was.把杯子放回原处。
It was time to put their suggestion into practice.
Could you please help me put away the map on the blackboard? We won’t need it.
--Let’s plan a surprise for our class. What’s your idea?
--Why not ____ a short play?
A. get on B. keep on C. have on D. put on
--Tom, it’s cold outside. ____ your coat when you go out.
--OK, Mom.
A. Take off B. Take away C. Put away D. Put on
1085. quarter(n)四分之一, 一刻钟
a quarter of mile四分之一英里
The programme lasted an hour and a quarter.
It’s a quarter to four now. I’ll meet you at quarter past.
Three quarters of the students have left the school.
1086. queen(n)女王, 王后; 蜂王, 蚁王
1087. question(n)问题, 难题, 疑问
May I ask you a question?
It’s a difficult question to decide.这是个难以决定的问题。
out of question毫无疑问
out of the question不可能的
Another trip abroad this year is out of the question.
1088. quick(a,ad.)快的,迅速的 敏捷的;急剧的
Some children are very quick. 有些孩子很敏捷。
Be quick! 快点!
She is quick at learning a foreign language.
1089. quiet(a,)安静的;;沉默的; 宁静的;
Be quiet! 安静!
Could you keep the kids quiet while I’m on the phone.
They led a quiet life.他们过着平静的生活。
She was quiet and shy.她文静而又腼腆。
I’ve decided to marry but I’d rather you kept quiet about it.
1090. quite(ad.)完全的, 颇, 相当
It’s quite a small house. = The house is quite small.
不能说:It’s a quite small house.
1091. rabbit(n)兔子, 兔子肉
1092. race(n)赛跑;比赛 人种;种族
Their horse came third in the race last year.
a five-kilometre race 五公里赛跑
black / white / yellow race 黑/白/黄种人
* racial (a.) 种族的
1093. radio(n)收音机, 无线电
I listen to the radio on the way to work.
to turn the radio on / off 打开/关上收音机
We got in touch with them by radio.
1094. railway(n)铁路, 铁道
1095. rain(n, v)雨, 下雨
There will be rain in all parts tomorrow.
Don’t go out in the rain.下雨呢,别外出。
I think I felt a drop of rain.我好像感觉到掉雨点了。
It hardly rained at all last summer.
We’ll go to the park if it doesn’t rain tomorrow.
It had been raining hard all night.大雨下了一整夜。
* rainbow (n) 虹,彩虹
* rainfall (n) 一场雨,降雨量
1096. raincoat(n)雨衣
He took his neighbor’s raincoats by mistake, so he hung them back outside.
Take a raincoat with you when you go out.
1097. rainy(a.)下雨的, 多雨的
a rainy day阴雨天
The rainy season多雨季节
1098. raise(v)举起 提高; 提升 筹(款); 饲养
He raised his glass and said: “Your health, Carl.” 他举起了杯子说道:“祝你健康,卡尔。”
They are going to raise money for the school buildings.
They raised their offer to $500.他们将出价抬高到500元。
They were both raised in the south.他们都是在南方长大。
We managed to raise him on the mobile phone.
1099. rapid(a.)快的, 迅速的
rapid change迅速的改变
A rapid rise in sales.销售额急剧上升。
The disease is spreading at a rapid rate.
1100. rat(n)大老鼠;
The rats have eaten holes in those bags.
1101. rather(ad.)相当,宁可
It was a rather difficult question. = It was rather a difficult question.
I’m feeling rather sleepy. 我有点困倦。
He would rather play than work.
--Do you want to come with us?你想跟我们一起来吗
--No, I’d rather not. 不,我不想去
--Do you mind if I smoke?你介意我抽烟吗?
--Well, I’d rather you didn’t.嗯,最好别抽
I think I’ll have a cold drink rather than coffe.=
I think I’ll have a cold drink instead of coffee.
1102. reach(v) ,到达; 伸手及到,够到; 与...取得联系
When will they reach Los Angeles?
He reached his hand out for the book I offered him. 他伸出手来接我给他的书。
We tried to reach them by radio.
Do you know where I can reach him?
1103. read (read, read) (v) 读, 看懂; 标明
Some children can read and write before they go to school.
I’m trying to read the map.我正看地图呢。
The sign read “No Smoking”.
1104. ready(a.)准备好的,乐意的[
He is ready for the trip. 他已准备好去旅行。
Is breakfast ready? 早餐准备好了吗?
She will tell you when she gets ready.
I am always ready to work for you. 我愿意随时为你效劳。
He’s always ready to help his friends.他总是乐意帮助朋友。
1105. real (a.)真实的,实际存在的,真的

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