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  1. In this factory,suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully _____.

  A.admitted B.acknowledged C.absorbed D.considered

  2. The boy slipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents' _____.

  A. command B. conviction C. consent D. compromise

  3. Our research has focused on a drug which is so _____ as to be able to change brain chemistry.

  A. powerful B. influential C. monstrous D. vigorous

  4. The lost car of the Lees was found _____ in the woods off the highway.

  A. vanished B. abandoned C. scattered D. rejected

  5. Henry's news report covering the conference was so _____ that nothing had been omitted.

  A.understanding B.comprehensible C.comprehensive D.understandable

  6. She was afraid that unless the train speeded up she would lose her _____ to Scotland.

  A. ticket B. place C. seat D. connection

  7. The ship was _____ in a storm off Jamaica.

  A. drowned B. sunk C. wrecked D. submitted

  8. No one has _____ been able to trace the author of the poem.

  A. still B. yet C. already D. just

  9. More than one-third of the Chinese in the United States live in California, _____ in San Francisco.

  A. previously B. predominantly C practically D. permanently

  10. The new secretary has written a remarkably _____ report only in a few pages but with all the details.

  A. concise B. clear C. precise D. elaborate

  11. The managing director took the _____ for the accident, although it was not really his fault.

  A. guilt B. charge C. blame D. accusatio

  12. The worker agreed to _____ the strike if the company would satisfy their demands.

  A. call for B. call forth C. call off D. call up

  13. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn't _____ what color it was.

  A. look out B. make out C. get across D. take after

  14. He has impressed his employers considerably and _____ he is soon to be promoted.

  A. eventually B. yet C. finally D. accordingly

  15. It was a great _____ for him to be pleasant to people he didn't like.

  A. attempt B. trouble C. power D. effort

  16. The firemen managed to _____ the fire in time.

  A. extinguish B. prevent C. suppress D. ruin

  17. What is most obvious in this book are all those details of daily living which make Mrs. Richard _____ common.

  A. nothing but B. anything but C. above all D.rather than

  18. The car was completely _____ and the driver seriously injured.

  A. broken off B. taken off C. written off D. picked up

  19. On this happy occasion, I'd like to say that we are _____ much obliged to you for your kind cooperation.

  A. even so B. ever so C. as yet D. so far

  20. His new appointment takes _____ from the beginning of next month.

  A. place B. effect C. post D. office、

  21. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _____ him of speeding.

  A. charged B. accused C. blamed D. deprived

  22. Mr. Smith gradually _____ a knowledge of the subject.

  A. attained B. achieved C. required D. acquired

  23. This is the _____ piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works.

  A. actual B. genuine C. real D. original

  24. My camera can be _____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

  A. treated B. adopted C. adjusted D. remedied

  25. According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, wisdom comes from the _____ of maturity.

  A. fulfillment B. achievement C. establishment D. accomplishment

  26. The number of tickets _____ will be determined by the size of the stadium.

  A. adaptable B. acceptable C. advisable D. available

  27. Too many hotels have been built and this has _____ prices, making holidays cheaper.

  A. cut short B. cut out C. cut off D. cut down

  28. He is a very honest official and never _____ any gifts from the people who sought his help.

  A. accepted B. received C. took up D. excepted

  29. He was not _____ to the club because he wasn't a member.

  A. allowed B. admitted C. permitted D. approved

  30. Although he doesn't like that law, he will _____ with it.

  A. confine B. conform C. comply D. contend

  31. Motorists _____ of speeding may be banned from driving for a year.

  A. convicted B. arrested C. charged D. judged

  32. The reason why he adapted to the new situations quickly is that he has a _____ attitude.

  A. changeable B. alternate C. movable D. flexible

  33. Will all those _____ the proposal raise their hands?

  A. in relation to B. in excess of C. in contrast to D. in favor of

  34. An early typewriter produced letters quickly and neatly; the typist, _____ couldn't see his work on his machine.

  A. however B. therefore C. yet D. although

  35. We are interested in the weather because it _____ us so directly ------ what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel.

  A. benefits B. guides C. affects D. effects

  36. I can meet you at eight o'clock; _____ you can call for me.

  A. incidentally B. actually C. alternatively D. accordingly

  37. He has the _____ of an athlete: he really goes all out to win.

  A. instants B. instances C. instincts D. intelligences

  38. A university is an educational institution which _____ degrees and carries out research.

  A. rewards B. awards C. grants D. presents

  39. The old lady can't hope to _____ her cold in a few days.

  A. get over B. get off C. hold back D. hold up

  40. Jim's plans to go to college _____ at the last moment.

  A. fell out B. gave away C. gave off D. fell through

  41. The Department is also deeply _____ in various improvement schemes.

  A. connected B. included C. involved D. implied

  42. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves _____ know where to look.

  A. virtually B. variously C. unavoidably D. invariably

  43. The boy had a _____ escape when he ran across the road in front of the bus.

  A. close B. short C. narrow D. fine

  44. Do you mind if I _____ with my work while you are getting tea ready.

  A. get through B. turn to C. carry on D. come on

  45. I left for the office earlier than usual this morning _____ traffic jam.

  A. in line with B. in case of C. for the sake of D. at the risk of

  46. The finance minister has not been so _____ since he raised taxes to such a high level.

  A. popular B. well-known C. favorable D. preferable

  47. It is wrong for someone in such a high _____ in the government to behave too badly in public.

  A. situation B. position C. employment D. profession

  48. We all knew from the very _____ that the plan would fail.

  A. outcome B. outset C. income D. output

  49. He looked rather untidy as there were two buttons _____ from his coat.

  A. loosing B. losing C. off D. missing

  50. Lawyers often make higher _____ for their work than they should.

  A. bills B. charges C. prices D. costs

  51. The workmen made so much _____ that Mrs. Walker had to spend three days cleaning up afterwards.

  A. trouble B. damage C. mess D. nuisance

  52. They have held several meetings to _____ next year's production plans.

  A. set down B. make out C. work up D. draw up

  53. How can we get this language point _____ to the students.

  A. down B. round C. across D. into

  54. This book gives a brief _____ of the history of the castle and details of the art collection in the main hall.

  A. outline B. reference C. article D. outlook

  55. Dress warmly, _____ you'll catch cold.

  A.on the contrary B.or rather C. or else D. in no way

  56. Kate's ambition to become a nurse _____ from a desire to help others.

  A. prompted B. promoted C. programmed D. proceeded

  57. The island where these rare birds nest has been declared a _____.

  A.observation B.reservation C. preservation D.conservation

  58. Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister _____ charge of the house.

  A. take B. hold C. make D. get

  59. The child enjoyed _____ up the wooden bricks then knocking them down.

  A. adding B. pushing C. piling D. forming

  60. John was very upset because he was _____ by the police with breaking the law.

  A. accused B. arrested C. sentenced D.charged

  61.It isn't quite _____ that he will be present at the meeting.

  A. sure B. right C. exact D. certain

  62. Many new _____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.

  A. opportunities B.realities C.necessities D. probabilities

  63. The members of the club wouldn't run a _____ in entrusting(委托) the organization to an unreliable person.

  A. danger B. risk C. hazard D. chance

  64. The meeting was _____ when the chairman fell ill.

  A.put down B.shut out C.cut short D.taken off

  65. John says that his present job does not provide him with enough _____ for his organizing ability.

  A. scope B. space C. capacity D. range

  66. I just managed to _____ a quick breath before I was sucked under the water by the passing boat.

  A. snatch B. scratch C. scrape D. scan

  67. My brother likes eating very much but he isn't very _____ about the food he eats.

  A. special B. peculiar C. particular D. unusual

  68. I don't think the charge for overhauling (大修)the equipment is excessive in _____ to its size.

  A.correspondence B.equation C.proportion D. dimension

  69. Voices were _____ as the argument between the two motorists became more bad-tempered.

  A. swollen B. raised C. developed D. increased

  70. Having lived in the town for quite a few years, Mr. Johnson no longer felt _____ among the local people.

  A. out of order B. out of place C. out of control D. out of the question

  71. He stopped his ears with his hands to _____ the terrible noise.

  A. show off B. cut out C. keep from D. shut out

  72. My house is the only brick one on the street. It _____ and you can't miss it.

  A. stands up B. looks out C. sticks out D. wipes out

  73. After the show, the crowd _____ out of the theater.

  A. poured B. melted C. drew D. dismissed

  74. Although it is not our normal _____ to give credit, this time I think we should consider the matter more closely.

  A. state B. intention C. occasion D. practice

  75. It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name in _____.

  A. news B. print C. publication D. press

  76. The engineers have rejected the employers' proposals to end the strike and the other workers have come out in _____.

  A. opposition B. return C. sympathy D. readiness

  77. Her work is often very hard and she gets very tired. The work is _____.

  A.wonderful B.splendid C.tedious D.magnificent

  78. With prices _____ so much, it's hard for the company to plan a budget.

  A.fluctuating B.waving C.swinging D.vibrating

  79. Some teenagers have a generalized resentment against society, which _____ them the rights and privileges of adults, although physically they are mature.

  A. deprives B. restricts C. rejects D. denies

  80. Though _____ in San Francisco, Dave Mitchell had always preferred to record the plain facts of small-town life.

  A. raised B. grown C. developed D. cultivated

  81. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's _____.

  A.priceless B.invaluable C.unworthy D. worthless

  82. The final _____ of the play will take place on Monday.

  A. action B. performance C. view D. sight

  83. It was a long time before the cut on my hand _____ completely.

  A. healed B. cured C. improved D. recovered

  84. To get my travelers' checks I had to have the bank _____ a special check for the total amount.

  A. make up B. make out C. make for D. make up for

  85. She said she was glad the difficulty had been _____.

  A. cleared away B. cleared up C. broken away D. broken down

  86. I used to be able to play well but I'm _____ now.

  A. out of date B. out of touch C. out of practice D. out of place

  87. As soon as the children were _____, their mother got them out of bed and into the bathroom.

  A. woke B. waken C. wake D. awake

  88. Jim was so badly burnt that at first they began to _____ of his life.

  A. despair B. designate C. disappoint D. despise

  89. The government's strong action demonstrated its _____ to crush the rebellion.

  A. energy B. resistance C. courage D. determination

  90. New mineral resources may be discovered during the forthcoming Antarctic _____.

  A. excursion B. execution C. extraction D. expedition

  91. Probability is the mathematical study of the _____ of an event's occurrence.

  A. desire B. likelihood C. result D. effect

  92. Driving a car without insurance can have _____ consequences.

  A. uncertain B. disastrous C. potential D. unworthy

  93. The police refused to _____ the clues they were working on.

  A. exhibit B. disclose C. expose D. discern

  94. What you have done is _____ the doctor's orders.

  A. attached to B. resistant to C. responsible to D. contrary to

  95. The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of _____ quality, he'd tell them so.

  A. minor B. humble C. inferior D. awkward

  96. The continuous rain was _____ for the exceptional poor harvest

  A. blamed B. condemned C. accused D. charged

  97. The rocks are very big with _____ of colors on them.

  A. bands B. marks C. rails D. shapes

  98. There were no tickets _____ for Friday's performance.

  A. preferable B. possible C. considerable D. available

  99. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the witness _____ that his story was true.

  A. stuck out B. stood out C. kept down D. held up

  100. In a typhoon, winds _____ a speed greater than 120 kilometers per hour.

  A. assume B. accomplish C. attain D. assemble


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