Unit1 y nae’s Gina同步检测试题

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I. 将A组姓名按名(first nae)和姓(last nae)进行分类,将B组名字按男性(ale)和女性(feale)进行分类(5分)
A)Peter, George, Willias, Jaes, Tony, Ay, Brown, Gina, Bush, Hunt
1. First nae:__ ____________________________
2. Last nae:______________________________
B)Frank, Ea, David, Catherine, Tina, Alice, Philip, ary, To, John
3. ale:______________________________
4. Feale:______________________________

II. 用正确的代词补全句子(5分)
1. Look at the girl! What is _______ nae?
2. To is y friend. ______ faily nae is Sith.
3. -What is ________ phone nuber, Ay?
-_______ is 33356.
4. -Are ______ Kate?
-Yes, I a.

III. 用缩写词的形式重抄下列句子(5分)
1. y nae is arco.
2. What is your nae?
3. I a a student.
4. It is 456098.
5. You are y good friend.
__ ______________________

IV. 用a, is, are(5分)
1. I _______ Pe ter Hunt.
2. y nae _______Bill.
3. I _______twelve.
4. y faily nae_______White.
5. _______she Kate?
6. Her nae _______Gina.
7. _______your phone nuber 22335?
8. _______you To?
9. It _______y book.
10. y teacher_______r Green.

V. 用英语完成下列算式(5分)
1. six +one =_______ 2. ______ -two = two
3. _______-five= five 4. _____ __+two = ten
5. five-three=_______ 6. nine-six=_______
7. five+four=_______ 8. _______+eight=nine
9. _______+three=nine 10. five+five=_______

VI. 单项选择:
( )1. y nae’s ____. I a an English boy.
A. Green GinaB. Gina GreenC. Brown JohnD. John Brown
( )2. y fath er is a teacher. ________ phone nuber is 546807.
A. HeB. HisC. SheD. Her
( )3. ________ nae is Tony and ________ nae is Lucy.
A. Her, hisB. His, her
C. Her, herD. His, his
( )4. -What’s your car nuber?
-______ 665488.
A. I’B. I aC. It’sD. y car

VII. 单选2
1. Her nae is Ay Green. Her last nae is _________.
A. AyB. GreenC. Ay GreenD. Green Ay
2. _____ inus(减去)three is four.
A. OneB. EightC. SevenD. Nine
3. ______ her nae?
A. What’sB. WhatC. HowD. How’s
4. _______ last nae is Lope.
A. SheB. HerC. YouD. He
5. How _______ your sister?
A. areB. isC. aD. be
6. Is your nae Brown? ________
A. Yes, it is.B. Yes, I a.
C. Yes, I’.D. No, I’ no.
7. -What’s her telephone nuber?
A. It’s 027-2806543B. She is 13
C. It’s her telephone nuberD. Her is 4265830
8. -y nae is ary Brown.
-What’s your _______ nae?
A. firstB. fullC. failyD. nick
9. What ________ four and five? ______ nine.
A. are, They areB. is, It’s
C. is, ItsD. are, It’s
10. In English, last nae is ________ nae.
A. fullB. firstC. failyD. given
11. In Chinese, first nae is ________ nae.
A. fullB. lastC. failyD. given
12. The an’s nae is Peter ark. We can call hi ________.
A. r PeterB. r ark
C. Sir arkD. ark
13. -Good orning, iss Yang. How are you?
A. I’ good.B. I’ fine, thank you.
C. How are you?D. Good afternoon.
14. -How do you do?
A. Hello.B. How are you?
C. How do you do?D. I’ fine, thank you.
15. -Hi ary, Nice to eet you.
A. Hello, Jenny. Nice to eet you.
B. I’ fine.
C. Good orning.
D. How are you?

VIII. 理解。(10分)
Look! What a nice car it is! I don’t think that is an English car. It’s a Japanese car. Its nuber is 86302. It’s rs Green’s car, I guess.
Yes, She is coing this way.(朝这边来了)rs Green is y Japanese teacher. She is very old. But she’s very good. Her Chinese nae is Chen Ping. She likes us very uch.
1. rs Chen is y _________ teacher.
A. EnglishB. Chin eseC. JapaneseD. new
2. Her car is _______.
A. JapaneseB. EnglishC. ChineseD. old
3. The car’s nuber is _______.
A. eight-six-two-O-three
B. eight-two-six-O-three
C. eight-six-three-O-two
D. eight-three-two-O-six
4. She likes her ________ very uch.
A. booksB. carC. studentsD. bags
5. rs Green’s Chinese nae is _______.
A. Ch en BingB. Wang Lan
C. Shen PingD. Chen Ping

IX. 完成对话。(10分)
1. 根据问句写答语。(5分)
(1)_________? His nae is Peter
(2)_________? y phone nuber is 555-8906
(3)_________? y last nae is Perez.
(4)_________? y first nae is arco.
(5)_________? Her nae is Alice.

2. 根据实际情况,用完整的句子回答下列问题(5分)
(1)What’s your first nae? _________
(2)What’s your last nae? _________
(3)What’s your phone nuber? _________
(4)How old are you? _________
(5)What class are you in? _________

X. 写作园地。(20分)
1. 请为我做一张学生名片吧!(10分)
I’ Alice Red. I’ in Class 3, Grade 1. I want an ID car d. Can you help e? y telephone nuber is 665324. Thank you.
2. Ken artin和Alice Johnson第一次在路上遇见,请写出他们两人互相介绍认识,并留下联系方式的对话。(10分)

XI. 根据下面两张名片回答问题(5分)
Sichuan Foreign College
Professor Zhao Bi
Lieshiu Road Shapingba, Chongqing, China 40001 6
Tel: 023-65879348 Fax: 023-65879456

Tiantai Taxi Copany
Driver Xie Zhongqing
235 Tongzhi Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310007
E-ail: . Tel: 0571-7038385
Fax: 0571-7065843

co llege学院professor教授
1. Who is a teacher?
2. Who is a driver?
3. What’s Zhao Bi’s phone nuber?
4. What’s Xie Zhongqing’s phone nuber?
5. What’s Xie Zhongqing’s address(地址)?

XII. 读下面的短文,制做一张学生卡(5分)
y nae is Charlie Street. I’ not twelve. I’ eleven. I’ not in Grade Eight. I a in Grade Seven. I a in Class Three. y phone nuber is 6655882. I’ fro the U.S.A. y school is Beijing No. 14 iddle School.
Student’s Card
Nae: ________Sex: F/________
First nae: ________Faily nae: ________
Age: ________Tel: ________
Class: ________Grade: ________
School: ________________________

I A)1. Peter, George, Tony, Ay, Gina
2. Willias, Jaes, Brown, Bush, Hunt
B)3. Frank, David, Philip, To, John
4. Ea, Catherine, Tina, Alice, ary
II. 1. her2. His3. your, It4. you
III. 1. y nae’s arco.2. What’s your nae?
3. I’ a student.4. It’s 456098.5. You’re y good friend.
IV. 1. a2. is3. a4. is5. Is
6. is7. Is8. Are9. is10. is
V. 1. seven2. four3. ten4. eight5. two
6. three7. nine8. one9. six10. ten
VI. 1. D2. B3. B4. C
VII. 1.B2. C3. A4. B5. B6. A7. A8. C
9. B10. C11. C12. B13. B14. C15. A
VIII. 1.C2. A3. C4. C5. D
IX. 1. (1) What’s his nae?
(2)What’s your phone nuber?
(3)What’s your last nae?
(4)What’s your first nae?
(5)What’s her nae?
2. 略
X. 略
XI. 1. Zhao Bi2. Xie Zhongqing3. 023-658793484. 0571-7038385
5. 235 Tongzhi Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
XII. Student’s Card
Nae: Charlie Street_Sex: F/__
First nae: Charlie _Faily nae: Street_
Age: 11_Tel: 6655882_
Class: 3_Grade: ___7_____
School: Beijing No. 14 iddle School

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