Unit2 English around the world教案

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Unit2 English around the world教案
Unit2 English around the world 第三课时
Learning about Language
1.That phrase has come into _______ .(使用)
2.InAmerica _______ (拼写)”travelled” only had one “l”.
3.He’ll go to school in the _______ (后半) part of the year.
4.The general _______ (命令) his men to attack the place.
5.They _______ (请求) us to help them.
6.______ fact 事实上;实际上 7. ________ the playground 在操场上
8._____ the phone 在电话上 9. hold ______ 稍等;别挂电话
10._______ space 在太空 11.instead ______ 代替……;而不
12. leave _______ 动
1.Add these phrases to the rhyme so that it makes sense.
e.g.①What you say makes no sense.
②It doesn’t make any sense to buy so expensive a coat.
③Can you make sense of this poem?
make sense 意为“ ”;make sense of 意为 “ ”。
①这个句子讲不通。This sentence ______ ________     .
Can you explain it to me ? I can’t really _______          the sentence.
2.can you find the following command and request from Reading?
e.g.①I command you to start at once.
②I command that he go at once.
③She commanded that the prisoners (should) be set free.
④ She has a good command of spoken English.
⑤He has a hundred men under his command.
command可用作 和 ,意为“ ”。
command sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事
command that sb. (should )do sth.
under one’s command/under the command of sb.受某人的指挥,在某人的指挥下
have a good command of... 精通……
①这支军队直接受国王指挥。The army is _______ the king’s direct command.
②他命令我们立刻出发。He commanded that ______ _______ at once.
e.g.①I requested him to help
②I bought it at your request.
③He requested that they (should) come early.
④The manager requested that all should be quiet at work/while working.
request 可作 和 ,意为“ ,”
request sth. of /from sb. 向某人请求某事
request sb. to to sth. 请求某人做某事
at one’s request /at the request of sb. 应某人的请求。
ask, request 与demand
①ask 是一般用语,表示要求得到某物时,用ask for sth。
②request 指语气委婉的请求,在含request的表语从句和同位语从句中,谓语动词应用“should+动词原形”的结构,should 可以省略。
e.g.Mr. Paine made a request that I should help him. 佩恩先生请求我帮助他。
③demand的语气严厉,表示非得到不可的要求。如demand the rights 要求得到权利。
e.g.They demanded the right to vote. 他们要求选举权。
1.Every evening after dinner, if not _________from work, I will spend some time walking my dog.
A. being tired B. tiring
C. tired D. to be tired
2. It’s high time you had your hair cut; it’s getting_________.
A. too much long B. much too long
C. long too much D. too long much
3. ---I’m sorry. I _________ at you the other day.
---Forget it. It was a bit out of control myself.
B. shouldn’t have shouted
C. mustn’t shout
D. mustn’t have shouted
4. She devoted herself _________to her research and it earned her a good reputation in her field.
A. strongly B. extremely
C. entirely D. freely
5. Jenny hopes that Mr. Smith will suggest a good way to get her written English _________in a short period.
A. improved B. improving
C. to improve D. improve
6. She didn’t come to his birthday party just ______what he had said to her the day before.
A. because B. because of
C. as result of D. thanks for
7. If you want to do international trade successfully, ______ of English is _______.
A. good command; a must
B. a good command; a need
C. a good command; a must
D. good command; must
8. Pandas are native ______ China.
A. with B. to C. for D. in
9. If you can’t _____ a better plan, we have to carry out the present one.
A. come along withB. come up with
C. come across D. come about for
祈使句改为间接引语:祈使句改为间接引语后,成了一个简单句子,整个句子结构为:主语+order/demand/tell/ask+sb.+to do/not to do sth.。
e.g.Father said to me,“Look after your little sister.”
→Father told me to look after my little sister.
“Please help me carry this box,”she said to John.
→She asked John to help her carry that box.
1.They asked ________ to improve the soil.
A.that it was easy B.whether it was hard
C.if it is easy D.when was it hard
2.?What did the teacher say?
?He told me ________ again.
A.not to careless B.not to be careless
C.to be not careless D.not being careless
3.?What did the officer say?
?He ordered us ________ leave the temple.
A.don’t B.not C.not to D.didn’t
4.He asked me ________ after school.
A.I usually did what B.what I usually do
C.usually I do what D.what I usually did
5.He didn’t tell me ________ .
A.who was the woman B.who the woman was
C.who is the woman D.who the woman is
6.“When did John leave for Beijing?”Mary asked me.
Mary asked me when John ________ for Beijing.
A.did leave B.leave C.had left D.left
7.Mother asked the youngest son ________ with his toy car.
A.what the matter was B.what was the matter
C.what the matter is D.what is the matter
You may know the English letters A,B and C,but do you know there are people called ABCs? You may like eating bananas,but do you know there is such a thing as “a banana person”?How strange! Are these people from another earth?No.They are just Chinese people like you and me.
ABC means Americaborn Chinese.An ABC is a Chinese,but was born in the US. Sometimes,people call an ABC “a banana person”.A banana is yellow outside and white inside.So,when a person is a banana,he or she is white inside?thinking like a westerner and yellow outside?looking like a Chinese.
Do you know why?Usually,ABCs know little about China or the Chinese language.Some of them can not speak Chinese.Also,they are not interested in Chinese politics.
But if ABCs can’t speak Chinese,can we still call them Chinese people?Yes,of course.They are Chinese.They are overseas Chinese.These people may be citizens of another country like the US,Canada or Singapore, but they have Chinese blood.Their parents,grandparents or even greatgrandparents were from China.They all have black eyes and black hair.
But they are not Chinese citizens.They are not people of the People’s Republic of China.For example,we all know the famous scientist C.N.Yang(杨振宁).He got the Nobel Prize for physics in 1957.Chinese people love him.But he is an American citizen.
1.“ABC” in the passage stands for ________
A.3 English letters B.a kind of banana
C.Chinese born in America D.Americans born in China
2.Sometimes ABCs in western countries are called “banana persons” because ________.
A.their bodies are white inside but yellow outside
B.they think like westerners but look like Chinese
C.they were born in China but go to study in America
D.they like to eat bananas
3.This passage mainly talks about ________.
A.different kinds of bananas B.overseas Chinese
C.the Nobel Prize D.the life story of C. N.Yang

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