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  901. mirror n. 镜子 look into the mirror 照镜子

  Dickens’s novels are a mirror of his times. 写照

  902. happen v 发生,碰巧 What happened to her?

  It so happened that I had no money with me.

  I happened to have no money with me.

  903. lucky adj. be ~ to do / (for sb)that He is ~ to be alive.

  She was ~enough to be chosen for the team.

  You were ~ that you spotted the danger in time.

  It was ~for us that we were able to go. Lucky you .你真走运。

  You will be lucky. 但愿你走运。

  904. X-ray n. 1. X射线,X光 2. X光片


  adv.1.在哪里,往哪里(疑问副词):Where can I buy a paper? 哪儿可以买到报纸?

  2.在哪里,往哪里(连接副词):I’m not sure where she lives. 我不能肯定她住在哪里。

  3.(关系副词):This is the town where I was born. 这就是我出生的城市。

  conj.在…的地方:Keep it where you can see it. 把它放在你看得见的地方。

  906. transportation n. 运输 The bike is a useful means of transportation.

  907. dry adj.干的 v.弄干 dry up 干涸 ;枯竭,耗尽

  908.write v. 1.写,书写:Please write me the result.=Please write the result to me. 请把结果写给我。2.写作:He wrote several books on Britain. 他写了几本讨论英国的书。3.写信(给某人):He wrote to say he wouldn’t come. 他写信说他不来了。

  909. season n. 季节,赛季,旺季 in ~ 旺季 out of ~ 在淡季

  910. offer n./v. 主动提议 He offered 5000 dollars for the car. 出价

  offer sb. sth./sth. to sb. 主动给 offer to do… 提出做

  supply sb. with sth./supply sth. to sb. provide sb. with sth./provide sth. for sb.

  Thanks for your kind offer of help.

  911.yummy adj. 美味的,挺好的

  912. office n. 办公室,办公楼 officer n. 警官,军官

  office building/block 办公大楼 hold office 占据要职

  in office/out of office 任职/离职 The present government took office in 1997. 开始执政

  913. bored adj. be bored with… / to death. boring adj. a boring job /book/man

  914. business n. 生意;职责;(本分)工作 on business

  do business with sb. Business is business.

  It’s none of your business. 与你无关。 mind your own business 管好你自己的事

  915. tip n. 顶端,尖端,告诫,建议,提示,小费

  916. spend v. spent spent spend time / money on sth./ in doing

  We spent the weekend in Paris.

  917. more,most more or less 或多或少,几乎 at (the) most 至多,不超过

  what’s more=besides=in addition=moreover 此外还有,更为重要的是

  918. sound n. 声音 声响 辨析:sound/voice/noise

  He crept(爬) into the house trying not to make a sound.

  Sound travels more slowly than light.

  v. 听起来… His voice sounded strange on the phone.

  It sounded like a train running under the ground.

  I hope I don’t sound as if / as though I am criticizing(批评) you.

  919. process 过程;步骤,流程;工序,工艺流程;加工,处理;冲印

  mental processes 思维过程 We’re in the process of selling our house. 正在

  the ageing process 老化过程 It’s a normal part of the learning process. 那是学习过程中的正常现象。

  manufacturing processes 制造方法 Most of the food we buy is processed in some way. 加工过

  processed cheese 加工好的奶酪

  I sent three rolls of film away to be processed. 我送了三个胶卷去冲印。

  It will take a week for your application to be processed .审核你的申请需要一周的时间。

  920.young adj.年轻的,幼小的:Respect the old and cherish the young. 尊老爱幼。

  与定冠词连用,表示“年轻人”(具有复数意义):The young are mostly ambitious. 年轻人多半有雄心。

  921. manner n. 1)方式,方法;态度,举止 in a friendly manner 友好的态度

  2)礼貌,礼仪 (常用复数形式) table manners 餐桌礼仪

  It’s good /bad manners to do sth 做某事有礼貌/没礼貌

  922. research n. 研究;v. 研究 do/ carry out some ~ on cancer

  923. part n 部分;成分;角色;零件 adj. 部分的

  play/act a part in a part-time teacher vt/vi 分开;分离

  1) He tried to part the two men who were fighting. (vt.) 2) They two parted at the gate.

  924.widely adv. 1.广,广泛:He has traveled widely. 他曾到处游历。/ He has widely read.=He has read widely. 他博览群书。2.大大地:It’s widely different. 这大不相同。

  925. similar adj. 类似的,相似的 similarly adv. in a ~ way be similar to

  926. silence n. 寂静;沉默 silent adj. 寂静的;沉默的,无声的

  keep silence/silent listen in silence

  927. recognize /recognise vt. 认出,承认 recognize sb./one’s voice

  recognize sb/sth as (to be) 承认…是

  928. admire v 钦佩。;羡慕

  admire sb for sth I admire John for his courage.

  929.wave 1.[C]波浪:A huge wave swept me off my feet. 大浪将我冲倒。2.[C](热、光、声等的)波3.[C]挥手,挥动v. 1.挥手,挥动:She waved to me as the train left the station. 火车离站时她向我挥手告别。2.波动,使…呈波浪形

  930.warm adj. 1.暖和的,温暖的:Wash your hands with warm water. 用热水洗洗手。2.热情的:He received a warm welcome. 他受到热情欢迎。v.使(暖和):Please warm (up) this milk. 请把牛奶热一热。

  931.when adv. 1.什么时候,何时(疑问副词):When did she leave? 她什么离开的?

  2.什么时候,何时(连接副词):Did she say when she would be back? 她说没说什么时候回来?

  3.…的时候(关系副词):Sunday is the day when very few people go to work. 星期日是没什么人上班的日子。

  conj. 1.当…的时候:Vegetables are best when they are fresh. 蔬菜新鲜时最好吃。

  2.既然:I can’t tell you when you won’t listen. 既然你不想听,我就不告诉你了。

  932.wrong adj. 1.错误的:It would be wrong for you to refuse. 你如果拒绝就错了。

  2.不正常的,有毛病的:What’s wrong with the car this time? 汽车这次又出了什么事? 3.(道德上)坏的,不正当的:Stealing is wrong. 偷窃是不对的。


  n. 1.[C]不正当的行为,坏事:Two wrongs do not make a right. 两个错误不等于一个正确。2.[U]邪恶,不正:The child cannot tell right from wrong yet. 这小孩还不会辨别是非善恶。adv.不对,错误地:You’ve spelt the word wrong. 你把这个单词拼错了。

  933.yet adv. 1.(用于否定句)还(没):He hasn’t come yet. 他还没来。2.(用于疑问句)现在,已经:Has he left yet? 他已离开了吗? 3.(修饰比较级)更加,还要:You must work yet harder. 你工作还要加把劲。conj.然而,但是:He worked hard, yet he failed. 他工作努力,可是他失败了。■1. and yet / but yet 虽然如此,可是,然而:The boy is fat and [but] yet he runs very fast. 这男孩虽胖,却跑得很快。2. as yet 到目前为止,迄今(通常用于否定句):As yet, there’s been no news. 到目前为此还没有消息。3. not yet 还没有,尚未

  934. scold vt. 责骂,训斥 ~ sb for n/ doing

  935.whose pron. 1.谁的(疑问代词):Whose dictionary is this? 这是谁的词典?

  2.谁的(连接代词):Tell me whose it was. 告诉我这是谁的。

  3.…的,其(关系代词):This is the pen whose point is broken. 这就是笔尖断了的那支笔。

  936. imagine v. imagine sth. / doing sth. I can’t imagine life without the children now.

  I can’t imagine his becoming a teacher.

  937. mix v./n. 混合 mixture n. 混合,混合物

  mix up 弄错,弄乱 mixed feelings 混杂的感受 mixed doubles 混合双打

  938.zoo n.[C]动物园

  939.yesterday n.[U]昨天adv. 昨天 yesterday’s meeting 昨天的会议 (会见)

  940. consider 1) 认为;把……看做; 2) 考虑

  1) consider sth/doing sth/wh- 考虑 We are considering buying a new car.

  He was considering what to do next.

  2) consider sb/sth (as /to be) sth 认为 This award is considered (to be ) a great honor.

  3) sb be considered to have done sth 认为某人已经做了某事

  Bell is considered to have invented the telephone.

  4) all things considered 从各方面看来,总而言之

  941. benefit 1) n. 优势,益处(不可数)She didn’t get much benefit from her staying abroad.

  短语: be of benefit to…=be beneficial to … to one’s benefit 对某人有利

  for one’s benefit = for the benefit of sb. 为了帮助…/为了某人的利益

  2) vt./ vi. benefit sb./ sth benefit from/ by…

  beneficial adj. 有益的,有用的 be beneficial to …

  942. fit n合适的衣服adj合适的,胜任的v适合

  a good fit/be fit for/be fit to do/keep fit/fit sb well/ think(see) fit to do 认为合适

  943.west adj. (在)西的,向西的,从西来的:We live on the west side of the park. 我们住在公园的西边。

  adv.在西方,向西方:The island is five miles west of here. 那个岛在西面五英里处。

  n. [U]西部,西方:The sun sets in the west. 太阳从西边落山。

  944. disappoint v. 使……失望 The movie disappointed me.

  disappointed / disappointing

  be disappointed with /in about /at be disappointed to see/hear/find

  a disappointed expression disappointing news

  disappointment n. 失望 much to one’s disappointment

  be a disappointment to sb

  945.whichever pron. 1.(引导名词性从句)任何…的东西(人):Buy whichever is cheapest. 买最便宜的。/ I’ll give it to whichever of you wants it. 你们之中随便谁要,我就给谁。2.(引导名词性从句)无论哪个,无论哪些:It has the same result, whichever way you do it. 不论你怎么做,结果都一样。

  3.(表示惊讶)究竟哪个(=which ever):Whichever did you choose? 你究竟挑哪个?

  946. optimistic a.乐观的 take an optimistic view 抱有乐观的想法 be optimistic about…

  947. for ten for a dollar/take sb for a fool/So much for today/

  a ticket for tomorrow He is tall for his age

  948. intend 想要,打算 intend (sb.)to do I intend to spend the night there.

  intend that It is intended that these meetings will become a regular event.

  be intended for sb./sth The book, intended for children aged 5-7,sells well.

  949. equip vt.提供设备;装备;配备 ________,_________

  equip …with be fully equipped The course is designed to equip students for a career in nursing.

  equipment (不可数)装备/设备 a piece of equipment

  950. discount n. 折扣 discount price at a discount 以折扣价

  951. calm adj. 镇静的、沉着的 calm down v.使镇静 keep calm

  952. gain n.收益,获利v获得,赚得,赢得 gain knowledge

  The clock gains. He gained 10kg in weight. No pains, no gains.

  953.whom pron. 1.谁:She asked him whom he wanted to see. 她问他想见谁。

  2.(关系代词):He is a man whom we all like. 他是一个我们都喜欢的人。

  954.zoom v. 1.飞驰,飞快地掠过 2.(价格)飞涨

  955. top n. 顶部 at the top of sth

  956.yes interj.& adv.1.(表示肯定答复或同意)是,是的

  2.(表示疑问或反问,读升调)是吗,真的吗:“The boy can run 100 metres in eleven seconds.” “Yes?”“这男孩跑100米只要11秒。”“真的吗?”

  3.(用来应答呼唤)嗳,我在这儿,有什么事:“Mary!” “Yes, mother.”“玛丽!”“我在这儿,妈妈!”

  4.(用来征求对方意见,用升调)对不对,好不好:Let’s go out for a walk, yes? 我们出去散散步,好不好?

  5.(表同意)对,不错:Yes, it is right, but it isn’t workable. 不错,那样做是对的,但是那样做行不通。

  957.well-known adj.出名的,众所周知的:It is well-known that too much sugar is bad for you. 大家都知道,吃糖太多是有害的。

  1. be well-known as 作为…出名:He is rather well-known as a lawyer. 作为一位律师他相当有名气。

  2. be well-known for 因为…出名:He is well-known for his short stories. 他以写短篇小说而出名。

  3. be well-known to 为…所知:It is well-known to us. 这点我们很清楚。

  958.weekday n.[C]平日,周日:He is always busy on weekdays. 他平日总是很忙。

  959. immediately adv. He answered almost immediately.

  Turn right immediately after the church.

  conj. Immediately he had gone,I remembered her name.

  immediate adj. an immediate reaction / response take immediate action

  960. truth n. 真理,真相,事实 tell the truth 说实话

  961. admit vt (admitted ,admitted)

  1) 承认 admit one’s mistakes; admit doing/having done

  He admitted having stolen the money.

  2) 准许(入场,入学,入会) admit sb to /into→sb be admitted to

  He has been admitted to Beijing University.

  962.watch 1.观看:Do you often watch television? 你常看电视吗?

  2.看,注意看:Watch me doing it. 瞧我怎么做。

  3.当心,注意:Watch the cars when you cross the street. 过马路时要注意车辆。

  4.寻找,等待(机会等):She watched her moment to cross the road. 她看准时机横穿马路。5.看守,监视:The doctors watched the SARS patients throughout the night. 医生们整晚看护“非典”病人。

  n.1.[C]手表,表:I looked at my watch to see if I was late. 我看了看手表,看是否迟到了。2.[U](可连用a)看守,守卫:Police keep a 24-watch on the house. 警察对这座房子实行24小时监视。

  1. keep watch 值班:Who will keep watch tonight? 今晚谁值班?

  2. on the watch for 注意,提防:You should be always on the watch for pickpockets. 你应该要时刻提防小偷。

  3. on watch 值班:The man on watch didn’t notice the danger. 值班的人没有注意到这危险。

  4. watch out (for) 当心,提防:Watch out for snakes. 小心有蛇。

  963. but conj.但是 prep.除了

  not…but… 不是…而是 we have no choice but to wait. 除了等待别无选择。

  We can do nothing but wait. 除了等待什么也不能做。

  but for 要不是、若没有(引导含虚拟语气的句子)But for your help, I would have failed.

  964. suit v. 满足需要;适于 有利于;相配

  If we met at 2 o’clock , would that suit you? The hot weather doesn’t suit me.

  Blue suits you. You should wear it more often.

  suitable adj. 合适的 适宜的 be suitable for/to sb

  965. appear 1) vi. 出现,露面 The man suddenly ______ from behind the tree scared me.

  2) 系动词 似乎,好像 appear+ (to be) + n/adj 似乎

  It appears (to sb) that /as if He appeared to be happy in the news.

  It appears to me that he will win

  It appears that all the files have been deleted.档案好像都已经被删除了。

  Police say there appear to be signs of a break-in.警方称似乎有破门而入的迹象。

  966. present adj. 现在的;出席的;在场的 n.礼物 v. 呈现;介绍;赠送

  be present at the meeting He presented the report to the headmaster.

  967. good adj n have a good time doing a good few books

  a good many books give sb a good beating as good as 和…一样好,几乎

  be good at English be good for one’s health be good to sb

  do good to sb=do sb good It is no good doing

  968.weekly adj.每周(一次)的:What are your weekly wages? 你每周工资多少? adv.每周一次地:He is paid weekly. 他拿周薪。n.[C]周刊,周报:This weekly is printed every Friday. 这份周报每星期五印刷。

  969. method n. 方法 with the method=in this way=by the means 用这种方法

  970. main adj. mainly adv. the main road / course

  971.while conj. 1.当…的时候:Don’t talk while you’re eating. 吃饭时不要说话。/ I’ll take care of him while you are away. 你不在时我照顾他。

  2.虽然,尽管:While I understand what you say, I can’t agree with you. 虽然我理解你的意思,但我还是不同意。

  3.而,但是:You like tennis, while I’d rather read. 你爱打网球,但我爱看书。


  972.whenever conj. 1.无论什么时候:Come whenever you like. 你爱什么时候来就什么时候来。

  2.每次:Whenever we see him we speak to him. 每次见到他,我们都和他说话。

  adv.究竟什么时候(=when ever):Whenever [When ever]did you find time to do it? 你究竟什么时候有空做这事?

  973. emergency n. 紧急情况 in case of (an) emergency

  974.weekend n.[C]周末:He has gone away for the weekend. 他度周末去了。/ What did you do over the weekend? 整个周末你在干什么?

  975. cater v. 提供(承办)酒席,满足需求

  cater for sth/sb : The class caters for all ability ranges.

  cater to sth/ sb: It catered for all tastes.

  976. beginning n.开始,开端 at the beginning of… in the beginning= at first

  977. difficult adj. /difficulty n. have difficulty (in) doing sth have difficulty with 名词

  978.which pron. 1.哪个,哪些(疑问代词):Which are our seats? 哪些是我们的座位?

  2.哪个,哪些(连接代词):Ask him which he wants. 问他要哪一个。

  3.(关系代词):The book which you gave me is very interesting. 你给我的那本书很有趣。

  979. church go to church; attend church 去教堂做礼拜

  980. ring vi 响;按铃;(耳朵)嗡嗡作响;打电话 n. 环;环状物;年轮

  ~ the bell 按铃 ring off 挂断电话

  ~ up a doctor打电话给 ~ back 回电话

  a wedding ~ 婚戒 the ~s of a tree

  981.writing n. 1.[U]书写,写作:He is engaged in writing. 他从事写作。

  2.笔迹:I can’t read the doctor’s writing. 我不认识医生的字迹。

  3.(用复数)著作,作品:His writings include poetry and a novel. 他的作品包括诗歌和一部小说。

  982. amaze vt. 使惊奇,惊叹;震惊

  What amazes me is how long she managed to hide it from us.

  It amazed me that he could be so calm at such a time.

  amazed adj. 惊奇的,惊讶的 amazing adj.令人惊奇的,惊叹的;震惊的

  I’ m ___ that you have never heard of the Rolling Stones.

  It’s ____ how often you see drivers using mobile phones.

  983. connection n. 连接物,接触,联系 in connection with sb/ sth 与…有关

  A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of the manager.

  984. arrest vt. 逮捕,拘捕 He got arrested for careless driving.

  n. put / place sb under arrest 逮捕某人

  985. go / get down on one’s knees

  986. pale: go pale.

  987.youth n. 1.[U]青春:She lost her youth. 她青春不再。

  2. [U]青年时代,年轻时候:He was quite a good sportsman in his youth. 他年轻时是运动健将。

  3.[C,U]青年人:The youth today are worried about jobs. 今天的年轻人担心找不到工作。

  988. activity n. 活动 outdoor activities 户外运动

  989.whole adj. 1.全体的,整个的:His whole family caught flu. 他全家患了流行性感冒。2.整整的:I had to walk the whole day. 我不得不走了一整天的路。

  n.[C]全部,全体:Two halves makes a whole. 两个一半构成一个整体(全部)。

  1. as a whole 作为整体,一般说来:People as a whole don’t do things like that. 一般说来,人们不会做那种事。

  2. on [upon] the whole 总的说来,大体上,基本上:On the whole I like his plan. 总的说来,我喜欢他的计划。

  3. the whole of 整个,全部:The whole of my money was stolen. 我的钱全部被偷了。

  990. amuse vt. 使快乐,逗乐amuse sb. 使…高兴 The funny drawings amused the kids.

  be amused by/at/ with 被…逗乐 amuse oneself 自娱自乐

  The boys amused themselves by drawing. amusement n. to one’s amusement

  991. mourn vt/vi 哀痛;哀悼 1)。 He was still mourning his brother’s death.

  2)。Today, we mourn for those who lost their lives in the two world wars.

  992. use n. 利用,用途;v. 利用 make (good/ better/full) use of sth (好好/充分)利用某物

  sth be in use/ out of use 某物在被使用/ 某物不被使用

  sth come into use 开始被使用 It is no use doing.干某事没用

  be/get used to n/doing 习惯干某事 be used to do 被用来干某事

  993. learn- learnt-learnt 1 learn from 从…中学习,向…学习

  2learn about/ of 听说 得知 3learn… by heart 记住

  994. zone n. 1.[C]区域,地带:a danger zone 危险地带 / a business zone 商业区


  3.带(指地球上根据气候和纬度分成五个地带):the temperate zone 温带

  995. successful adj. 成功的,有成效的,胜利的 success n. 成功,成功的人或事

  succeed v.成功 succeed in doing sth

  996. grow vt vi link.v 成长,变得 He grew tall./old.

  I grew to like the dog.(grow to do=come to do) a growing number of people

  997. curious adj be curious about … be curious to do…

  curiously adv. curiousity n.

  998. memory n. 记忆力 have a good /bad memory; in memory of…作为对…的纪念

  回忆,记忆 bring back my childhood memories

  999. demand v. meet / satisfy one’s demands

  in demand Good secretaries are always in demand. I demand to see the manager.

  I demand that all the books be sent to Tibet.

  1000. quality n. 质量;品质;性格 a watch of high quality

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