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听 力 部 分

1、 2、 3、 4、 5、

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
三. 根据录音内容,在句子的空格中填上单词,将句子补充完整。(每格一词)(10分)
1、This is the .2.That is the .
3、Where is the ? It’s on the first floor.
4、Is this a ? Yes,it is 5、We have a new .
( )1、A、Yes, he is. B、No, I’m not. C、No, it isn’t.
( )2、A、There are thirty. B、I’m thirty. C、Yes, it is.
( )3、A、It’s on the second floor. B、It’s on the desk.
C、It’s under the tree.
( )4、A、Thank you. B、Yes, it is. C、This is my school.
( )5、A、Yes, it is. It’s a library. B、Yes, it isn’t.
C、No, it isn’t. It’s a gym.

1、 2、 3、 4、 5、

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
( )1、There is a garden in Chen Jie’s school.
( )2、Our playground is small.( )3、We have a computer room.
( )4、The library is on the second floor.( )5、We go to the gym.
笔 试 部 分

Welcome to my . .There are 28 here.
Look! This is the new .That is the . .
The is green, and the is white. We have
five ,and eight . There are fifty
and .
1、Is that a library? 2、Is this an art room?

3、This . 4、That .
5、Where is the playground?

1、( ) Let’s go the library. A、Yes, I do.
2、( ) Where is the teacher’s office ? B、Yes, it is.
3、( ) Do you have lunch at school ? C、 Forty-six.
4、( ) How many desks are there in your class? D、OK.
5、( ) Is that your pencil ? E、It’s on the first floor.
( )1.plate have ( )2.rabbit map ( )3. has name
( )4. cake face ( )5. snake black
( )1. —Where is the TV room? —It’ s on the ______ floor.
A. one B. first C. two
( ) 2.Go to the ________ and read a book.
A.canteen B .library C. garden
( ) 3. This is _______ computer. B. me C.I
( ) 4. The canteen is ________ the second floor.
A.on B. at C. in
( ) 5. —Is this the wall? —________
A.Yes, is it. B. No, it is. C. Yes, it is.
( ) 6.This is ________ new playground.
A.our B. us C. we
( ) 7. Go to the ______ office. Hand in your homework.
A.teachers B. teacher’s C. teacher
( ) 8. go and a look.
A. Let's , have B. Let me ,have C. Let's , has
( ) 9. That is ____ computer room.
A. you B. our C. I
( ) 10. Is this a ______?
A. teacher’s office B. teacher office C. teachers office
( ) 11.How many are there in your class?
A student B. students C. apple
( ) 12.There are eight in the library.
A. lights B. window C. book
1.The library is on the second floor.(翻译成汉语)

2.students, are, how, in, many, there, class, your(?)(连词成句)



5.That is the music class.(变成一般疑问句)

Welcome to my school. There are 30 classrooms in my school. Look, this is a
big and nice playground . In this building(大楼), you can see the gym, the library
and the art room are on the first floor. There are many story-books and picture
books in the library. You can read books in it. My classroom is on the second
floor. It’s big and clean. I like it.
( )1、There are classrooms in my school.
A、thirty B、thirteen C、three
( )2、The playground is .
A、small B、big C、 big and nice
( )3、The library is on the floor.
A、first B、second C、third
( )4、My classroom is
A、clean B、clean and big C、 small
( )5、I my school.
A、don’t like B、like