Unit 5 Music教案

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Unit 5 usic

第一时 Warming up ?vocabulary



1.classical ________



4. musician______




8.passer-by ______





13.performance _______














27.brief _______

28.briefly ____

29.devotion _______






本单元重点词组,请写出下列单词的汉语意思: 1.dream of _______2.to be honest_______3.attach…to_______ 4.in cash _______5.play jokes on______6.rely on_______7.be/get familiar with _______ 8.above all _______9.stick to_______10.or so _______ 11.break up______ 12.by chance _______13.in addition_______14.sort out_______ 本单元交际用语 表达建议

1.I think we should… 2.I’d like to suggest… 3.Should we...? 4.Why don’t we…? 5.What / how about…? 6.What do you think…? 7.What if…? 8.Let’s … 9.If we… 10.We would… 11.aybe we could… 12.He/She encourages people to go on ....谈论喜好( Talking about likes and dislikes ) 1.I like / enjoy/ prefer/hate ... because ... 2.I really like ... /I love ... because .... 3.I like… best because... 4.I am fond of… 5.I enjoy listening to … 6.y favourite musician is... 7.I admire ... because ... 8.I don’t like…very much 9.I hate… 10.Why do you prefer... ? 11.It makes me feel happy / comfortable / confident / cheerful . 12.If I’m worried / frightened/ concerned about ... , I prefer to …

13.I (don’t) enjoy/appreciate/understand ... because ... 14.I find that if I listen to ... I feel ... 15.I attach great importance to .... 16.His/Her music is .... 17.It makes me feel .... 18.He/She is outstanding / wonderful / attractive

前思考 1. Do you like music ? If you do ,what kind of music do you prefer and why ?

2. What types of music do you know ?

3. Do you know any famous bands ? List some if you do.

4. What does music mean to you ? 实战演练

一 、词汇学习


2. 摇滚乐_________

3. 说唱_________

4. 爵士乐_____

5. 民乐 ________


7. 交响乐_________


9. 蓝调_________


11. 流行音乐_________


13. 轻音乐_________

14. 乐队_________

15. 音乐家________


1. The ball r ______ down the hill. 2. A­­­­­­­_____ the stamp to the front of your letter. 3. any fans were once impressed by Jay’s wonderful p________. 4. As babies, we r______ entirely on others for food. 5. I’m very sorry. To answer this question is beyond my a________. 6. He’s a f_____ figure in the neighborhood. 7. As far as I know, iss Gao enjoys listening to f______ music very much. 8. His d_______ to his wife and family is touching. 9. They s______ all that they had when they were abroad. 10. You are far too s______ about her words. 三、阅读理解

When someone says, “Well, I guess I’ll have to go to face the music,” it does not mean he is planning to go to a concert. It is something far less pleasant, like being called in by your boss to explain why you did this or that, and why you did not do this or that. Sour music, indeed, but it has to be faced. The phrase “to face the music” is familiar to every American, young and old. It is at least 100 years old. The first information comes from the American writer James Fenimore Cooper. He said—in 1851—that the expression was first used by actors while waiting in the wings to go on stage. After they got their cue to go on, they often said, “It’s time to go to face the music.” And that is exactly what they did—face the orchestra which was just below the stage. An actor might be frightened or nervous as he moved on to the stage in front of the audience that might be friendly or perhaps unfriendly, especially if he forgot his lines. But he had to go out. So, “to face the music” came to mean having to go through something, no matter how unpleasant the experience might be, because you knew you had no choice. The other explanation comes from the army. en had to face inspection by their leader. The soldiers worried about hoell they looked. Was their equipment clean—shiny enough to pass inspection? Still, the men had to go out, and face the music of the band, as well as the inspection. What else could they do ? 1. According to the passage, the word “music” means_____ .

A.your boss’s criticism(批评) B.your leader’s inspection C.something unpleasant to be experienced D. sour pop music

2. The phrase “to face the music” was first used by______.

A. some American actors B.the American writer James Fenimore Cooper

C. all the Americans D. the American orchestra 3. An actor might feel frightened or nervous when going on stage. One of the reasons is that______. A. his performance might not satisfy most of the audience B. he might not remember what he should say on stage C. he had to face the unfriendly audience D. most of the audience might be his friends 4. “To face the music” is also used to mean that soldiers were not willing _____________. A.to be examined about their equipment B. to be found weak

C.to show themselves up in public D. to be inspected by their leader ( )5. The passage is mainly about ______. A.the meaning of the phrase “ to face the music” B. how to deal with something unpleasant

C.the origin (起)of the phrase D. how to go through difficulty

第二时 Reading


根据的内容填空 If we are_____ _______ourselves, most of us have_______ ______ being famous sometimes in our lives. ost musicians often meet and ________ a band .Sometimes they play in the street to _______so that they can earn some _______ money and this also gives them a _____ to realize their dreams. There was once a band started in a different way .The musicians of whom the band was formed ________ ______ ______each other as well as played music. whose music and jokes were loosely _______ _____“The Beatles”. Their exciting performances were copied by other groups. “The onkees” played their own ______ and wrote their own music. Though it ________ ________ in 1970, it reunited in the mid-1980s and it is still popular today.



1. If you __________(坚持)to the truth, you have nothing to fear. 2.I’m told that she is an _______(有吸引力的)girl. 3.If you want to sell your sofa, why not put an _____________(广告)in the local newspaper?

4.The group of popular singers will give another two p__________(演出) before leaving China. 5.Police asked some p__________(过路人) to get some evidence about the accident that happened just no 6.They played to passers-by in the street so that they can e________ some e______ money. 7. If we are h________ with ourselves, most of us have dreamed of being famous. 8. After some years, he has f_______ the habit of having a walk after supper. 9. They put an advertisement in a newspaper looking for m__________(乐师).
10.He had to go to London, wear an expensive suit and give a p___________ to a TV camera.


1.梦见,梦想_____________ 2.假装… ______________ 3.说老实话,老实告诉你______________ 4.认为…有(重要性、意义)___________5.组建一支乐队________________________ 6.用现金支付__________________________7.表演________________________________ 8.戏弄某人____________________________ 9. 以及,又,也_______________________ 10.在报纸上刊登广告___________________ 11.依靠,依赖 _________________________ 12. 对…熟悉_________________________13.大约 _____________ 14. 打碎,分裂;解体;(关系)破裂_________________15. 受…欢迎__________________________三、词语辨析一:

break up打碎,分裂;解体;(关系)破裂 break out突然爆发 break down出故障;失败 break into突然闯入 break in插嘴,插话 break away from脱离,摆脱 1.When did the war________? 2. I’ll _________with my girlfriend. 3. Trouble may ___________at any moment. 4.Negotiations between the two sides have_______. 5.Their parents forced them to______________. 6. I was still sleeping when the fire _________,and then it spread quickly. 7. Can’t you _______________old habits ? 8. It’s wrong of you to _____________all your classmates. 9.We are sorry to arrive late, but our car ____________on the half way. 10.He __________________as a result of overwork and had to take a long rest. 词语辨析二:

match: 多指大小、色调、形状、性质等方面的搭配;与……匹敌,势均力敌。

suit: 多指合乎需要、口味、性格、条、地位、款式等。

fit: 多指大小、形状合适。

1.I want a tie that will _______this suit.

2.Do you have any material to _______ this dress?

3.If the army and the people are united as one, who in the world can _______them?

4.Does this time ______you?

5.No fish ________all tastes.

6.The coat doesn’t ________me very well; it’s a bit too small.

7.Try the new key and see if it______ the keyhole.

8.Your tie looks smart. It __________your shirt.

9. The trousers don’t ___________him because they are too small.

10. It ___________me if you come to work at eight o’clock.


1. (NET 2003) New reports say that peace talk between the two countries ____with no agreement reached. A. have broken down B. have broken out C. have broken in D. have broken up 2.(2004 湖北联考)If David carries on working like this , he’ll ____ sooner or later . A .break down B .give up C .get dow D .hold on 3. (2006辽宁 高考题) The computer system _______suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A. broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in


Classical music does not have words. It tries to describe feelings _____ (介词)notes and instruments. It is called classical music because it was written ___ (介词) a time when there was no country, pop or rock music. The music had to be very carefully composed to fit a special pattern. Only the cleverest musicians____________ (compose) beautiful music with this pattern. ozart was one of these special composers. He began to write his own music when he was very young. His father was a ___________ (music) and he encouraged his son to play music. ozart played so well that he became very famous while he was still a young boy. He always had the most wonderful music in his head. When he grew older he wrote music for operas which told stories in music. Some people think he is the greatest composer _____ (引导词)has ever lived.

______ (限定词)very important classical composer was Bach. He was not famous in his lifetime but became very famous after his ______ (名词). He worked______(介词)the music master in a small church and had to write new songs to sing every week. He also composed music for people to ______ (listen) as they left the church at the end of the service. Some of his music is very mathematical, with different parts that repeat each other in a very peaceful way. All his music was written for God and some of it is very _______ (move). He never became a rich man but his music has a special place in classical music.



1.---How did you get to know all about the accident? ---_____. A. By myself B. By the chance C. By mistake D. By accident 2. I don’t know the result _____, but _____, I don’t think our team won an advantage over theirs in yesterday competition. A. for sure, honestly speaking B. of sure, to be honest with you C. for certain, honestly spoken D. certainly, to be honest to you 3. He is always serious and doesn’t like _____. A. play jokes B. being played jokes on C. being played jokes D. to play joke on others 4. I do every single bit of housework _____ my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. A. since B. while C. when D. as 5. Is this the school ________ you studied ten years ago? A. in which B. that C. in that D. the one that 6. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, ________ was reasonable. A. which price B. the price of which C. its price D. the price of whose 7. People may have different opinions about aren, but I admire her.________, she is a great musician. A. After all B. As a result C. In other words D. As usual 8. Henry knows little of physics _____ of chemistry. A. as well as B. and still less C. and still more D. no less than 9. I didn’t like the way he looked at me. A. in which B. that C. 不填 D. all the above
10. There is no doubt he will succeed. A. whether B. which C. that D. if 11. We want to find a house, one which is modern, comfortable and _____ quiet in the neighborhood. A. after all B. in all C. above all D. all in all 12. English is as a matter of fact very easy because a sentence can be _____into clauses. A. broken out B. broken up C. broken away D. broken from 13. You’d better solve this difficult problem _____ it is too late. A. before B. after C. when D. unless 14. The man _____ this house belongs is a friend of Wang Lin’s. A. whom B. to whom C. for whom D. with whom 15. She had three daughters altogether, two _____ are nurses. A. of these B. of whom C. of whose D. of them 16. The book _______the life of the students is popular with the teenagers. A. which based on B . based on C. basing on D. being based on 17. She pretended me when I passed. A. not to see B. not seeing C. to not see D. having not seen 18. When arry heard the terrible news, she ______completely. A. broke away B. broke out C. broke down D. broke through 19. She devotes herself _______________ , and makes it her life.
A. to teach B. to teaching C. teach D. teaching 20. ---It’s too noisy. What is happening?

---Two men are fighting. Let’s go and break them _________.

A. down B. up C. out D. in


It was very fine while I got up early last Sunday morning.So I decided to go for a walk and took some photos in the beautiful country. After breakfast, I carried my camera with me and set off. Everything went smooth. I enjoyed my trip so much that I didn’t realize the weather had been turned bad. I began to run and it was too late. I was caught by the rain and was wet through. I kept on running until I get to a bus stop. I stood there waiting a long time the bus,shivering with cold. Shortly before I got home, I had high fever, which made me stay in the bed for a whole week!


2. _____________

3. _____________

4. _____________

5. _____________

6. _____________

7. _____________

8. _____________

9. _____________

10. ____________

第三时 Grammar


语法专题:定语从句中介词 + 关系代词


1)The woman who/whom Spielberg is married to is an actress.

The woman to whom Spielberg is married is an actress.

2)The painting at which I looked was painted by Vincent Van Gogh.

The painting which I looked at was painted by Vincent Van Gogh.

学法指导:如何选择介词呢 ?


e.g. The farm _______I once worked has taken on a new look.


e.g. Who is the man ________our teacher is shaking hands?


e.g. Ours is a beautiful country, _______we are greatly proud.

4).表示“所有格”或“整体中的部分” 时,用介词of.

e.g. There are over one thousand workers in the factory, 80 percent ________ are women.



1)In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person _______ she could turn for help.

2)When you read the book, you’d better make a mark at the place ________you have any


3)Barcelona is the city _________ the 25th Summer Olympic were held.



1.Do you like the book ____she spent $10 ?

2.Do you like the book ______ _____she paid $10 ?

3.Do you like the book ______she learned a lot ?

4.Do you like the book _____she often talks ?

5.He built a telescope(望远镜) ____ _____he could study the skies.

6.There is a tall tree outside, _____________ ____________stands our teacher.

7.China has a lot of rivers, the second longest ________ ________ is the Yellow River.

8. The tower _____ ______ people can have a good view is on the hill.

9. The man _____ _____ I spoke on the phone last night is very good at wrestling.

10. He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows, most ______ _______ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year.


单项选择 1.The hotel ______during our holidays stands by the seaside. A. we stayed at B. where we stayed at C. we stayed D. in that we stayed 2.The house, _______ was destroyed in the terrible fire , has been repaired . A. the roof of which B. which roof C. its roof D. the roof 3.y glasses, ______I was like a blind man , fell to the ground and broke. A. which B. with which C. without which D. that 4. (90’ NET) He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows, most of ______ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year. A. these B. those C. that D. which 5. Is this park ______you visited when you came home last year? A. where B. which C. that D. the one 6. On the bus I saw an old woman ______I thought was your grandmother. A. who B. whom C. which D. whoever 7. I’ll e-mail you all _______I saw in Great Britain. A. which B. whose C. what D. / 8. Henry Adams, for _____money was now not a problem, wanted to stay in an inexpensive hotel . A. which B. whom C. whose D. him 9. With the development of agriculture, the people ______village I taught before have lived a happy life. A. who B. whose C. in whose D. in which 10. Is this just the city ______the foreign guests wish to pay a visit _____? A. which, to B. to which, / C. that, to D. to that, / 11. It’s one of the most interesting stories _____I have _____read. A. which, never B. that, ever C. that, never D. which, ever 12. What surprised me was not what he said but _______he said it. A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which 13. Edison made a lot of inventions, ______of great importance. A. which I think are B. which I think they are C. which I think they D. I think which are 14. We traveled together as far as Chicago, ______we said goodbye to each other. A. which B. when C. why D. where 15.(92’ NET) r Zhang gave the textbooks to all the pupils except _____who had already taken them. A. the ones B. ones C. some D. the others 反馈检测

巩固升华( 近年高考试题中介词+关系代词引导的定语从句集锦 ) 1.(2005上海春季高考)The United States is made up of fifty states, one of _________ is separated from the others by the Pacific Ocean. A. them B. those C. which D. whose 2. (2005上海秋季高考)If a shop has chairs __________ women can park their men, women will spend more time in the shop. A. that B. which C. when D.where 3.(2005全国I卷) I have many friends ,______ some are businessmen . A.of them B.from which C.who of D.of whom 4.(2005江西卷)The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful in the jobs ______ they are being trained. A.in that B.for that C.in which D.for which 5.(2005 重庆卷)ark was a student at this university from 1999 to 2003, ___________ he studied very hard and was made chairman of the Students’ Union. A. during which time B. for which time C. during whose time D. by that time 6. (2005 江苏卷) The place _______ the bridge is supposed to be built should be________ the cross-river traffic is the heaviest. A. which; whereB. at which; which C. at which; where D. which; in which 7. (2005 东卷)He was educated at a local grammar school, ______ he went on to Cambridge. A. from which B. after that C. after which D. from this 8. (2006 浙江卷)I was given three books on cooking, the first _______ I really enjoyed. A. of that B. of which C. that D. which 9.You can find whatever you need at the shopping centre, ____ is always busy at the weekend. (2006春 ?上海卷) A .that B. where C. what D. which 10. (2006 陕西)She was educated at Beijing University, ________she went on to have her advanced study abroad. A. after which B. from which C. from that D. after that 11. (2006 湖南卷) We saw several natives advancing towards our party, and one of them came up to us, ______ we gave some bells and glasses. A. to which B. to whom C. with whom D. with which

12. (2006 上海卷)In an hour, we can travel to places _______ would have taken our ancestors days to reach. A. where B. when C. which D .what 13. (2006 辽宁卷)I was told that there were about 50 foreign students _________Chinese in the school, most ________were from Germany. A. study ; of whom B. study ; of them C. studying ; of them D. studying ; of whom 14. ( 2007 江苏卷) He was educated at the local high school, ______ he went on to Beijing University. A.after which B. after that C. in which D. in that 15. (2007安徽卷) Last week, only two pepole came to look at the home,______ wanted to buy it. A. none of them B. both of them C. none of whom D. neither of whom 16.(2007 四川卷) It is reported that two schools,________ are being built in my hometown,will open next year. A.they both B.which both C.both of them D.both of which 17. (2007 辽宁卷)Eric received training in computer for one year, ______ he found a job in a big company. A. after that B. after which C. after it D. after this 18. (2007 重庆卷) Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree _____they can be controlled on purpose. A.with which B. to which C. of which D. for which 19.(2008 福建卷) By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch bearers had reached the top of ount Qomolangma, ____ appeared a rare rainbow soon. A. of which B. on which C. from which D. above which 20.(2008四川卷)For many cities in the world, there is no room to spread out further, _______ New York is an example. A. for which B. in which C. of which D. from which 21 . (2008上海卷) We went through a period ____ communications were very difficult in the rural areas. A. which B. whose C. in which D. with which 22. (2008陕西卷) The man pulled out a gold watch, were made of small diamonds. A. the hands of whom B. whom the hands of C. which the hands of D. the hands of which 23. (2008湖南卷)The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors, _______ are beyond our control. A. most of them B. most of which C. most of what D. most of that 24. (2008上海春招) Villagers here depend on the fishing industry, ______ there won’t be much work. A. where B. that C. by which D. without which 第四时 Using language



1. 一夜成名__________

3. 在…之后不久__________

5. 仿佛,好像__________

7. 亲密朋友__________

9. 为…定一个专门的时间__________

2. 在…旅游

4. 变得糟糕

6. 私生活

8. 商定,达成协议

10. 坚持 ____________


S.H.E. are very p______ with young people in Asia They are superstars who come f_____ Taiwan . “S” is Selina. ost boys like her m_________. They think she is the most beautiful of the three .She is tall and s_________. There is always a big smile on her face. “H”is Hebe. She is a lovely girl. w________ big eyes and long hair .She is also slim . “E” is Ella,a very cool girl with s________ hair .She is very good at dancing. She is a h___________ girl and most girls like her best . S.H.E. are good friends and good sisters .They love and h________ each other. S.H.E. sing very well and they have so many f_______ in China. I love their songs because they can always g________ me a good mood. They have a song c_________ Super Stars . That’s my favourite . S.H.E. often say , “ Everyone can be a superstar if he w_______ hard. ”


单项选择 1. _____ do you think is happening there? A. How B. What C. When D. Which 2.I have _____ the singer, but I don’t _____ him very well. A. known; know about B. known; know C. known about; know D. known of; know about 3.He doesn’t enjoy _______jokes ______by others. A. playing ; on B. being played ; on C. playing ; to D. making ; of 4.She began to work as a taxi driver after _____. A. graduating B. she graduating C. her graduate D. graduate 5. We’ll go there _______it rains tomorro A.even if B. as if C. as D. so that 6.We think the film _____ a country teacher is the best. A. is about B. is for C. about D. for her 7.He is ____a tour of Hong ong . A. in B. at C. on D. about 8.The children have learned ten foreign songs _____. A. in all B. after all C. at all D. of all 9.iss Wang is ill, so I’ll _____ to teach you Lesson 20. A. take place B. take her place C. take place of D. take a place 10. You left before eleven. What did you do_________? A. after B. afterwards C. towards D. forwards 11. He loves music, and ________classical music. A. at all B. in all C. above all D. after all 12.I wonder how you feel _____ the ending of the movie. A.in B. with C. about D. for 13. I have bought two ball-pens, _______ writes well.
A. none of them B. neither of them C. neither of which D. none of which

14.The sun _____ we get heat and light is the most important source of energy. A.which B. that C. from which D. form it 15.The manager_____ r. Li worked for three years was very humourous. A.with him B. for whom C. whom D. whose


The “show business”attracts many young people. 1 , only a few can hope to become famous. Talent(才能)is not 2 . Without a good manager, a performer can never hope to succeed.
Fashion is __3_ important in this business. The best tailor in the world will never be successful if he always makes 4 clothes. In exactly the same way, a performer must change his “act” in order to 5 the taste of the moment. This is 6 for actors and dancers, but perhaps most of all for singers.
“Pop” 7 for “popular”, and a pop singer has to work hard to become popular. He must either give the pubic what they want, or he must find a (n) 8 way of singing that will attract their attention. Even when he has succeeded, and his records are sold 9 , he cannot relax. He must work harder than ever to remain popular, 10 there are always younger singers trying to become famous.
The life of a successful pop singer is not at all 11 . He can only relax when he is alone, because everything he does is watched and reported in the special newspaper written for the “fans”. The fans are the most important people in the world for 12 . But they can be very troublesome, too.
They sometimes 13 handkerchiefs, they tear off buttons, and they even cut off pieces of the unfortunate singer’s hair. any singers have been forced to 14 . A pop singer has to spend a lot of money on 15 because he must always look smart. He must have a nice car. And above all, he must always keep smiling for the good of himself. 1. A.UnfortunatelyB. ThereforeC. NaturallyD. Luckily2. enoughB. plentyC. necessaryD. important3. A. stillB. yetC. evenD. also4. A. beautifulB. old-fashionedC. expensiveD. strange5. A. followB. getC. changeD. keep6. A. easyB. realC. trueD. good7. A. callsB. standsC. looksD. prepares8. A. newB. easyC. popularD. difficult9. A. somewhereB. nowhereC. anywhereD. everywhere10 . A. soB. whileC. becauseD. though11. A. valuableB. interestingC. excitingD. easy12. A. the publicB. the show businessC. the film starD. the singer13. A. buyB. stealC sellD. clean14. A. cryB. give inC. hideD. die15. A. travellingB. clothesC. foodD. housing


Besides Egyptians, people of exico also builded pyramids. They didn’t build the pyramids for tombs. They were used to build a pyramid and then build a temple on top of them. The pyramids of exico are not as high as that of Egypt, but theyare big. Each pyramid has a wide stairway that go from the bottom to the top. The biggest pyramid in exico is almost 2000 year old. Scientists think it spent 10,000 men more than ten years to build. On top of it they build temple to worship sun. The temple is no longer there and people call it the pyramid of the sun.1.______________ 2. _____________ 3. _____________ 4. _____________ 5. _____________ 6. _____________ 7. _____________ 8. _____________ 9. _____________ 10. ____________

Unit 5 usic


(100分 ,45分钟)



1. Your tie looks nice.It ______your shirt. A. agrees B. meets C. goes D. matches 2. Do you knohen the band _______? A. broke away B. broke down C. broke up D. broke in 3. Everyone _________a better future. A. dream of B. dream about C. dream to D. dreams of 4. ________,she doesn’t work hard. A. Being honest B. To be honest C. Honest D. Honesty 5. ---Why is the river polluted ? ---Waste water from the paper-making factory is put into the river ____it is cleaned. A. before B. after C. until D. since 6.---It’s too noisy. What is happening?

---Two men are fighting. Let’s go and break them _________.

A. down B. up C. out D. in

7.The TV set has _______ wrong. We have to get it repaired.

A. gone B. come C. become D. grown

8. For years ike kept _______ new and good ideas for designing.

A. coming up B. rising C. coming up with D. being raised

9. He has succeeded in the entrance examination and his dream ___ being a university student will ____ .

A. about; be true B. from; turn into practice C. in; become a fact D. of; come true

10. She likes to use words ________ is clear to her.

A. of which the meaning B. of which meaning

C. whose of meaning D. meaning of which

11. I didn’t like the way she talked to me. A. in which B. that C. 不填 D. all the above
12. He is always serious and doesn’t like _____. A. play jokes B. being played jokes on C. being played jokes D. to play joke on others 13.Is this the school ________ you studied ten years ago? A. in which B. that C. in that D. the one that 14.Lucy pretended me when I passed. A. not to see B. not seeing C. to not see D. having not seen 15.---Are you familiar _____ the face ? ---Yes, the face is very familiar ____to me. I’v probably met him before. A. with; with B. to; to C. with; to D. to; with 16.We mustn’t waste anything. ________ ,you shouldn’t waste time. A. In all B. At all C. Above all D. In all 17. This machine, ______for many years, is still working perfectly.
A. after which I have looked B. which I have looked after
C. that I have looked after D. I have looked after
18.The workers can get a(n) _____pay for working overtime.

A. special B. particular C. extra D. especial

19.________,you don’t tell the truth. A. Being honest B. Honest C. Honesty D. To be Honest 20.The meeting lasted one and a half hours and ______there was a short break. A. towards B. forwards C. upwords D. afterwards

二、完型填空 (每题1分,共20分)

阅读下面短,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。 aking a film needs skills and experience of life because it is an art. As we know, making a film 21 a long time and is a very hard work. 22 the story for the film may take many weeks. Shooting the film often takes at least six 23 . Actors and cameramen work from very early in the morning until late at night. Each scene has to be 24 and reacted, until it is just 25 . Sometimes the same scene 26 have to be acted many times. The film studio is like a large 27 , and the indoors stages are very big indeed. Scenery of all kinds 28 in the studi churches, houses and forests are all built 29 wood and cardboard. 30 people work together to make one film. 31 of these people are actors and actresses. The director of the film, is the most 32 person in a film studio. He 33 how the scenes should be filmed and how the actors should act. 34 people go to see a film because they know the film stars in it. 35 the film may be very poor. It is best to 36 a film make by a good 37 . They have good experience and skills. Some 38 directors make their films very 39 . People feel that they themselves are 40 the people in the film. 21. A. paysB. spends

C. takes

D. has

22. A. ReadingB. WritingC. TellingD. aking23. A. monthsB. daysC. yearsD. hours24. A. playedB. foundC. watchedD. acted25. A. reallyB. rightC. wellD. finished26. A. mustB. canC. shouldD. may27. A. factoryB. schoolC. hallD. cinema28. A. is takenB. are actedC. is madeD. are got29. A. fromB. ofC. by D. intoD. into30.A.Several hundredB. A hundredC. SeveralD. A few31. A. FewB. NoneC. All D. SomeD. some32. A. differentB. difficultC. importantD. hard33. A. decidesB. thinksC. hopesD. remembers34. A. AllB. NoneC. ost D. No35.A. SometimesB. UsuallyC. Very oftenD. Always36. A. makeB. chooseC. select fromD. watch37. A. actorB. film starC. cameramanD. director38. A. knownB. oldC. famousD. young 39. A. trueB. realC. terribleD. poor40. A. ofB. betweenC. amongD. for



I’m sure you know the song “ Happy Birthday” . But do you knoho wrote the song and for whom it was written ?

The retired professor , Archibald A. Hill in Lousciville , USA could tell us the story. Ninety - seven years ago , two of r. Archibald Hill’s aunts , iss Patty Hill and iss ildred Hill were asked to write some songs for a book called “ Song Storied for the Sunday orning .” iss Patty Hill and iss ildren Hill were both kindergarten teachers then. They loved children very much and wrote many beautiful songs for the book . One of them was the famous “ Good orning to you.” the song said , “ Good morning to you , good morning to you , dear children , good morning to all.” This song was very popular at that time among kindergarten children . But not many grown-ups knew it . A few years later little Archibald was born . As his aunt , iss Patty Hill sang the song “ Happy Birthday” to the melody (曲调) of “ Good orning to you” to her little nephew (侄儿) . She sang the song like this :

Happy birthday to you !

Happy birthday to you !

Happy birthday , dear Archie !

Happy birthday to you !

iss Patty Hill and her sister had never expected that this song would become so popular , but it really did . People all over the world like the song because of its simplicity in tune (曲调简单) and friendiness in words.

41. Archilbald A. Hill was ________ .

A. English B. American C. Russian D. Australian

42. iss Patty Hill and iss ildred Hill wrote ________ for the book “ Song Storied for the Sunday orning .”

A. a song B. some songs C. many songs D. no songs

43. Professor Archibald A. Hill was iss ildred Hill’s ________ .

A. son B. student C. brother D. nephew

44. The song “ Happy Birthday” has a history of _______ years.

A. 97 B. more than 90 C. less than 90 D. about 90

45. The sentence “ it really did” means______ .

A. The song really became popular B. Their wish would really come true

C. People all over the world like to listen to the song D. Yes , the song didn’t become popular


  One of the most popular American singers of the twentieth century was Elvis Presley. He made the Rock & Roll music popular around the world. He sold millions of records and made many successful films, and he helped change the direction of popular music in the 1960s.

  Elvis Presley was born in a poor family in 1935. His parents were simple country people who often took him to church, where he learned to sing and he never forgot the kind of songs that he used to sing in church as a child.

  When he was a teenager, Elvis moved from Tupelos to emphis in Tennessee, where he attended high school, but he was not a good student. His only real interest was singing. He began to sing in the style that is called “country and western”.

  In 1955 he recorded some songs for his mother's birthday. The people at the recording studio(录音棚) liked his singing and his music. There was something different about it. It was country and western music, but it also sounded a little like the music, which black people used to sing in the American South, music known as “blues”.

  Shortly after that, Elvis met Tom Parker, who became his manager and arranged(安排)concerts for him across the United States and new recordings as well. Soon Elvis rose to fame all over the country. Later, Elvis went to Hollywood and began to appear in films like Love e Tender and ing Creole.

  But Elvis found it hard to live with success, like many other entertainment personalities (娱乐圈内的人士) .He began to take drugs and his health began to suffer. When he died at an early age of 42 in 1977, his many millions of fans were shocked. “The ing Is Dead!” the newspaper said. But today his memory and his music live on and he will always be remembered as the ing of Rock & Roll.

46. Which is the right order of Elvis Presley’s life?

  a. Elvis went to high school in emphis.

  b. Elvis was born in Tulepo, ississippi.

  c. Tom Parker became Elvis's manager.

  d. Elvis recorded some songs for his mother's birthday.

  e. Elvis learned to sing at church.

  f. Elvis gave concerts all across America.

A. b, e, a, d, c, f B. b, e, a, c, d, f C. a, b, e, d, c, f D. f, a, b, e, d, c

47. Judging from the passage, we may conclude____ .

A. Elvis forgot his church music at a later age

B. his church songs helped his development in his singing

C. Elvis didn't get any help from his parents in singing

D. his church songs didn't help develop his own style

48. What was Elvis’s style of singing like most probably?

A. Only country and western. B. Only country and blue.

C. Both western and country. D. Not only country and western but also a bit “blues”.

49. What was the main reason for death ?

A. A car accident B. illing by others C. Taking drugs D. Heart attract

50. What do the fans regard Elvis Presley as?

A. ing of Rock and Roll B. ing of Blues

C. ing of Rap D. ing of Country music



51. They c______ their hands in time to the music. 52. You can often see some people play music to p_________ in the street in the foreign countries. 53. The bus company provided e__________ buses because there were so many people. 54. What kind of music i_____________ do you like, piano or violin? 55. I prefer pop music to c_______ music. 56. The children ________ into a line and went to the playground.(形成;组成)

57. She won a gold medal for her fine _____________in the contest.(成绩,表演) 58. If you want to sell your old sofa, why not put an __________ in the local paper? (广告) 59. When Li Yuchun came onto the stage, all her _______ were very excited.(歌迷) 60. They put an advertisement in a newspaper looking for rock ____________.(音乐家)


61.These who have plenty of money will help their friend.

62.The radio set which I bought it last week has gone wrong.

63. He paid the boy for washing ten windows, most of them hadn’t been cleaned fot at least a year.

64. r. Herpin is one of the foreign experts who is working in China.

65.They talked for about an hour of things and persons who they remembered in the school.

66. y glasses, with which I was like a blind man, fell to the ground and broke.

67. I have bought the same dress which she is wearing.

68. Please put the letter which he can easily find it.

69. He lived in London for 3 months , during that time he learned some English.

70. I don’t like the way which you speak to her.


请你以“”usic and Life”为题,用英语写一篇100词左右的短,要点如下:




4. 我对音乐的感觉。

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