9B Unit 1 Life on Mars Welcome to the unit & Vocabularly

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9B Unit 1 Life on Mars Welcome to the unit & Vocabularly教案
Teaching aims:
To learn and remember the new words about space travel
To talk about living on Mars
To recognize the advantages an d disadvantages of livin g on Mars
To talk about camping on the moon
To know things astronauts need to take and talk about oen’s opinion
To remember the useful expressions and learn to use them properly
Step1 Lead in
Show pictures about Christmas and have a free talk about it
Q: When is Christm as Day?
Si nce Christmas Day is coiming soon, What is your wish for Christmas
(Get Ss to talk about it)
Step2 Learn about space
Daniel has 3 wishes for Christmas Day.
What are they? Let’s have a look!
(1)Camping on the moon
(2)Living on Mars
(3)Being an astronaut to travel in space
Of course , Daniel should do some preparations before camping on the moon, living on Mars and being an astronaut.
First , Daniel searched the Internet for information about the solar system.
Then Daniel got everything ready.
(What are they?)
Get Ss to learn and remember new words.(planet star sattelite helmet, pills ,net, guitar,sunglasses, tent …)
Step 3 Help Daniel about his first w ish----Camping on the moon
Daniel is dreaming about camping on the moon. What should he take with him?
Task 1---What should Daniel take to the moon? Why?
Practise (P7/Part B)

Step 4 Daniel’s sencond wish----Living on Mars
Task 2 Help Daniel say Yes Or No about life in space
Daniel is thinking about what it might be like to live on Mars. He is comparing living on Earth to living on Mars at present. W rite yes or no in the blanks and try your best to tell the reason(s).
In the future, our planet, Earth, may become overcrowded and polluted. People may move to the Mars. (The surface of Mars is more similar to the s urface of Earth. It has a thin atmosphere and there are also polar ice caps and water-carved valleys.)
Do you think it’s yes or no to live on Mars than to live on Earth at present?
Help Daniel complete the blanks on P.7/ PartA.
苹果太高了,我够不到。 The apples are too high for me to get to.
Jim always studies hard so he can get to the top in his class.
(2) We will b e cared for by robots.
Care for/look after/take care of 关心,照料,照顾。
被动语态be + 动词过 去分词。
如果这些 孩子的母亲去世了,谁来照料他们?
Who will care for the children if their mother dies?
Task 3----Speak up
Work in pairs and make a new dialogue like the following example:
A: Would you like to go to Mars?
B: ….
A: Why?
B: Because ….What about you?
A: I … because….
Step 5 Meeing Eddie and Hobo
Task 4 Listen and answer
Questions :
1.How does Eddie like life on Mars?
3.From the dialogue, what fact can you suppose?
A.Eddie likes travelling.
B.Eddie likes studying space.
C. Eddie likes eating better than anything else.
Practise reading the dialogue and try to sum up
Hobo and Eddie are _________ on Mars. Hobo asks Eddie ____ he likes the life on Mars. Eddie says that he _____it. H obo is ________, so he asks why. Eddie answers that he can’t ___ __ his food because of the ______.
Language points
1.How do you like life on Mars?
= __________________________?
2. I thought you liked Mars. 我原本以为你。。。
3.I can’t get to my food.= __________________________
How many places will you travel to when you r_____(到)50 years old?
The fruit is too high for me to ________ (够到).
5. be able to travel in space 未来也许我们将能够搬迁去火星。
6. live on Mars =live on the planet Mars
Task 5 ---Practice:
1.Don’t let the boy play with _______.(火柴)
2. Worker all wear ______(头盔) to keep safe.
3. How much do the two ____________
(walkman) cost?
4. Bring your _______(吉他) with you, boys!
5. Don’t worry! He is cared about by Mrs. Li.
6. You are still in Wuxi now. I thought you _______ (go) to Beijing.
Step 5. Daniel’s3rd wish---Being an astronaut
Work on new words
Step 6 Task 6 ---- Matching
Practise (p12/B)
Step7. Speak up
Simon: I think dried food is the most
important for an astronaut.
Daniel: No, I think an air tank is more important
than dried food.
Simon: Which do you think is the least important?
I think it’s the digital camera.
Daniel: No, I disagree. I think the space sleeping
bag is the least important.
Get Ss to make up their own dialogue
Step8 Discussion
What should we do to protect Earth ?
The more action we take, the ______ environment we will have!
Step11 Homework:
a, recite the comic strip. b. recite the useful expressions
c. Finish t he additional work

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