Life in the Future

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Book 4 Module 1 Life in the Future
Learning Paper 3 Extensive Reading
Learning aims : practice reading skill revise some words and expressions
Activity1 Read the passage on page 9 and do the following exercises
I .Match the people or magazines with their predictions .
1.The Micro Millennium Men on the Moon
2.Orville Wright Robots in the House
3.Thomas Watson Clothes
4.Aronld B.Barach Airplanes
5.Changing Times Magazine Computers
6.New York Times The Beatles
7.Decca Recording Co Keys
II.Try to translate and recite these sentences.
1.Not all predictions come true.

2.We don’t like their sound ,and guitar music is on the way out .

2.Thirty years from now people will be wearing clothes made of paper which they will be able to throw away after wearing them two or three times.

Activity 2 Read the passage on page 69 and do the following exercises .
I.Read the article and match the headings in activity 8 with the paragraphs .
1.Jobs______ 2.Informations ______ 3.Houses______
4.The distant future______ 5.Vacations_______
II.Decide if these statements are T or F.
1) We will be living in houses and flats just as we do today. ( )
2) It will be difficult to find similar homes in the future. ( )
3)Teachers will not exist in the future . ( )
4)Space holidays will be possible for everyone. ( )
5)E-paper will be used over and over again. ( )
6) We will have to explore the universe and find another home. ( )
III. Do the exercise on page 70.
IV Discussion
1)Do you like tomorrow’s world? Try to design a house for yourself.

2)Try to imagine what the life will be like when you are 30 years old.

未来的社会将会是什么样子的呢?没有人确切的了解,进行预测是一件很冒险的事。但有一件事是可以肯定的——它们变小之前将会变的更大。将来,爱护环境将会很重要因为地球的资源濒临枯竭。我们将会使用大量的可回收材料,例如塑料,铝 ,钢铁,玻璃,木头和纸。我们浪费自然资源的程度将会有所减弱。我们也将不得不更多地依赖其他能源。例如,太阳能和风能。所有的这些似乎是肯定的,但是还有许多关于城市生活的事情仍是未知的。


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