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j.Co M 1156. ruler(n)尺,;统治者;管理者
Draw a line with a ruler.用尺子画一条线。
She was then ruler of Egypt.她当时是埃及的统治者。
1157. run (ran, run) (v) 跑; (机器等)运转;进行;办;经营;变(成),变得;(颜色)褪色
Can you run as fast as Mike?你能跑得和麦克一样快吗?
He had to run to catch the bus.他不得不跑去赶搭公共汽车。
to run a hotel / store / language school经营一家旅店/商店/语言学校
He has no idea how to run a business.
The machine runs smoothly. 这台机器运转正常。
The river was beginning to run dry.河水开始干涸起来。
We’ve run short of milk.我们牛奶不够了。
We have run out of our money.我们已用完了钱。
Your nose is running.你流鼻涕了。
The color of the sweater has run since it was made many years ago.
* runner (n) 赛跑者, 操作者,滑行装置
* running (n) 跑步
1158. rush (v)冲,奔,闯 仓促行动
We’ve got plenty of time; there is no need to rush.
We don’t want to rush into having a baby.
Don’t rush me. I need time to think about it.
--I’ll let you have the book back tomorrow.
--There’s no rush.不用着急
rush hour(上下班时)交通高峰期
Don’t travel at rush hour.不要在交通高峰期出行。
1159. Russia(n)俄国, 俄罗斯
1160. Russian(n, a)俄国/俄罗斯(人)(的), 俄语(的)
1161. sad(a.)悲哀的, 忧愁的, 糟糕的
We are very sad to hear that you are leaving.
She looked sad and tired.她看上去又伤心又疲惫。
* sadness (n) 悲哀,忧伤
1162. safe(a.,n) 安全的;保险箱
Do you think this kind of water is safe for drinking?你认为这水饮用安全吗?
The children are quite safe here.孩子们在这里十分安全。
We need a safe driver.我们需要一个谨慎的驾驶员。
The street is not safe for children to play in.
The missing child was found safe and well.
Keep your passport in a safe place.把护照放在保险的地方。
You should put your money in a safe.
1163. safety(n)安全,保险
The children were led to a place of safety.
I managed to swim to safety.我设法游到安全处。
1164. sail(n, v)
名词 帆,蓬 乘船 航行
They took a sail to Dover. 他们乘船去多佛。
As the boat moved down the river the wind began to fill the sails.
The ship was in full sail.该船正满帆而行。
动词 航行,(坐船)游览 驾驶(船)
Our ship sails tomorrow for Hong Kong.
Can you sail a boat? 你会驾船吗?
* sailing (n) 航海
* sailor (n) 水手,海员
1165. salad(n)色拉, 凉拌菜
You haven’t finished your salad.你还没有吃完沙拉。
1166. sale(n)卖, 出售
I haven’t make a sale all week.
He got $100 from the sale of his bike.
Our school is having a book sale next week.
I’m sorry, it’s not for sale.对不起,这个不卖。
a “for sale” sign“待售”标志
Tickets are on sale from the booking office.
* salesgirl / saleswoman (n)女售货员
* salesman (n) 男售货员
1167. salt(n)盐,咸味物
Pass the salt, please.请把盐递过来。
sea salt海盐
* salty (a.) 盐的,咸的,含盐的
1168. same(n, a)
His birthday and hers are the same.
Just do the same as me.跟着我做就行了。
--Will you stay for lunch?留下来吃午饭,好吗?
--No, but thanks all the same.不了,多谢
--Happy Christmas!圣诞快乐!
--And the same to you !你也一样。
【形容词】 (通常与the连用) 同一的 同样的
This is the same skirt that she was wearing a year ago.
Those shirts are all the same size.
I bought the same car as yours.
1169. sand(n) 沙, 沙子; 沙滩/洲
He children were playing in the sand.
We went for a walk along the sand.
1170. sandwich (n)三明治
1171. satisfy(v) 使满意/满足
Nothing satisfies him---he’s always complaining.
It’s satisfying to play a game really well.
She’s never satisfied with what she’s got.
* satisfaction (n) 满意
1172. Saturday (n)星期六
1173. sausage (n)香肠,腊肠
1174. save (v)救,挽救;节省;储蓄;储存
The doctor saved the child's life.
The computer will save us a lot of time.
We should try to save water and electricity.
We've been saving for five years to buy a house. 为了买房子,我们已储蓄了五年。
I’ve saved almost $100 so far.我至今差不多攒了100美元。
1175. say (said,said) (v)说, 讲; 说明
Be quiet! I have something to say.
She said nothing to me about it.
It is said that she lived to be over 100.
Can you say it in English?你能用英语说它吗?
It’s hard to say what caused the accient.很难说造成事故的原因是什么。
The clock said three o’clock.时钟显示三点整。
The book doesn’t say where he was born.
The notice said”Keep out” 告示上写着“禁止入内”。
“Accidents will happen”, as the saying goes.
Say, that’s a nice haircyt !啧啧,这个头发剪得很漂亮
Say, how about going to a movie tonigth.
1176. scarf (n)围巾, 披肩
a woolen / silk scarf羊毛/丝绸围巾
1177. school (n)学校, 上学, 学业
I’m going to the school today to talk to Kim’s teacher.
We need more money for roads, hospitals and schools.
to start / leave 入学/(受完义务教育)离开中学
All my kids are still at school.我的孩子还都在上学。
* school-leaver 学校毕业生
* schoolmate (n)同校同学
1178. schoolbag (n)书包
1179. science (n)科学, 自然科学
the laws of science科学定律
* scientific (a.) 科学的
1180. scientist (n)科学家
scientists and engineers科学家和工程师
1181. score (n, v)
【名词】(比赛中的)得分,比数;(测验的)成绩,分数二十,二十人,二十个 大量,许多
What is the score now? 现在比数多少?
The final score was 4-3.最终的比分是4:3
I walked a score of miles.我走了二十英里。
He’s been to Hong Kong scores of times.
She scored 98% in the French test.她法语考了98分。
Girls usually score highly in language exams.
The Japanese judge scored him 15.
1182. screen (n)屏幕, 荧光屏, 屏风
a monitor with a 21 inch screen 21英寸屏幕的显示器
She first appeared on the screen ten years ago.十年前,她第一次出现在银幕上。
1183. sea (n)海, 海洋
to travel by sea海上旅行
* seaman(n) 水手,海员
* seashell (n) 海贝
* seaside (n) 海滨
1184. search (n, v) 搜查;在...中搜寻
His house had clearly been searched and the book was missing.
We searched here and there, but couldn’t find her.
He could search the dictionary at the age of six.
The policeman searched the thief but found nothing.
He searched every room in the house.
He is searching the Web for important information.他在网上搜寻有用的信息。
He went into the kitchen in search of a drink.
The book came to light after a long search.
1185. season (n)季节, 时期
the dry / wet / rainy season旱/雨季
When does the basketball season end?
1186. seat (n) 座, 座位;席位
Excuse me, is this seat taken?对不起,请问这座位有人吗?
Please take a seat.请坐。
There are no seats left on that flight.那次航班没座位了。
His party has one third of the seats in Parliament.他那个党在议会中占三分之一席位。
Please wait to be seated.请等候安排入座。
Please be seated.请坐。
The plane seats 200 passengers.
1187. second (num,a. ad. n)第二(名),次等的, 其次; 秒, 瞬间
He was the second to arrive.他是第二个到的。
This is the second time it’s happened这已是第二次了。
She can run 100 metres in just over 11 seconds.
The water flows at about 1.5 metres per second.
He is a writer first and a scientist second.
1188. secret (n)内情,秘/机密(的)
Can you keep a secret?你能保守秘密吗?
He tried to keep it secret from his family.
I didn’t know you were a secret football fan.
1189. secretary (n)秘书, 书记, 部长, 大臣
Mr. Hu Jintao is The General Secretary of the Party.
1190. see (saw, seen) (v)看见, 会见; 领会, 理解,
I saw you put the key in your pocket.
He was seen to come out. 有人看见他走出来。
We saw her chatting with her neighbors.
In the evening, we went to see a movie.
I looked for Mike but couldn't see him in the crowd.
I see what you mean. 我理解你的意思。
Let me see. 让我想一想。
Can you see without your glasses?
He saw me to the door and said goodbye.
May I see you home?我可不可以送你会回家?
I’ll see you off at the station.我将在车站为你送行。
* see-saw (n) 跷跷板(游戏)
1191. seem (v)似乎,好像
She seems very happy with the new job.
He doesn't seem to like the idea.
I seem to hear someone knocking at the door.
It seems to me that it will rain tonight.
It seems that they know what they’re doing.
It seems like a good idea at the time.
There seems no need to go now.
There seems to be a misunderstanding between us.
--Long time no see !
--Oh, it ____ like years since I last saw you.
A. looks B. seems C. feels D. sounds
1192. seldom(ad)很少, 罕见
They seldom watch television these days.
He seldom stays at home on Sundays, does he?
1193. sell (sold, sold) (v) 卖, 销售, 经销
I sold my car to James for $800.
The magazine sells 300 000 copies a week.
I’m sorry, we’ve sold out of bread.
1194. send (sent, sent) (v) 发送,寄;派遣;发射
She sent me a Christmas card. 她给我寄来一张圣诞贺卡。
He sent his son to return the books to the library. 他派他儿子把书还给图书馆。
Has she sent for a taxi? 她有没有请人去叫出租车?
1195. sense (n)感觉 意识; 理智 辨别力
She has no sense of time. 她没有时间观念。
Your brother has a good sense of humor.
I’m afraid I haven’t got a very good sense of direction, so I easily get lost.
1196. sentence (n)句子
Make a sentence in your own words.
1197. separate (v, a.)使分离,分隔;分割; 单独的,分离的
It is impossible to separate belief from emotion.
They walked a mile together and then separated. 他们一道走了一英里,然后就分手了。
They separated three years after they got married. 他俩结婚三年后便分居了。
Our children have separate bedrooms.
The two villages are separated by a highway.
* separately (ad.) 单独地,各自地
* separation (n) 分离, 隔离
1198. September (n)九月
Our school usually begins on September 1.
1199. serious (a.)严重的;严肃的,庄严的;认真的;
a serious illness / problem严重疾病 / 问题
Her daughter was blind after a serious illness.
He seems very serious, but in fact he is very humorous.
Buying a house is a serious matter.
I want to have a serious talk with you.
You look very serious today, is anything wrong?
I was pretty serious in what I said at dinner.
1200 servant (n)仆人, 佣人, 雇员, 公务员
They treat their mother like a servant.
1201. serve (v)为...服务; 侍候(顾客等); 供应(饭菜);
Children must be educated to serve their country when they grow up.
She served me a cup of coffee. 她给我端上一杯咖啡。
Breakfast is served between 7 and 10 a.m.
Shall I serve? 现在上菜好吗?
1202. service (n)服务, 接待, 服役, 任职
We provide the best service in town.
* service-charge (n) 服务小费,小费
1203. set (set, set) (v)设置(布景,背景),释放,安置,树立,太阳下山,出发
He set down the bag and rested for a while.
A round table was set in the middle of the room. 房间中央放了一张圆桌。
She set the alarm for 5 a.m.她把闹钟拨到早晨五点响铃。
Bob set us a good example.
She set a new world record for the high jump.
When we reached the hotel, the sun had set.
It was raining when we set out.我们出发时正下着雨。
We set off for London just after ten.
1204. set (n) 一套,一部,装置,设备
He saw a set of keys lying on the ground.
You can borrow my keys. I have a spare set.
1205. seven (num)七
1206. seventeen (num)十七
1207. seventy (num)七十
1208. seventh (num)第七
1209. several (pron, a.)几个, 数个, 一些
Several letters arrived this morning.今天上午来了几封信。
He’s written several books about India.
Several more people than usual came to the meeting.
1210. shake (shook, shaken) (v) 摇,摇动;震动;抖动
His heavy steps shook the room.
Shake the bottle before taking the medicine.
He came forward and shook me by the hand.
Do people in Italy shake hands when they meet?在意大利,人们见面时握手吗?
He was badly shaken by the news of her death.
1211. shall (should) (aux. v)将, 会, 应该
Shall I send you the book?我把书给你寄去,好不好?
What shall we do this weekend?
1212. shame (n)羞耻(心),羞愧(感) 憾事
She felt great shame at having failed the exam. 她考试不及格,感到极其羞愧。
To my shame, I never did help them.
Your bad behavior brings shame on the whole school.
It's a shame I haven't heard from you for years.
It’s a shame that she wasn’t here to see it.
What a shame! = What a pity!
1213. shape (n,v)
【名词】 形状;样子,外形,状态
The pool was in the shape of a heart.游泳池呈心型
I like to keep in shape.我喜欢保持健康
This old T-shirt has completely lost its shape.
Candles come in all shapes and sizes.
【动词】使成形;塑造,制作 形成
This tool is used for shaping wood.
His ideas had been shaped by his experiences during the war.他的思想深受战时经历的影响。
The children shaped the wet sand.
1214. share (v)均分;分摊;分配分享;分担
The money was shared out between them.
Sam and I share a room. 山姆和我合住一间房间。
Sue shares a house with three other students.
1215. she (pron)她(主格)
--What does your sister do? --She’s a dentist.
1216. sheep(pl. sheep) (n)羊, 绵羊
Look! There are three sheep eating grass under the tree.
【成语】black sheep害群之马,败家子
1217. shelf (pl. shelves) (n) 架, 棚
I helped him put up some shelves in his bedroom.
The book I want was on the top shelf.
1218. shine (shone, shone) (v) 照射, 照耀, 发光
The sun shone brightly in a cloudless sky.
Her eyes were shining with excitement.
【补充】擦亮,擦光(shined, shined)
He shined shoes and sold newspapers to make money.他靠擦鞋卖报挣钱。
1219. ship (n)船, 舰; 飞船
He arrived here by ship yesterday.
1220. shirt (n)衬衫
He was wearing a white shirt and a red tie.
T-shirt T恤衫
1221. shoe (n)鞋, 蹄铁
a pair of shoes一双鞋子
He took his shoes and socks off.他脱掉鞋袜
【成语】 in sb’s shoes处于某人的境地
1222. shop (n)商店, 工厂,车间 办事处
There’s a little gift shop around the corner.
There should be plenty of time to go shoppong before we leave New York.
1223. short (a. )短的;矮的; 缩写的; 短缺的;不足的
Bob is shorter than his younger brother. 鲍勃比他弟弟矮。
UN is short for the United Nations.
UN是the United Nations(联合国)的缩写。
I'm short of money this week. 我这个星期缺钱。
1224. shorts (n)短裤, 男人的短内裤
a pair of tennis shorts一条网球短裤
1225. should (modal v)应该, 有可能, 将会
You shouldn’t drink and drive.你不该酒后驾车。
I should wait a little longer, if I were you.
The bus should have arrived ten minutes ago.
Schools ___allow students at least one hour a day for sports.
A. would B. might C. should D. could
--It’s difficult for the village children to cross the river for school.
--I think a bridge ____ over the river.
A. was built B. is being built
C. has been built D. should be built
1226. shoulder (n)肩, 肩部;(道路的)路肩
She carried his child on his shoulders.
No shoulder for next 5 miles.前方5英里之内没有路肩。
shoulder to shoulder肩并肩,齐心协力
1227. shout (v,n)呼, 喊, 叫; 大声讲
I shouted for help but nobody came.
She shouted at him to shut the gate.
I heard her warning shout too late.
1228. show (showed, shown) (v)给…看, 出示;表现出, 上演, 展出
If there is a letter from France please show it to me.
This shows how people are influences by TV advertisements.
You have to show your ticket as you go in.进场必须出示门票。
The film will be shown in this theatre.
Can you show me how to do it?你能教我怎么做吗?
I’ll go first and show you the way.我先走,给你带路。
We were shown around the school by one of the students.
He’s just showing off because that girl he likes is here.
He likes to show off how well he speaks French.
1229. shower (n)阵雨; 淋浴
We were caught in a heavy shower.我们遇上一阵大雨。
A hotel room with bath and shower.
to take a shower洗淋浴
1230. shut (shut, shut) (v) 关上,禁闭,合拢
Philip went into his room and shut the door behind him.
He shut his book and looked up.他合上书,抬起头来。
The bank shuts at 4.这家银行4点关门。
Just shut up and listen.住口,听着。
1231. shy (a)怕羞的, 腼腆的,
She was too shy to ask anyone for help.
1232. sick (a)病的,有病的, 想呕吐的,恶心的, 对...厌烦的, 心烦意乱的;很不愉快的, ,怀念的
Her mother is very sick.她母亲病得厉害。
The sick tree is several hundred years old.
She felt sick at the sight of the dead rat.
If you eat any more cake you’ll make yourself sick.你要再吃蛋糕,你就会吐。
I feel sick at my work.我讨厌我的工作。
* sickness (n) 疾病
1233. side (n)边,旁边,面,侧面,某一方
An old man was sitting on the side of the road.
There is a large window on either side of the front door.前门两侧各有一扇大窗户。
He crossed the bridge to the other side of the river.
We drive on the left-hand side of the road in this country.
Write your name on the side of the box.
Whose side are you on? 你支持哪一方?
They sat on the desk, side by side.
* sidewalk (n) 人行道
* sideway (n) 岔路,旁路
1234. sight (n)视觉, 视力 景色,景象
She has very good sight.她的视力很好。
I’ll have my sight tested tomorrow. 我明天去检查视力。
She went away at the sight of a dog.她见到狗就跑。
She never lets her daughter out of her sight.
Get out of my sight! 滚开!
The Great Wall is one of the sights of the world.
【成语】out of sight, out of mind眼不见,心不念
* sightseeing (n) 游览,观光
1235. silence (n)无声,寂静 沉默, 默不作声
The silence was broken by a loud cry.
Jane first broke the silence.简首先打破沉默。
Two-minute silence in honour of those who had died.为死去的人默哀2分钟。
【成语】Silence is golden沉默是金。
1236. silent (a)沉默的; 寂静无声的;不发声的
He was silent for a moment. 他沉默了一会儿。
The old house was quite silent. 这所老房子寂静无声。
The “b” in “lamb” is silent. Lamb中的b不发音。
1237. silk (n)丝, 绸
The hat is made of silk.这帽子是丝绸做的。
1238. silly (a)愚蠢的;糊涂的 无聊的
It was silly of me to say such a thing.我说这话真傻。
He told a silly story. 他讲了一个无聊的故事。
Her work is full of silly mistakes.她满篇都是愚蠢的错误。
1239. silver (n)银 银器 银色
The ring is made of solid silver.这戒指是纯银制作的。
I like taking a walk under the silver moon.
1240. similar (a)相像的,相仿的,类似的
His problem is similar to yours. 他的问题和你的相似。
We have very similar interests.我们兴趣相仿。
The two houses are similar in size.两座房子大小差不多。
The brothers look very similar.弟兄几个长得好像。
My teaching style is similar to that of most other teachers.我的风格和多数老师相似。
1241. simple (a)简单的,容易的, 朴素/自然的, 迟钝的
The answer is really quite simple.答案真的很简单。
This machine is very simple to use.这机器操作非常简单。
We had a simple meal of soup and bread.
You may be joking but she’s simple enough to believe you.
He’s not mad----just a bit simple.
* simple-minded (a.) 头脑简单的,纯朴的
* simply (ad) 简单地,的确(加强语气)
1242. since (prep, conj, ad .)
【介词】 自...以来,从...至今
I haven't heard from him since last year.
【连接词】自...以来,从...至今 既然; 因为, 由于
It’s been ten years since they married.
She has been living a hard life since her husband died.
He must have taken the book since it isn't here.
Since it is so hot, let's go swimming.
There’s no need to take a taxi since it’s only five minutes’ walk from here.
【副词】 此后; 从那时到现在
She left school three years ago and has worked as a nurse ever since.
He left home two weeks ago and we haven’t heard from him since.
1243. sing (sang, sung) (v)唱, 歌唱; 啼, 鸣
She was singing softly to the baby.他对宝宝轻声哼着歌。
Will you sing a song to me? =
Will you sing me a song?给我唱支歌好吗?
* singer (n) 歌唱家,歌手
1244. single (a)单一的,;单身的 单人用的;【英】单程的
single parent family 单亲家庭
She remained single till the end of her days. 她终身未嫁。
There is a single bedroom in the room.房间里有张单人床。
I want a single ticket. 我要一张单程票。
There was not a single person in the house.
1245. sir (n)先生; 爵士
Are you ready to order, sir?先生,可以点菜了吗?
1246 sister (n)姐, 妹
Do you have btothers or sisters?
My best friend has been like a sister to me.
* sister-in-law (n)嫂,弟媳
1247. sit (sat, sat) 坐, 坐得下(若干人), 坐落于, 位于
They sat in a ring. 他们坐成一圈。
The tower sits on a hill. 寺庙坐落在山上。
The minibus will sit ten people.这辆小型巴士可坐十人。
1248. situation (n)处境,境遇 形势;情况, 位置;地点
He is in a difficult situation. 他处境困难。
The situation will soon come clear.情况不久就会明朗的。
The house has a fine situation.这房子占了个好位置。
The house has a beautiful situation on a hill.
1249. six(num)六
【成语】sixes ans sevens乱七八糟
I haven’t had time to clear up, so I’m all at sixes and sevens.
1250. sixteen(num)十六
1251. sixth(num)第六
1252. sixty(num)六十
1253. size(n)尺寸,大小; 尺码,号,型
What’s the size of the park? 这个公园有多大?
This shirt is your size.这件衬衫是你这号尺寸的。
The jacket was the wrong size.这件夹克尺码不对。
They didn’t have the jacket in my size.
The hats are made in three sizes: small, medium
and large.这些帽子分大,中,小尺码
she takes a size 5 in shoes.她穿5号鞋。
1254. skate(v)滑冰, 溜冰
It was so cold that we were able to go skating on the lake.
1255. skill(n)技能, 技巧, 熟练
* skilled(a.)熟练的,有技能的
* skillful (a.) 熟练的,精湛的,灵巧的
* skillfully (ad) 精湛地,巧妙地
1256. skirt(n)裙子
1257. sky(n)天, 天空
The sky suddenly went dark and it started to rain.
What’s that in the sky?天上那是什么东西?
1258. sleep (slept, slept) (v)睡觉
sleep well/deeply/soundly/badly睡得好;沉睡;酣睡;睡得不好
I couldn’t sleep because of the noise.
She only sleeps for four hours a night.
We sometimes sleep late at the weekends.
【成语】let the sleeping dogs lie不要没事找事
1259. sleep(n)睡眠
I need to get some sleep.我得睡一会。
He didn’t get much sleep last night.他昨晚没睡好。
Can you give me something to help me get to sleep?
1260. sleepy(a.)想睡的;瞌睡的;困乏的
She suddenly started to feel very sleepy.
The heat and wine made her sleepy.
1261. slow(a, ad)慢的, 慢慢地
Progress was slower than expected.
Oh you’re so slow; come on, hurry up!
Could you go a little slower?你能走得慢点吗?
--Mr. Smith, would you please speak a little more___?
--Sorry! I thought you could follow me.
A. quietly B. quickly C. slowly d. politely
1262. small(a)小的,少的,年幼的
A much smaller number of students passed than I had expected.
The dress is too small for you.那件裙子你穿太小。
1263. smell(n)气味;香味;臭味
The smells from the kitchen filled the room.
Yuk ! What a smell!哎哟,好难闻的气味。
Dogs have a very good sense of smell.狗的嗅觉非常灵敏。
1264. smell (-ed, -ed / smelt, smelt) (v)
嗅, 闻 ;发出...的气味 闻起来有某种气味
Dinner smells good.饭菜闻起来很象。
The dog had smelt a rabbit.狗嗅到了兔子的气味。
Smell this and tell me what you think it is?
The milk smells sour. 牛奶有酸味了。
1265. smile(n, v)微笑, 笑容
“Oh, hello” he said with a smile.
He had a big smile on his face.他笑容满面。
She smiled at him and he smiled back.
He never seems to smile.他好像从来不笑。
1266. smoke(n, v) 烟 纸烟 冒烟 抽烟
She cannot stand the smell of the smoke.
My father has given up smoking. 我父亲已戒烟了。
Do you mind if I smoke?我抽烟你介意吗?
She smokes heavily.她烟瘾大。
* smoke-free (a.) 无烟的,非吸烟的
* smoker (n) 吸烟者
* smoking (n) 吸烟,抽烟
1267. smooth(a)平滑的,平坦的 平静的;平稳的
That road is smooth. 那是一条平坦的路。
Everything is smooth just now.此时此刻,诸事顺利。
The water was as smooth as glass.水平如镜。
The sweater feels soft and smooth.
The plane made a smooth landing.飞机平稳降落。
1268. snake(n)蛇;
【成语】a snake in the grass阴险的人,潜伏的敌人
1269. snow(v, n)雪, 雪花, 雪片, 下雪
Snow is falling heavily.正下着大雪。
Children were playing in the snow.孩子们正在雪地里玩。
It’s been snowing heavily all day.大雪下了一整天。
It snowed for three days without stopping.
* snowball(n) 雪球/snowman(n)雪人
1270. snowy(a)下雪的
1271. so (ad , conj)如此,这么,非常;因此,所以
Don’t look so angry.别那样怒气冲冲。
She spoke so quietly that I could hardly hear her.她说话轻得我几乎听不见。
I'm so pleased to see you. 看到你我真高兴。
I like dancing; so does my wife. 我喜欢跳舞,我太太也喜欢。
Times have changed and so have I.时代变了,我也变了。
The manager was ill so I went in her place.
Would you be so kind as to lock the door when you leave?请你出来时把门锁上好吗?
--Is he coming? 他会来吗? --I hope so. 我希望他来
--Did they mind? 他们有没有介意? --I don’t think so.我想没有。
--You were there too.当时你也在那。
--So I was. I’d forgotten.是啊----我给忘了。
--There’s another one.还有一个 --So there is. 可不是吗。
She worked hard so that everything would be ready in time.
I gave you a map so you wouldn’t get lost.
* so-so (a.) 一般,不怎么样,凑合
1272. soap(n)肥皂
a piece of soap一块肥皂
1273. social(a)社会的;社会上的 社交的,交际的
Opinions on all kinds of social questions differ from person to person.
George stayed out of the social life of the school. 乔治置身于该校社交生活之外。
*socialism (n) 社会主义
* socialist (a)社会主义的
1274. society(n)社会, 社团, 协会; 社交界
They carried out research into the roles of men and women in today’s society.
1275. socks(n)短袜
a pair of socks一双袜子
1276. sofa (n) (长)沙发
1277. soft(a)软的 柔和的; 舒适的 不含酒精的
A dress made from the finest, softest silk.
Coca-cola is a soft drink.可口可乐是一种不含酒精的软饮料。
You are too soft with him你对他太温和了。
1278. soldier(n)士兵, 军人
1279. solid(a. n) 固体的,结实的;坚固的; 固体 立方体
When water freezes, it becomes solid.水结冰时变成固体。
People like solid furniture. 人们喜欢结实的家具。
Iron and stone are solids. 铁和石头是固体。
1280. some(a. pron)一些, 部分, 某个, 大约;
I have some work to do this evening. 今晚我有些事要做。
He lived in London for some years. 他在伦敦住了好几年。
Some of the students are from the North.
Some of the meat has gone bad.一些肉已经坏了。
Some smoke and some don't.有些人吸烟,有些人不吸。
She is playing chess with some boy.她在和一个男孩下棋。
The teacher asked the boy many questions,but he only answered _____ of them.
A. some B. lots C. each D. few
1281. somebody(pron, n)某人,有人;有名气的人
Somebody wants to see you, sir. 阁下,有人想见你。
His wife is now somebody in television.
She thinks she’s really somebody in that car.
1282. someone(pron)某人, 有人
There’s someone at the door.门口有个人。
Someone’s left their bag behind.有人把包落下了。
It couldn’t have been me. It must have been someone else.
1283. something(pron)某事
There’s something wrong with the TV.电视出毛病了。
I have something important to tell you.
Are you trying to hide something from me?
1284. sometimes(ad)有时
He sometimes writes to me.他偶尔写信给我。
1285. somewhere(ad)在某处;到某处
Can we go somewhere warm?
I’ve seen him somewhere before.我以前在哪见过他。
Come and see me then. We'll go out somewhere.
1286. son(n)儿子, 后裔, 孩子
They have three grown-up sons.他们又三个成年的儿子
1287. song(n)歌曲
Sing us a song. 给我们唱支歌吧。
1288. soon(ad) (过)不久, 即刻, 早, 快
She sold the house soon after her husband died.
See you soon.再见!
--How soon can you get here?你什么时候能赶到这?
--In a week.一个礼拜过后
The sooner we set off, the sooner we will arrive.我们走得越早就到得越早。
Please send it as soon as possible =
Please send it as soon as you can.请尽快把它寄出去。
1289. sorry感到难过的;感到可怜的;感到抱歉的;感到遗憾的
I am sorry to hear that your brother passed away. 听到你兄弟去世的消息,我很难过。
I'm sorry that I can't join you in the discussion.
We're sorry to be late. 对不起,我们来迟了。
1290. sort(V, N ) 把...分类 挑选,区分;种类,品种,类型
They sort apples by grade. 他们把苹果按等级分类。
Can't you sort the good from the bad?
Rubbish can easily be separated and sorted into plastic, glass and paper.
All sorts of lamps are available in that shop.
He’s the sort of person who only cares about money.
1291. sound (n, v) 声音, 响声; 听起来; 响
Sound travels slower than light.声音传播比光慢。
His voice sounds strange on the phone.
You sounded just like your father when you said that.
--Let’s go boating this afternoon, shall we?
--That sounds great / That sound like a good idea.
The music made me think of the ___of a running stream
A. shout B. noise C. voice D. sound
1292.soup(n)汤, 羹
I’d like a bowl of tomato soup.我要一碗番茄汤。
The restaurant serves all kinds of soups.
1293. # sour(a)酸的,酸味的 ;酸腐的,馊的;
These oranges taste sour.这些橘子吃起来很酸。
The soup has gone sour.这汤发酸了。
1294. south(n, a)南, 南方(的), 向/来自南方的,在南方
He lives to the south of the city.他住在城外南边。
Spain lies in the south of Europe.西班牙位于欧洲南部。
* southwest (n) 西南
1295. southern(a)南方的, 南部的
He has travelled in southern cities.他游历了南方各市。
1296. space(n)空间, 场地, 太空, 间隔
We must make good use of the available space.我们必须充分利用现有空间。
That desk takes up too much space.
1297. spare(a)多余的,剩下的;空闲的 备用的
He has nothing to do in his spare time.他休闲时间无事可做。
We’ve got a spare bedroom, if you’d like to stay.
I’ve lost the key to the door. Luckily, I have a spare one.
【补充】(v)抽出, 匀出;不吝啬(时间,金钱);饶恕
I’d love to have a break, but I can’t spare the time just now.
我是想休息一下, 可眼下抽不出时间。
We can only spare one room for room.
He spared no effort to make her happy again.
They killed the men but spared the children.
1298. speak (spoke, spoken) (v)说, 讲; 说(语言); 演说,
Do you speak English?你讲英语吗?
I’ve spoken to the manager about it.
--Can I speak to Susan?请让苏珊接电话好吗?
--Speaking. 我就是。
Without speaking, she stood up and went out.
He speaks with a strange accent.他说话的口音很特别。
1299. speaker(n)说话者;演讲者 扬声器,扩音机。
Our first speaker tonight is Mr. White.
The president addressed the students on the speaker.
1300 special(a)特殊的, 特别的; 专门的
There is something special about this place.
What are your special interests?你有哪些主要爱好?
He sent a special message to the men.
As an only child she got special attention.
His accent is very quite special.他的口音很特别。
1301. speech(n)说话, 演说; 言语
freedom of speech言论自由
to give / make a speech on human rights
1302. speed(n, v) 速率,速度;加速,迅速前进, 超速行驶
The train is travelling at a speed of sixty miles an hour.
The train began to pick up speed.火车开始加速。
Tom was fined for speeding.汤姆因超速行车被罚款。
The police caught him speeding.警察发现他超速行驶。
1303. spell (-ed, -ed / spelt, spelt) (v)拼写
How do you spell this word?这个词怎么拼?
C-A-T spells “cat” C-A-T拼作cat
1304. spend (spent, spent) (v) 花费(时间/金钱), 度过
I’ve spent all my money already.我已经把钱全部花完了。
I spent $100 on a new dress.我花100美元买了条新裙子。
He spent much time doing his homework
We spent the weekend in Paris.我们在巴黎度过了周末。
How do you spend your spare time?
She spends too much effort on things that don’t matter.
It’s nice of you to ____ so much time showing me around your school.
A. take B. spend C. cost D. have
1305. spirit(n)精神, 心灵; 情绪
to be in high / low spirits情绪高 / 低
You must try and keep your spirits up.
1306. spoon(n)匙, 调羹
a soup spoon 汤匙
I smelt the medicine before taking a spoon of it.我闻了闻药,然后服了一匙。
1307. sport(n)运动, 运动会
What’s your favorite sport?你最喜欢哪一项体育运动?
team / water sports 集体项目 / 水上运动
1308. spread (spread, spread) (v)使伸展,使延伸展开;摊开 撒;散布,传播;普及 传开;蔓延
The bird spread its wings.鸟展开翅膀。
Paper had been spread out on the desk.
She spread her arms and the children ran towards her.
The disease spreads easily.这种病容易传播。
It’s said the Bird Flu is spread by birds.
The fire rapidly spread to the next building.
She was told not to spread this secret around.
1309. spring(n)春天 弹簧 泉 源泉
He was born in the spring of 1944.他生于1944年春
The bed has lost its spring.那床失去了弹性
a mountain spring山泉
1310. square(n)正方形;方形物; 广场
a square room / table 正方形的房间/方桌
an area of 36 square metres 36平米的面积
the square of 7 is 49 7的平方式49
Have you ever been to Tiananmen Square?
1311. stairs(n)楼梯
The children ran up / down the stairs
孩子们跑上 / 跑下楼去。
at the bottom / top of the stairs在楼梯下端/顶端
How many stairs are there up to the second floor?
1312. stamp(n)邮票;
He has been collecting stamps since he was eight.
1313. stand (stood, stood) (v)站立, 竖放; 坐落; 经受,持久
Her legs were so weak that she could hardly stand.
Our school stands at the foot of the hill.
The world record stood for 20 years.
I can’t stand his brother.他弟弟让我受不了。
I just can't stand the cold. 我受不了那么冷。
I can’t stand living with you.和你住一块,我受不了。
She couldn’t stand being kept waiting.叫她等着她会受不了。
1314. standard (n, a.) 标准,水平;标准的合规格的
Your work is not up to (the) standard.你的工作未达到标准。
Your recent work has been below standard.
He wrote in standard English. 他用标准英文写作。
1315. star(n)星, 恒星;星级;明星
a film star电影明星
He’s so good. I’m sure he’ll be a big star.
three-/four--/five-star hotels三星级/四星级/五星级饭店
1316. start(v)出发, 开始,着手,,启动 发起;创办
We’ll start at six on Friday morning.
Summer vacation normally starts in early July.
He is thinking of starting a newspaper.他打算创办一份报纸。
Do you know how to start the engine? 你会启动引擎吗?
1317. state (n)状况,状态 情况; 国家,州
The building is in a bad state of repair.那座房子年久失修。
Look at the state of you! You can’t go out looking like that.
Ice is water in a solid state. 冰是水的固体状态。
1318. station(n)车站, 所, 站, 局
a bus / coach station公共汽车/长途汽车站
a police / fire station警察局/ 消防站
a TV station 电视台
People in all stations of life.社会各阶层人们。
She is a woman of high station.她是位贵妇人。
1319. stay (n, v) 停留,逗留 保持
He stayed with a friend while he was in Paris.
I hope the weather will stay fine.我希望天气能持续放晴。
You’ve got school tomorrow. I don’t want you staying up late.
Henry speaks Chinese very well. He ________ in China since 2002
A. stays B. stayed C. is staying D. has stayed
1320. steal (stole, stolen) (v)偷, 窃取
I found out he’d been stealing from us for years.
I’ll report you to the police if I catch you stealing again.
I had my purse stolen.我的钱包给人偷了。
1321. steel(n)钢, 钢铁
1322. step (n, v.)脚步,台阶,步骤,梯级;走,跨步,踩
She took a few steps towards the window.
They have made a big step in their business.
I’ll explain it to you step by step.我来一步步给你解释。
She walked down some stone steps to the beach.她走下几级石阶,来到海滩上。
Please step this way. 请这边走
She stepped into the room and sat down in a sofa. 她走进屋子在沙发上坐下。
Sorry! Did I step on your feet?
* step-mother (n) 继母
1323. stick (stuck, stuck) (n, v)
【名词】 枝条 ,棍, 棒
Grandpa still walks without a stick. 爷爷走路仍不拄拐杖。
We collected dry sticks to start a fire.
The boy were throwing sticks and stones at the dog.
They stuck the notice on the wall. 他们把通知贴在墙上。
This stamp won't stick. 这张邮票贴不上。
【补充】(通常用于疑问句和否定句)容忍, 忍受
I can’t stick such people. 我无法容忍那种人。
John can’t stick living with his parents.
1324. still(ad) 还,仍旧
I wrote to them last month and I’m still waiting for a reply.
Do you still live at the same address?你还住在原地址吗?
There’s still time to change your mind.
Her grandmother is still living. 她祖母仍然健在。
They are still working in the fields.他们还在田里工作。
Keep still while I brush your hair.我给你梳头时你不要动。
The kids found it hard to stay still.
(ad.) (强调比较级)还要, 更
It's hot today, but it'll be still hotter tomorrow.
The sick child looks still worse today than yesterday.
1325. stomach(n)胃, 腹部, 胃口
It’s not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach
You should exercise on a full stomach.
Lie on your stomach with your arms by your side
【成语】have no stomach for sth.不想吃…;对…没胃口
1326. stone(n)石头, 石料
Most of the houses are built of stone.
1327. stop (n, v)停,停车站;停,停止,阻止
The train came to a stop. 火车停了下来。
I'll get off at the next stop. 我下一站下车。
It has stopped raining. 雨停了。
The policemen stopped the fight. 警察制止了这场斗殴。
The heavy snow stopped him from coming to our party.
We have worked for a long time, so we stop to have a rest.
On my way home I stopped at my aunt’s.
He stopped at a hotel for the night.他在一家旅馆过夜。
The river smells terrible. People must___ dirty water into it.
A. be stopped to throw B. be stopped from throwing
C.stop to throw D. stop from throwing
1328. store (n, v)
【动词】贮存 保管,收存 容纳; 蓄有
The cabbages were stored in the hole.包心菜储藏在那洞中。
They used the house to store the waste papers.
【名词】贮存 仓库 大商店 百货店
a health food store保健食品店
1329. storm(n) (如)暴风雪/雨(的); 袭击
A few minutes later the storm broke.
1330. story(n)故事; (建筑物的)层,楼[
Shall I tell you a story?我给你讲个故事好吗?
The building has fifty stories. 这座大楼有五十层。
1331. strange(a)奇怪的;陌生的;生疏的,
A strange thing happened this morning.
She was looking at me in a strange way.
At first the place was strange to me.
1332. stranger(n)陌生人,外人
They got on well together although they were total strangers.
Mom often tells Linda not to talk to a stranger.
I’m sorry, I don’t know where the bank is. I’m a stranger here myself.
--Could you tell me something about the boy who helped you just now?
--Sorry, I know nothing about him. We are ____.
A. friends B. neighbors C. classmates D. strangers
1333. strawberry(n)草莓
I like srawberries best.我最喜欢草莓。
1334. stream(n)小河,溪流
Can you jump across the stream?你能跳过这条小溪吗?
1335. street(n)大街, 街道
To walk along / down / up the street.沿着街道走。
The bank is just across the street.银行就在街对过。
The street runs through the town.街道横穿这个镇。
1336. strict(a)严格的, 严厉的,严密的
strict rules严格的纪律
She’s a strict teacher.她是个严格的教师。
Our teachers are all very strict with us students.
1337. strong(a)强壮的,强健的, ;(风、水流等)强劲的, (性格)坚强的;(态度等)坚决的;强硬的, (味道、气味)浓的,强烈的;(酒)烈性的, (能力)优秀的;擅长的
He is strong enough to lift that rock.
Our leader has a strong will.我们的领袖有坚强的意志。
I like drinking strong tea. 我喜欢喝浓茶。
He is strong in mathematics. 他擅长数学。
1338. student(n)学生
a 15-year-old high school student一名15岁的中学生
1339. study(v,n) 学习;研究 书房
How long have you been studying English?
Don’t disturb Tom. He’s studying for her exams.
to make / carry out a study进行/开展一项研究
It’s important to develop good study skills
Mr. Smith is reading in his study.史密斯先生在书房内看书。
1340. stupid(a)笨的, 蠢的,
It was stupid of you to believe him.
I made a stupid mistake.我犯了个愚蠢的错误。
1341. subject(n)主题;题目;题材科目,学科主语
a magazine article on the subject of space travel一篇谈航天旅行的杂志文章
I wish you’d change the subject.我希望你换个话题。
Geography and English are my favorite sunjects.地理和英语是我最喜欢的两门课。
1342. succeed(v)成功,
He succeeded in getting the job. 他谋得了那份工作。
Our plan has succeeded. 我们的计划成功了。
【补充】继任; 继承; 继...之后; 接续
The younger man will succeed Mr. White as director.
1343. success(n)成功, 成就
What’s the secret of your success?
They didn’t have much success in life.
I didn’t have much success in finding a job.
The party was a big success.这次聚会非常成功。
He’s proud of his daughter’s successes.
1344. successful(a)成功的, 如愿以偿的
They were successful in winning the game.
I wasn’t vey successful at keeping the news secret.
1345. such (ad., a ,Pron.) 这样的,那样的,这样的人(物)
Such accidents should not happen again.
Why are you in such a hurry?干吗这么急匆匆的?
He is such a good teacher that all his pupils like him.
It was such an exciting game.那场比赛真是精彩刺激。
Such were her words. 她就是这么说的。
Such is their decision. 他们的决定就是这样。
1346. sudden(a)突然的, 忽然的
a sudden change/decision 骤变/突然地决定
His death was very sudden.他死得很突然。
I suddenly realized what I had to do.
It all happened so suddenly.一切都来得那么突然。
1347. sugar(n)糖
Do you take sugar?您放糖吗?
See you later, sugar.再见,亲爱的。
1348. suggest(v)建议,提议
I suggest our going to the park on Sunday.
The dentist suggested that she (should) come another day. 牙医建议她改天再来。
I suggestedd going in my car.我提议做我的车去。
Can you suggest a good dictionary?
Can you suggest me a good dictionary? (错误句型)
不能说:suggest sb. sth.
1349. suggestion(n)建议, 意见
Can I make a suggestion?我提个建议好吗?
Do you have any suggestions?你有什么建议吗?
I’d like to hear your suggestions for ways of raising money.
We are open to suggestions.我们愿意听取大家的建议。
1350. summer(n)夏天, 夏季;
It’s very hot here in summer.这里夏天很热。
in the summer of 1999在1999年夏天
It is now high summer.正值盛夏。
the summer holidays暑假
1351. sun(n)太阳; 日光
the rising / setting sun 初升的/西下的太阳
The sun was shining and birds were singing.
Don’t read in the sun.不要再阳光下看书
【成语】under the sun天下,世上,全世界
We talked about everything under the sun.
* sunburnt (a) 晒黑的
* sunglasses (n) 太阳镜
* sunlight (n) 阳光,日光
* sunrise (n) 黎明,拂晓
* sunset (n) 日落(时分)
* sunshine (n) 阳光
1352. Sunday(n)星期天
Tom invited all his best friends to his birthday party last Sunday.
1353. sunny(a)晴朗的, 阳光明亮的
It was a warm sunny day.那是个温暖的阳光明媚的日子。
His nature was sunny.他性情开朗。
1354. supermarket(n)超级市场
They bought food at the supermarket.
1355. supper(n)晚饭, 晚餐
He is at supper.他正在吃晚饭。
I had a wonderful supper yesterday.
The hotel is famous for its suppers.
1356. supply (v, n)
【动词】 供给,供应,提供
Our farm supplies the market with fruits and vegetables. 我们的农场为市场提供水果和蔬菜。
The school supplies books for the children.
【名词】 供给,供应 生活用品 生活费 补给品
Our medical supplies are running short.
The water supply was unsafe.供水不稳定。
My father has cut off the supplies.父亲停止给我生活费了。
1357. suppose(v)猜想, 假定,料想
I suppose he is still in town. 我想他还在城里。
Suppose the car should break down again.
You’re not supposed to take the books out of the room.
She had supposed him (to be) very rich.她原以为他很有钱。
I had supposed his wife a younger woman.

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