Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from教案

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(Section A)
Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands
1. Knowledge Objects
Names of some countries and cities. Where is your pen pal from?
Where does he/she live? What language do they speak? This is my
new pen pal?
What language does she speak? She speaks English.
2. Ability Objects
Listening skill. Writing skill. Practice skill. Communicative competence.
3. Moral skill
Be proud of being a China. Make pen friends. Know about more information about some countries.
Ⅱ.Teaching Key Point
The new words of this section. The language names
Ⅲ. Teaching Difficulties
Where is your pen pal from? She is from Japan. Where does he/she live? What language
does she speak? She speaks English.
Ⅳ.Teaching Methods
Listening and talking methods. Pairwork. Practice. Discovering and checking methods.
Ⅴ.Teaching Aids
a tape recorder. a world map. Computer.
Ⅵ.Teaching Procedures
Greet the class as usual.
StepⅡ 1a
1. First show the pictures of some countries on the screen. Learn the names of
these countries.
2. Now open your books. Listen to the recording. Please repeat the names of the
countries.(play the recording twice)
Step Ⅲ 1b
Listen and circle the countries in 1a you hear.
Play the recording the first time. Students only listen. Then a second time. This
time ask students to circle the country names they hear.
Then check the answers.
StepⅣ 1c
Read the conversations in the picture.
Ask students to work in pairs, ask and answer questions about where they are from?
ask some pairs to present their conversations to the class.
StepⅤ. 2a
Point to the chart and ask the students to write the name of a country in the blank
after each city.
StepⅥ. 2b, 2c, 2d
1. 2b Listen and circle the cities and countries you hear on the recording.
2. 2c Listen again and complete the chart.
3. 2d Now use the information in the chart in 2c and make more conversations.
StepⅦ Grammar Focus
Review the grammar box. Ask students to say the questions and answers.
Step Ⅷ 3a, 3b,4
1. Finish the chart of 3a , then choose a country and make a conversation.
2. Quiz Name the place! play this game.
StepⅨ Summary
Summary the information in section A.
StepⅩ Homework
Have more practice after class.
Blackboard design
Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from?
Where is your pen pal from?
He’s from Canada.
Where does he live?
He lives in England.

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