What color is it

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M What color is it教案
Teach aims:
  重点单词:red yellow green blue black white
  重点句型:What's this? It's a /an … What color is it? It's…
  Step 1: Greetings
  Greet the students by saying Good morning! How are you?
  Step 2: Presentation
  1.Write the title what color is it? And teach them, explain the meaning if necessary.
  2.Show them a color face, ask What color is it? Answer by myself: It's red. Then repeat with another color.One by one till the last.
  3.Then teach the words including color.
  4.Some individual students read the new words and then students read after him/her.
  5.Use the smiling faces, present the conversation What color is it? It's red. Then teach them the sentence structure.
  Step 3: Listen and repeat
  1.Activity 1b. Listen to the tape and repeat.
  2.Read together. Then two pairs read it out.
  Step 4: Pairwork
  1.Show them a letter, ask: What's this? Then answer by myself It's A. What color is it? It's red.
  2.Repeat with another letter.
  3.Teach the sentence structure .
  4.Then ask three individual students the questions.
  5.Say put out your letter cards, work in pairs.
  6.Some pairs act theirs out.
  7.Some pairs come to the front and act theirs out.
  Step 5: Practice
  1.Show them an orange. Ask What's this? They should answer It's an orange. Then ask What color is it? Help them to answer It's orange.
  2.Show them the sentences on the screen. Then they read after me.
  3.Show them a quilt. They ask me the questions.
  4.Ask three individual students by using a pen, a key or other things.
  5.They work in pairs.
  6.Some pairs act theirs out.
  Step 6: Groupwork
  1.Point to an orange / a key/ a ruler…Ask What's this? Spell it, please. What color is it?
  2.Then I ask some individual students.
  3.They work in groups of four.
  4.Some groups act theirs out in the front.
  Blackboard design:
  Unit 3 What color is it?
  Red yellow green blue black white
  What's this in English?
  It's a ruler.
  Spell it , please.
  What color is it?

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