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--About twenty-minutes’ walk.
A. how long B. how far C. how soon D. how often
469. farm(n) 农场; 饲养场
My uncle works on a farm.
470. farmer(n) 农场主, 农民
471. fast (a, ad .) 快的, 迅速的; 快地, 迅速地
That clock is ten minutes fast.那座钟快十分钟。
I can’t go any faster.我不能走得更快了。
Within a few minutes she was fast asleep.
fast food快餐食物
* fasten (v)扎牢, 扣住
--Would you please drive ___? My plane is taking off.
--I’d like to, but safty comes first.
A. faster B. better C. more carefully D.more slowly
472. fat (a,n.) 肥胖的,多脂肪的;脂肪
You’ll get fat if you eat so much chocolate.
The pig stores a lot of fat in its body.
473.father(n) 父亲; 创始人, 奠基人
Our new boss is a father of three.
The boy from America said his fathers were Chinese.
Graham Bell was the father of the telephone.
474. favourite (AmE favorite) (a. n )喜爱的,最喜欢的
What’s your favorite food?你最喜欢的食物是什么?
She loved all her grandchildren but Ann was her favourite.
475. fear (n)害怕, 恐惧 担心,
She has a great fear of water.她很怕水。
He couldn’t move for fear.他害怕得动弹不得
Her eyes showed no fear.她的眼神无丝毫畏惧
476. February(n) 二月
477. feed (fed, fed) 喂(养);为。。。提供食物
I fed the bird yesterday.我昨天喂过鸟了
The baby can’t feed itself yet.这婴儿还不能自己吃东西
478. feel (felt, felt) 感觉; 触, 摸; 觉得; 摸起来
You’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.
How are you feeling today?你今天觉得怎样?
Try to tell what it is just by feeling it.
Its skin feels really smooth.它的皮摸起来真光滑。
The dress ______ smooth and soft.
A. felt B. feels C. is felt D. is feeling
479. feeling(n) 感情, 感觉
I’ve lost all feeling in my hands我的双手失去了知觉。
He hates talking about his feelings.他讨厌谈论他的感情。
I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
480. festival(n) 节日; 喜庆日
It’s Dragon Boat Festival today, isn’t it?
481. fetch (去)取(物)来;去带(人)来
Could you fetch me my bag?你能帮我去取我的包吗?
She’s gone to fetch the kids from school她去学校接孩子了。
482. fever(n) 发烧; 一时狂热
He has a high fever.他发高烧。
483. few( pron, a).不多,少数;不多的,少数的
There are fewer boys than girls in my class.
There were few people in the streets.街上人很少。
He has a few friends in this city. (肯定)
Very few of his books are worth reading.
I try to visit my parents every few weeks.
Only a few of my friends have been to Beijing.
I’ve been there quite a few times.我去过那里好几次。
A lot of story books are on sale, but _____ good ones.
A. any B. some C. few D. many
The teacher asked the boy many questions, but he only answered A of them.
A. some B. lots C.each D.few
484. field(n)原野;田地;田赛场地;(知识)领域
They were working in the cotton fields.
This discovery has opened up a whole new field of research.这个发现开辟了一个崭新的研究领域。
He is very famous in the field of music.
485. fifth(num) 第五
My office is on the fifth floor.我的办公室在六楼。
486. fifty(num) 五十
She was born in the fifties.她是五十年代出生的。
She has a fifty-fifty chance of winning.
487. fight (fought, fought) (n,v)战斗; 打架,争论
My grandfather fought against the Fascists in Spain.
My little brothers are always fighting.
* fighter (n) 战士,斗士
488. fill(v) (使)充满, 装满
Smoke filled the room.房间里烟雾弥漫。
He is filling a hole with earth.他在用泥土填洞。
The bottle is filled with water.瓶里装满了水。
489. film(n) 电影, 胶片,胶卷
Let’s stay in and watch a film.咱们呆在家里看电影吧。
She put a new film in her camera.他在相机里装上了新胶卷。
I will have my film developed tomorrow.
490. final最后的;最终的;决定性的;不可更改的
This is your final chance.这是你的最后一次机会。
The headmaster has the final say. 校长说了算数。
I’ll give you $500 for it, and that’s my final offer.
491. find (found, found) (v)找到,发现,发觉,感到
I’ve found the book I lost我已找到了我丢失的那本书。
You will find it a difficult book.你会觉得这是本难以读懂的书。
You may find it hard to accept your illness.
He found the door closed.他发现门关着。
He woke up and found himself in a hospital.
We found him waiting for us at the station.
This kind of bird is only found in Asia.
Rivers find their way to the sea. 江河流入大海。
Most money finds its way to the people who need it.
492. fine(a.)优秀的 尖细的 晴朗的 健康的 细微的
She is really a fine artist.她真是一位杰出的艺术家。
This pen has a fine point. 这支笔的笔尖细。
It's turned out fine again. 天又转晴了。
There is a fine difference between the two words. 这两个字之间有细微区别。
I was feeling fine when I got up this morning.
--How are you? --Fine, thanks.
--Can I get you another drink?我可以再给你取一杯吗?
--No, thanks. I’m fine.不,谢谢。 我够了
493. finger(n)手指;大拇指以外的手指
494. finish(v) 完成, 结束
Haven’t you finished your homework yet?
Be quiet! I haven’t finished speaking.安静!我还没讲完。.
The play finished at 10:30比赛于10点半结束。
495. fire(n) 火, 火灾,射击, 开火; 解雇
Most animal are afraid of fire.大多数动物怕火。
It took two hours to put out the fire.
The officer ordered his men to fire.军官下令士兵开火。
The manager fired Bob because he was always late for work.鲍勃因上班总是迟到而被经理解雇了。
* firefighter(n)消防人员
* fireplace (n)壁炉
* firewood (n) 木柴
* fireworks (n) 焰火
496. first (num. a . ad .)第一;首次;最初
He was the first to be there.他第一个到那里。
I must finish my homework first.我必须首先做完家庭作业。
497. fish(n,v) 鱼; 鱼肉; 钓鱼
There are several fishes in the lake.湖里有好几种鱼。
He found some dead fish beside the sea.
Fish was the last course that day.那天,鱼是最后一道菜。
I don’t know how to fish.我不会钓鱼。
I often fish the river.我常在这条河里钓鱼。
--I’ve got a little____ in my house.
--Why not keep two or more?
A.juice B. mice C. bread D. fish
498. fisherman(n) 渔民;钓鱼的人
His father is a fisherman.他父亲是渔民。
499. fit (a. v) 适合的; 健康的;适合,安装
Grass is fit for cows. 草适合给牛吃。
He tries to keep fit by running every morning.
He is not fit to be a lawyer.他不适合当律师。
This dress doesn't fit me.这件衣服不适合我穿。
Can you fit the electric fire for me?你能替我装上电炉吗?
The rooms were all fitted with smoke alarms.
500. five(num) 五
【补充词汇】give sb, five(与某人击掌问候或庆祝胜利)
Give me five!咱们击掌相庆吧!
501. fix修理,安装,确定,决定,使固定
Will you fix the New Year’s picture on the wall?
We are going to fix the broken machines.
Has the date of the next meeting been fixed?
502. flag(n) 旗, 旗帜;标志
The American flag was flying.美国国旗迎风飘扬。
503. flat(a. n)公寓; 套房 ;平的
Did you live in a flat or a house?你住的是公寓还是房子。
He shares a flat with his friend.他与朋友合住一套房。
People used to think the earth was flat.
504. floor地板,地面 (楼房的)层
The body was lying on the kitchen floor.
Her office is on the second floor.
她的办公室在三楼。 (the ground floor第一层(英国))
505. flower(n) 花, 花朵
The plant has a beautiful bright red flower.
506. flu(n) 流感, 流行性感冒
The whole has the flu.全家都患流感。
She’s got flu. 她患上流感了。
bird flu禽流感
507. fly (flew, flown) 飞行, 驾驶飞机, 乘飞机旅行, (旗帜等)飘扬,飞奔;(时间)飞逝, 使飞; 放(风筝),
Birds can fly with their wings.鸟能用翅膀飞翔。
The pilot has flown for years.这位飞行员已驾驶飞机多年。
I’ll fly to London tomorrow. 我明天搭飞机去伦敦。
The American flag was flying.美国国旗迎风飘扬。
How time flies!光阴似箭!
He flew out of the room. 他从房间里飞奔出来。
Our boys are flying kites. 我们的孩子们在放风筝。
508. fly (n) 苍蝇, 蝇类虫害
A fly is on the ceiling.一只苍蝇在天花板上。
509. follow跟随,仿效 跟得上;接在...之后,听懂;
My dog follows me to school.我的狗跟着我去上学。
Night follows day. 黑夜接着白天。
Follow this road to the bridge.沿这条路一直走到桥边。
Sorry, I don’t follow you.对不起,我听不懂你的话。
Why didn’t you follow my advice?你为何不听我的劝告?
* following (a.) 接着的,以下的
Answer the following questions.回答下列问题。
510. food(n) 食品, 食物; 粮食
511. foot (feet) 脚, 最下部,底部; 英尺
The village is at the foot of the mountain. 村子在山脚下。
We came on foot.我们是走来的.
The building is 60 feet high. 这幢房子有六十尺高。
512. football(n) 足球, 橄榄球
513. for(prep. conj)为了, 代替; 代表, 因为,由于, 对于,关于;在...方面,, 以...为代价;以...交换, 当作,作为, 赞成;支持;倾向于, 朝...方向去, 就...而言,适合
What can I do for you?我能为你做什么?
There is a letter for you.有你一封信。
We used boxes for chairs. 我们用箱子当椅子坐。
I am sorry for what I said to you. 我后悔不该对你讲那些话。
He is famous for his sweet voice.他因甜嗓子出名。
I am too old for the job. 我年纪太大,做不了这工作。
He sold his car for 500 dollars.他以五百元把车卖了。
Are you for the government or against it?
There is no need for you to go.你不必走。
He left for Taipei. 他出发去台北。
Prepare to get off the bus, for we are almost there.我们马上就要到了,准备下车吧。
514. force(v)强迫,迫使, 勉强作出(或发出)
I was forced to take a taxi because the last bus had left.
She forced herself to be polite to them.
515. foreign(a.) 外国的, 外来的
It’s very important for us to master a foreign language.
516. foreigner(n)外国人
I have never met a foreigner who speaks such perfect Chinese.我从未见过一个外国人说汉语说得这么好。
517. forest(n)森林 丛林
518. forget (forgot, forgot) (v)忘记
Take care, and don’t forget to write.要保重,别忘了写信。
I forgot to ask him for his address.我忘记向他要地址。
I’ll never forget hearing this piece of music for the first time.我永远不会忘记第一次听到这首曲子的情景。
【注意】把东西忘在某处不用forget,如不能说 I’ve forgotten my book at home.而要翻译成:I’ve left my book at home.
* forgetful (a.) 键忘的,不留心的
519. fork(n)叉, 餐叉
We seldom eat with a knife and fork.
520. form(n)表格,形式,结构
Churches are often built in the form of a cross.
The disease can take several different forms.
Ice, snow and steam are different forms of water.冰,雪,蒸汽是水的不同形式。
to fill in a form = to fill out a form 填表
521. forty四十
* fortnight(n)十四日,两星期
522. forward向前. 提前
He hurried forward to meet her. 他赶紧走上前去迎接她。
The meeting had been put forward an hour.
523. four四
524. fourteen十四
525. fourth第四
526. fox(n) 狐狸 (狡猾的人)
People consider foxes as cleverest animals.
527. free(a.)自由的,空闲的,免费的
Everyone is free to express himself.
Peter gave me two free tickets for the concert.
What do you like to do in your free time?
* freedom (n) 自由
* freeway (n) 高速公路
528.freeze (froze, frozen) (v)(使)结冰
Water freezes at 0’C水在零度结冰。
It’s so cold that even the river has frozen.
It may freeze tonight, so bring those plants inside.
* freezing (a.) 冻结的,极冷的
529.fresh(a.)新鲜的, (水等)淡的, 清新的
They buy fresh meat. 他们买新鲜肉。
This kind of fish lives in fresh water.这种鱼生活在淡水中。
He opened the window to let in some fresh air.
530. Friday(n) 星期五
531. fridge(=refrigerator) 冰箱
532. friend(n) 朋友
Is he a friend of yours?他是你的朋友吗?
He’s one of my best friends.他是我最好的朋友之一。
a close / good friend密友,好友
533. friendly(a.) 友好的
Everyone is very friendly to me.
He is not friendly with anybody.他跟任何人都合不来。
It was friendly of him to offer his help.
534. friendship(n)友谊;友好
Their friendship was as close as ever it had been. 他们的友谊跟以往一样亲密。
535. frog (n)蛙,青蛙
Frog can live both on land and in water.
536. from(prep)从;从…起;距,来自
We’ve working from morning to night.
I come from the north.我是北方人。
My new purse is different from yours.
He lives a few miles from our school.
You can see the island from here.
537. front (a. n) 前面;正面;前线; 前面的
The front of the postcard shows a picture of the Summer Palace. 明信片的正面是一幅颐和园的照片。
He has just returned from the front.他刚从前线回来。
This is our front garden. 这是我们的前花园。
538. fruit (n)水果。果实
I’m sure you will enjoy the fruit of your hard work soon.
* fruit juice 果汁
539. full(a.)满的;吃饱的
His bedroom is full of books.他的卧室装满了书。
The kids still weren’t full, so I gave them an ice cream each.孩子们还没吃饱,所以我给他们每人一份冰激凌。
540. fun(n)娱乐,乐趣, 玩笑,嬉戏, 有趣的人(或事物)
have fun. = enjoy yourself.尽情的玩吧
--Jack, I will go for a picnic with my parents after the exam
--Have fun !
What fun we had! 我们玩得多开心!
His uncle is fond of fun. 他的叔父喜欢开玩笑。
There are lots of fun things for young people to do here.
This game looks fun.
541. funny(a.)滑稽可笑的;爱开玩笑的
That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
【注意】funny不表示enjoyable的意思:The party was great fun.不能翻译成:The party was very funny.
542. furniture(n)家具(不可数)
a piece of furniture一件家具
We need to buy some new furniture.我们需要买些新家具。
543. future(n) 将来, 前途
We need to plan for the future.我们需要为将来做打算。
We’ll live a happier life in the future.
Please be more careful in future.今后请多加小心。
544.game(n) 游戏; 运动; 比赛
The 1984 Olympic Games was held in Los Angles.
The Asian Games meet every four years.
545. garden(n) 花园;果园;菜园
I am looking for a house. I’d like one with a garden.
* gardening (n)园艺学
546. gate(n) 大门
A crowd gathered at the factory gate.
We drove through the palace gates.
547. general一般的,普遍的; 首席的,总的;
These difficulties are general among people of his age.
This is a general magazine. 这是一本普通杂志。
He has been promoted to general manager.
548. gentleman(n)先生; 绅士,有教养的人
Thank you---you’re a real gentleman.
Ladies and gentlemen! Can I have your attention,please?女士们先生们,请大家注意。
* gentle (a.) 温柔的,轻轻的
549. geography(n)地理, 地理学
I like geography and history.我喜欢地理和历史。
550. gesture(n)姿势;手势;姿态,表示
He made a rude gesture at the driver of the other car.
Handshake is a gesture of friendship.
551. get (got, got)得到;具有;到达;(去)拿;开始,逐渐
He gets first prize in the listening contest.
I got a new coat in that store last week.
Did you manage to get tickets for the concerts?
I didn’t get any answer from him. 我没有收到他的回信。
I’ll get you something to eat.我将给你弄点吃的。
When do you get to Hong Kong?你什么时候到香港?
It’s getting cold. 天气变冷。
He’s getting on very well at school.他在学校学得很好
I’m not getting on very fast with this job.
I tried calling you several times but I couldn’t get through.
Be careful, Jane. Don’t get your hands dirty.
【补充】为...接通... 理解;听清楚;记住;学会
Could you get me Hong Kong, please. 请给我接通香港。
Don’t get me wrong. 不要误会我的意思。
I didn’t get you.我搞不懂你的意思。
I don’t get it ---why would she do a thing like that?我不明白--她怎么会干那事。
* get-together(n)聚会
--How can I ______ well with my lessons, Dad?
--Practice makes perfect.
A. work on B. hold on C. get on D. keep on
552. gift (n) 礼品,赠品
She has got lots of birthday gifts.她得到了许多生日礼物。
补充:天赋; 才能
He is a man of gifts. 他是个多才多艺的人。
The boy has a gift for music. 这男孩有音乐天赋。
553. giraffe(n) 长颈鹿
554. girl(n) 女孩, 少女
The little girl was so tired that she fell asleep over her homework.那个小女孩累得写着作业就睡了。
555. give (gave, given) 给, 提供;付出;给予
She gave me a book.她给我一本书。
The play gives us some new ideas.
They say it’s better to give than to receive.
I’ll give you ten minutes to prepare your answer.我给你十分钟时间准备回答。
We’ve been given a 2% pay increase.
556. glad高兴的, 使人高兴的
I am glad you have succeeded.你成功了,我感到高兴。
After a long separation, they held a glad meeting
557. glass(n)玻璃, 玻璃杯, 眼镜
Glass breaks easily.玻璃易碎。
He dropped his glass on the floor and broke it.
I used to drink three glasses of cold water in the morning.
I need glasses when I watch TV.我看电视时需戴眼镜。
558. glove(n) 手套
I want to buy a pair of gloves.
559. go (went, gone) 去,走,进行; 伸展; 消失; 变得, (机器等)运转
They have gone boating. 他们划船去了。
The milk went sour. 牛奶变质了。
This clock does not go. 这钟不走了。
I think you should go to the doctor’s.
How’s it going with you? 近况如何?
Everything is going well. 一切顺利。
Go for it. John! You know you can beat him.
It sounds a great idea. Go for it!
【补充】 (n) 尝试(做某事)Do you want a go?
560. goat(n)山羊
We keep a few goats.我们养了一些山羊。
561. god(n)神, 上帝
Some people believe in God, some don’t.
562. gold金, 黄金; 金色的, 金制的
A gold watch金手表
The ring is made of gold.
* goldfish(n)金鱼
563. golden金色的,金黄色的;黄金般的
She has bright golden hair. 她有一头明亮的金发。
golden memories.美好的记忆
564. good (better, best) 好的, 漂亮的,善良的,有益的
Give me some advice.
The girl has a good look.这女孩长得好看。
She is good at playing the guitar.她擅长弹吉他。
She is very good with children.她对孩子很有一套。
He was very good to me when I was ill.
It was very good of you to come.你能来真是太好了。
Did you have a good time in London?
It’s good for you to eat vegetables every day.
+ good-bye (int)再见
* goodness(n)善良,美德
* goods (n) 商品,货物
565. goose (geese) (n) 鹅; 雌鹅; 鹅肉
The farmer kept many geese on his pond.
She dislikes to eat goose.她讨厌吃鹅肉。
【补充】kill the goose that lays the golden eggs杀鸡取卵
566. government(n)政府
* govern(v) 统治,管理
567.grade(n)年级, 等级, 成绩,分数
These are second-grade grapes.这些是次级葡萄。
The milk is sold in grades.牛奶分等级出售。
She got good grades in her exam.她考试成绩优秀。
The music exam has eight grades; I have passed Grade 1, the easiest.音乐考试分为八级,我已经通过了最容易的第一级。
568. grammar(n) 语法
I find German grammar very difficult.
This grammar is easy to understand.
569. grandchild(n) 孙子, 孙女
* grand(a.)宏伟的
570. granddaughter (n) 孙女
571.grandma(=grandmother) (n) 奶奶(口), 外婆
572. grandpa(=grandfather) (n) 爷爷(口), 外公
573. grandparent(n) 祖父母, 外祖父母
574. grandson(n) 孙子, 外孙
575. granny(n) 奶奶, 外婆
576. grape(n) 葡萄
Wine is made from grapes.葡萄酒由葡萄制成。
成语:Sour grapes(酸葡萄)表示某人贬低某事物,实则是嫉妒。
He said he didn’t want the job anyway, but that’s just sour grapes.他说他其实并不想这份工作,这不过是吃不到葡萄就说葡萄酸而已。
578. grass(n) 草, 草地;牧草
The dry grass caught fire.干草着火了。
Don’t walk on the grass.勿踏草坪
579. great (a.) 巨大的, 非常的, 伟大的
There is a great tree in front of our house.
Einstein was a great scientist. 爱因斯坦是个优秀的科学家。
It was a great decision for her.
580. green (a. n ) 绿色的, 青色的; 未成熟的
Wait for the light to turn green.等绿灯亮了再走。
The tomatoes are still green.西红柿还未熟。
【补充】The new trainees are still green.
581. greeting(n)问候,迎接,招呼,祝愿词;贺词
She welcomed us with a cheerful greeting.
He sent his greetings to you in the letter.
【补充】 greet (v) 问候,向…致敬
She greeted us with a smile.她微笑着和我们打招呼。
His speech was greeted by loud cheers.
582. ground(n) (室外)地面, 场地
I found her lying on the ground.我发现她躺在地上。
2 metres above / below ground地上/地下2米
ground floor一楼(英国)= the first floor(美国)
583. group(n)组, 群, 团体
Students stood around in groups waiting for their results.学生们成群地站在周围等待成绩。
584. grow (grew, grown) 种植; 生长; 渐渐变得
This farm frows mainly flowers and vegetables.这个农场主要种植蔬菜和花卉。
You’ve grown since the last time I saw you.
The skies grew dark and it began to rain.
As time went on he grew more and more impatient.
* growth (n) 生长,增长
585. guard(n)哨兵;卫兵;警备员;看守员;警戒
The guard won’t let anyone through the gate without a pass.卫兵不让任何没有通行证的人通过大门。
All the prisoners are under close guard.
586. guess猜; 认为, 估计
Guessing games are popular with students in English class.猜谜游戏在英国课堂上很受学生欢迎。
I don’t really know, I’m just guessing.
I guess you to be her father.我猜想你是她父亲。
I can’t guess how to control the machine.
--Is he right?他对吗?
--I guess so.我想他是对的
587. guitar(n)吉它, 六弦琴
He is really great at playing the guitar.
588. gun(n)枪, 炮
The gun went off.发令枪响了。
589. gym (=gymnasium) (n)体育馆; 健身房;体操
We played basketball in the gym.我们在体育馆打篮球。
Gym is his favorite sport.体操是他最喜欢的运动。
590. habit(n)习惯; 习性
You need to change your eating habits.
I’m trying to break the habit of staying up too late.我正试图改变熬夜的习惯。
591. hair(n)毛发;兽毛 头发
I’m having my hair cut this afternoon.
592. half (a.. n) 一半; 半个的
two and a half kilos.2公斤半
One and a half hours is / are allowed for the exam.
One hour and a half is allowed for the exam.
He went out at half past ten.
Cut the apple into halves把苹果切成两半。
Half the apples are bad.一半苹果是坏的。
“a(an) + 名词单数 + and a half”或“one and a half + 名词复数”两种结构作主语时,谓语动词都用单数形式。
One and a half pears is left on the table.
593. hall(n)会堂;大厅 门厅;走廊 讲堂
594. ham(n)火腿
I had ham and eggs for breakfast.
595. hamburger(n)汉褒包
596. hand(n)手; (钟表等的)指针; 帮助
A watch has three hands -- the second hand, minute hand and hour hand.
Let me give you a hand with those bags.
* (v) 递,给,交付,上交
* handful (n) (一)把,少数,少量
* handy (a.)便利的,顺手的
597. handbag(n) (女用)手提包, 手提袋
598. handsome(a.)(男)英俊的;(女)清秀端庄健美
He looks tall, handsome and healthy.
599. handwriting(n)书法, 字迹
The boy’s handwriting is difficult to read.
600 hang (hung, hung) (v)悬挂
Where are we supposed to hang our washing up to dry?我们应该把洗好的衣服晾在哪?
There were several expensive suits hanging in the wardrobe.衣柜里挂着几件昂贵的衣服。
【补充】(被)绞死, 吊死(hanged, hanged)
He was the last man to be hanged for murder in this country.他是这个国家中最后一个被处以绞刑的杀人犯
601. happen(v) (偶然)发生; 碰巧
What happened to you?你怎么了?
I’ll be there whatever happens.无论发生什么我都会到那儿。
I happened to sit by her in the cinema.
It happens that he is a teacher of English.
602. happy(a.)幸福的,愉快的,乐意的
I am so happy that you could visit us.
Are you happy with his work?你对他的工作满意吗?
Happy birthday to you!祝你生日快乐!
* happiness(n) 幸福,愉快
* happily (ad.) 幸福地,快乐地
603. hard(ad, a.)硬的 困难的,刻苦的;努力的
I know that he has a very hard life.
It’s hard to believe that she’s only nine.
The book is so hard that I cannot read it at all.
It’s raining harder than ever.雨下得比以前更大了。
--When will the job be finished?什么时候完成工作?
-- It’s hard to say. 难说
604. hardly(ad.)几乎没有, 几乎不; 刚刚
He could hardly see anything, could he?
My legs were so weak that I could hardly stand. 我的腿虚弱得简直无法站立。
He had hardly arrived when it began to snow.
--Did you find the small village yesterday?
--Yes, without any difficulty, for it has ____changed over years.
A. hardly B. greatly C. clearly D. nearly
605. hat (n) 帽子;礼帽
She happened to meet a girl in a red hat.
He is trying on a hat.他正在试帽子。
606. hate(v) 讨厌,憎恨
I hate Monday morning.我讨厌星期一早晨。
She hates making mistakes.她讨厌出错。
He hates to be away from his family.他很不愿意离开家。
She is a person who hates to make mistakes.
He hates anyone parking in his space.
607. have (had,had) (v)有;助动词
They haven't finished the job yet. 他们尚未完成该项工作。
This coat has no pockets. 这件衣服没有口袋。
Many people have doubts about the new project.
We had a wonderful time on the beach.
The manager is having a meeting. 经理正在开会。
They had their lunch in a restaurant.
Have a cup of coffee, please. 请喝杯咖啡。
We had some guests for dinner last night.
Thank you for having me 谢谢你邀请我
My wife is going to have a baby. 我妻子快要生孩子了。
Pa's had his hands burned. 爸的手给烫伤了。
I’ll have my bike mended this afternoon.
The soldiers had him stand with his back to his father.
I have to go right now. 我马上得走。
I guess I have your ideas. 我想我明白你的意思。
608. he(pron)他(主格)
Everyone should do what he thinks best.
609. head(n)头; 领导; 源头;标题
Write your address at the head of this page.
I wish you’d use your head.我希望你凡事多用脑子。
* (a.)头部的,主要的,首席的
* (v) 率领,出发,(船等)驶向
* headline(n) (报刊的)大字标题
* headmaster(n) 中小学校长
* headteacher(n)中小学班主任
610.headache(n)头痛; 令人头痛的事
611. health(n)健康(状况);卫生;身体(非指body)
Good health is above wealth.健康胜于财富
612. healthy(a.)健康的; 发展良好的
That book is not healthy reading for a child.
Swimming is a healthy pleasure.
613. hear (heard, heard) 听见;听, 听说,得知
I heard him say so. 我听到他这么说过。
I can hear someone knocking. 我听到有人敲门。
I heard that he was ill. 我听说他病了。
* hearing (n)听力
614. heart(n)心, 心脏;纸牌中的红桃
The patient’s heart stopped beating for a few seconds.病人的心脏停跳了几秒钟。
The words”I love you” were written inside a big red heart.“我爱你”这几个字写在一个大红心里。
Who played that heart?谁打出的那张红桃?
615. heat(n)热度 暑热
The sun gives off heat. 太阳散发出热。
You can't walk about in this heat.
The heat from the fire will soon dry your coat.
616. heaven(n)【宗】(常大写)天国; 天空
May her soul rest in Heaven.但愿她的灵魂在天国安息。
Millions of stars were shining in the heavens.
617. heavy(a.)重的, 沉重的; (动作)艰难的
The box is the heaviest of the three.
Heavy rain / snow暴雨,大雪
a heavy smoker烟瘾大的人
* heavily (ad.)重地,大量地
618. height(n)高,高度,海拔,身高
It is almost 2 metres in height.它差不多有2米高。
She is the same height as her sister.她和她姐姐一样高。
He is of medium height.他中等身材。
The table is available in several different heights.
619. hello = hi
620.help (N, V) 帮助 (与can, could连用)避免,阻止[+v-ing] 取用(食物等); 帮手
She could not help laughing. 她忍不住要笑。
Michael got up and helped himself to more brandy.
She is quite a help to her mother. 她是她妈妈的得力助手。
621. helpful (a.)有帮助的,有益的,有利于...的
Our teacher gave us a lot of helpful books in maths.
It’s helpfu for you to buy such a dictionary.
622. hen(n)母鸡
The hen lays one egg every day.
623. her她(宾格);她的(形容词性物主代词)
624. here (ad.)这里,在这里;向这里
We live here in winter. 我们冬天住在这里。
It's ten o'clock and here is the news.
I can’t find my keys. Oh, here they are.
Here’s the money I promised you.这是我答应给你的钱。
Here we are. (=we’ve arrived)我们到了
Here you are. This is what you were asking for.
625. hero(n)英雄;勇士;男主角
people’s heroes人民英雄
Bob is the hero of the novel.
626. herself(pron)她自己
She was ill yesterday, but she’s more herself today.
She herself told me the news.
627. hide (hid, hidden)(v),隐藏, 掩盖,隐瞒[(+from)]
Where did you hide it? 你把它藏到哪里去了?
My husband never hides anything from me.
Lies can not hide facts. 谎言掩盖不了事实。
--Don’t try to ___ anything from me, Mary.
--I know nothing about it, mum! I was sleeping at that time.
A. hear B. cheat C. get D. hide
628. high (a.)高的,高速的,高级的,(时节)正盛的
He lives in a high building.他住在一幢高楼里。
This building is nine stories high.这幢楼高九层。
The speaker has a very high voice. 这位演讲人声音很尖。
The train is going at a high speed.火车正在高速行进。
He is a high official in the government.
It is high time you made up your mind. 你该拿主意了。
629. hill(n)小山, 丘陵;土堆
* hillside(n)山腰
* hilly(a.) 多山的,丘陵的
630. him他(宾格)
Smith is in town; I saw him yesterday.
631. himself他自己; 他本人
Did you see the manager himself?
He didn’t seem quite himself this morning.
632. his他的(名词性和形容词性物主代词)
633. history(n)历史, 历史学; 来历, 经历
A people with no sense of history.
These events changed the course of history.
634. hit (hit, hit) (v)打, 打击; 碰撞;击中
My parents never used to hit me.
He hit his head on the low ceiling.
The area was hit by the floods.这一地区遭到洪水袭击。
The death of her son has hit her hard.
The ball hit against the window. 球撞在窗子上。
635. hobby(n)业余爱好;嗜好
Her hobbies include swimming and gardening.
I only play jazz as a hobby.
636. hold (held, held) 拿, 握住;保持;举行;掌握
I held the mouse by its tail.我抓着耗子的尾巴倒提起来。
He was holding the baby in his arms他抱着婴儿。
She asked me to hold the line.她要我别挂电话。
How long will the fine weather hold?
The meeting will be held in our school tomorrow
The plane holds about 300 passengers.
637. hole(n)洞, 孔; 漏洞;坑
He dug a deep hole in the garden.
638. holiday(n)假期
I’m afraid Mr. Wash is always on holiday this week.
Where are you going for your holidays this year.
639. home家,家宅;故乡;产地;在家,回家,到家
Old people prefer to stay in their own homes.
He left home at sixteen.他16岁离家独立生活。
640. hometown(n)家乡
641. homework(n)家庭作业
I still haven’t done my geography homework.
It takes him half an hour to finish his homework every day.
642. honest(a.)诚实的; 真诚的,坦率的
All my life I have tried to be an honest man.
The young man has an honest face.
He looks so honest that we accepted his story for true.
643. honour (AmE honor) (n) 荣誉; 敬意, 信誉
We fight for the honor of our country.
He is a man of honor. 他是一个正直的人。
Children should be taught to show honor to their elders.
It was a great honor to be invited here.
644. hope(n, v)希望, 盼望
I hope that he will succeed. 我期望他会成功。
I hope to see you and your family soon.
Everyone hopes for snow. 人人盼望下雪。
You mustn't give up hope. 你一定不要绝望。
You have no hope of being accepted.
You are my only hope. 你是我唯一的希望。
--Do you think it will rain?你觉得会下雨吗?
--I hope not.但愿不会
--I hope so.但愿吧
* hopeful (a.) 有希望的,有前途的
* hopeless (a.) 没有希望的,不可救药的
645. horse(n)马
The old man likes raising rabbits,dogs and horses.
646. hospital(n)医院
“在医院住院” “去医院看病”用 in hospital, go to hospital.而“去医院看望病人”“在医院”则用go to the hospital. In the hospital.
647. hot热的 辣的
The weather has been very hot. 天气一直很热。
This curry is too hot. 这咖哩太辣了。
hot news最新消息 hot dog热狗 hot line热线
648. hotdog(n)热狗
649. hotel(n)旅馆, 饭店, 宾馆
Manage a hotel 管理旅馆
650. hour(n)小时
We’re paid by the hour.我们是论小时获得报酬。
It was a three-hour exam.那是三小时的考试。
It will take about an hour to get there.
651. house(n)房子; 家, 住宅
* housewife(n) 家庭主妇
652. housework(n)家务劳动
653. how(ad.)怎样,怎么; (表感叹)多么
How do you do?你好!(首次见面问候语)
How I wish to have a long vacation these days! 这些天我多么希望去度一次长假啊!
How does it work?它运转得怎样?
How often do you go swimming?你多久去游泳一次?
I didn’t know how much to bring.我不知道该带多少。
How much are those earrings?那对耳环多少钱?
Everyone should know ___ to save themselves when a fire breaks out.
A. whether B. what C. when D. how
--Peter,____ do you visit your grandparents?
--Twice a month.
A. how long B. how soon C. how far D. how often
654. however (ad. Conj.)然而; 不管怎样, 尽管如此
However hot it is, he will not take off his coat.
However carefully I explained, she still didn’t understand.
I feel a bit tired. However, I can hold on.
655. huge(a.)巨大的; 庞大的
The party was a huge success.晚会办得非常成功。
This is going to be a huge problem for us.
656. human(a. n ) 人的;人类的 人
A human can think and talk, but an animal cannot.人能思考和说话,但是动物不能。
Wolves will not usually attack humans. 狼通常不会袭击人。
* human being(n)人
657. humorous(a.)幽默的, 滑稽的
This is a humorous novel.这是一部幽默小说。
* humour (n)(美humor)幽默,幽默感
He has a good sense humour.他很有幽默感。
658. hundred(num)百
He has two hundred books.他有两百本书。
Hundreds of people were killed in the earthquake.
How many hundreds are there in thousand?
659. hungry (a.)饥饿的, 渴望的
I am hungry;please quickly.我饿了,请快点。
If you don’t like the job, I know a couple of hungry guys that want to do.
We’re hungry for news about our brother.
* hunger (n)饥饿
660. hurry(v) 催促; 急忙
Let’s hurry a bit, we are far behind them.
--I’m afraid I can’t get there before 9 o’clock.
--That’s OK. There’s _______
A. no way B. no wonder C.no doubt D.no hurry
661. hurt (hurt, hurt) (v)使受伤,; 伤害; 疼痛
He hurt his leg while playing football.
My feet hurt when I walk.
I’m sure smoking hurts you.
662. husband(n)丈夫
Have you met her husband?你见过她的丈夫吗?
663. ice(n)冰, 冰块
Break the ice打破冷场
664. ice cream(n)冰淇淋
665. idea(n)想法, 主意; 思想;打算;意见
It would be a good idea to call before we leave.
I like the idea of living on a boat.
He already had an idea for his next novel.
--What’s she talking about?她在讲什么?
--I’ve no idea.我一点也不了解。
666. if (conj)如果;是否;即使
He will come if you invite him. 如果你请他,他会来的。
If I were you, I would never do that.
We’ll go even if it rains. 即使下雨我们也要去。
I wonder if she is ill. 不知她是否病了。
I’m not sure if he will come here tomorrow.
I don’t know if it _____tomorrow. If it _____, I won’t go
A. will rain; rains B. will rain; will rain
C. rains; rains D. rains; will rain
667. ill生病的,不健康的; 坏的;;邪恶的
Mary's son is ill today. 玛丽的儿子今天病了
He often speaks ill of me behind my back.
668. illness(n)疾病
He didn’t go to work because of his illness.
669. imagine想像 猜想,料想
I can’t imagine what has happened.
She imagined walking into the office and handing in her papers.
Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a forest.
I can’t imagine life without the children now.
--Can we still buy tickets for the concert?
--I imagine so.我想可以吧。
670. immediately马上, 立即; 直接地
He lay down and was asleep immediately.
* immediate (a.)立即的,马上的
671. important(a.)重要的, 重大的
It’s important to find out what he he is doing.
Many important businessmen began as factory workers.
* importance (n) 重要性
672. impossible(a.)不可能的
It is impossible for me to be there before eight.
I find it impossible to lie to her.我觉得无法对她撒谎
673. improve(v)提高, 改善, 改进;更新
I’ll try my best to improve my English.
If he can keep from smoking for a month or two his health will improve.
The farm too is not good enough, I’m going to improve it.
674. in(prep)在...里;穿着;用;在...以后
The two brothers study in the same class.
She is in business. 她做生意。
He is dressed in black. 他穿黑衣服。
She hurried away in the opposite direction.
She wrote in pencil.她用铅笔写.
He’ll come back in a week. 他将于一周之后回来。
I haven't met her in a long time. 我好长时间没有遇见她了。
It is three metres in height. 它三米高
One child in twenty has this disease.
In March在三月 / in 2010在2010年
in the 18th century在18世纪
a man in his thirties一位三十多岁的男子
in the 1990s在二十世纪90年代
--What time do you expect me back, Mum?
--Say, _____ half an hour.
A. at B. before C. in D. for
675. inch(n)英寸
She’s a few inches taller than me.她比我高几英寸.
676. include(v)包括,包含,算入,包含于...里面
The price includes both house and furniture.
Your duties include typing letters and answering the telephone.
677. increase(v)增大;增加;增强
Travel increases one's knowledge of the world.
The population has increased from 1.2 million to 1.8 million.
They’ve increased the price by 50%.
678. India(n)印度
679. Indian印度的,印度人(的), 印第安人(的)
680. industry(n)工业 勤勉
Heavy / light industry重/轻工业
We were impressed by their industry.
681. influence( ,v, n)影响
Her influence made me a better person.
Mr. Smith is a man of influence in this town.
It’s all too easy to be influenced by our parents.
His writings have influenced the lives of millions.
682. information(n)消息, 情报
a piece of information一则消息
to provide / give / pass on information
* inform (v) 告诉,通知
* information desk. 问讯处
683. ink(n)墨水; 油墨
The letter was written in ink.
684. inside(prep)里面的在…里面
Inside the box was a gold watch.盒子里装着一支金表。
For years we had little knowledge of what life was like inside China.
685. insist(v) 坚持; 坚决 认为; 坚决要求
She insisted that he was wrong.她坚持认为他错了。
He insisted on/upon my going with him.
I didn’t really want to go but he insisted.
He insists that she (should) come.他执意要她来。
686. instead(ad.) 作为替代 反而, 却
He is too busy, let me go instead.他太忙了,让我去吧
He didn't give John the money, but he gave it to me instead.
Now I can walk to work instead of going by car.
Instead of going home he stayed and played with his classmates after school.
687. instruction(n) 命令, 指示; 使用说明书
Carry out an instruction执行命令。
You shuould follow the instruction carefully.
* instruct (v) 通知,指示,教
688.# intention(n)意图,意向,目的,意思,含义
His good intentions were repaid by good results. 他的善意得到了善报。
It wasn’t my intention to fool you.我不想骗你。
I have no intention of going with him.我无意和他一起去。
689. interest(n)兴趣; 爱好; 利息
Do your parents take an interest in your friends.
He lost interest in English.他对英语失去了兴趣。
Her main interests are music and tennis.
I borrowed the money at 5% interest.
690. interesting(a.)令人感兴趣的, 有趣的
Can’t we do something more interesting?
I find the book very interesting.我发觉这本书很有趣.
Brewer is a very interesting man.
691. international(a.)国际的
Internatioanl trade helps all nations.
The drug problem is international.毒品问题是世界性的.
692. Internet(n)因特网, 国际互联网
You can find it on the Internet.你可以在英特网上找到它.
I got the information from the Internet.
693. interview (n. v) 接见,会见,面谈,面试 采访
He asked for an interview with the president.
Don’t be late for your interview, or you won't get the job.
We are now going to interview the Minister of Education.
694. into到…里, 变成
He came into the room.他到房子里面.
Can you translate this passage into German?
The fruit can be made into juice.这种水果可以制成果汁.
695. introduce(v)介绍,引见; 引进;传入;采用
It was my younger brother who introduced me to jazz.
Allow me to introduce my friend Miss Wood to you.
Coffee was introduced into England from the Continent.
696. introduction(n)介绍; 引言, 导论
Our speaker today needs no introduction.
A book with an excellent introduction and notes.
The introduction tells you how to use the book.
He encouraged the introduction of new medical treatment.
697. invent (v)发明,创造
I wish to invent a useful machine some day.
He invented a new way of making silk.
698. invention (n)发明,创造
The telephone is a wonderful invention.电话是奇妙的发明。
699. invite(v)邀请, 招待;请求
Have you been invited to their party?
They have invited me to go to Paris with them.
--Will you come to the dinner party?
--I won’t come unless Jenny is invited.
700. iron (n. v) 熨,烫平 ; 铁, 熨斗
She's ironing his shirt with an iron.
She was known as the “Iron Lady”.
701. island(n)岛屿
There is a beautiful island in the middle of the lake.
702. it(pron)它; 指时间/路程/天气等;强调句
Hi! It’s me.嗨,是我。
Was it you who put these books on my desk?
Does it matter what color it is?它是什么颜色重要吗?
It’s impossible to get there in time.不可能及时到达那里。
She finds it boring to stay at home.
I find it strange that she doesn’t want to go.
It’s ten past twelve.现在十二点十分。
It’s a long time since they left.他们已经离开很久了。
It was raining this morning.今天早上下雨了。
It’s Jim who’s the clever one.就数吉姆聪明。
It was three weeks later that he heard the news.
--Who is singing in the next room?
-- ______ must be Marie.
A. It B. She C. This D. There
703. its(pron)它的
The baby threw its food on the floor.
Turn the box on its side.把箱子侧着立起来。
704. itself(pron)它自己
The cat is washing itself.猫在清洗自己。
There is no need for the team to feel proud of itself.
705. jacket(n)上衣, 夹克
I have to wear a jacket and tie to work.
706. January(n)一月
Generally speaking, the coldest weather comes in January.
707. Japan(n)日本
708. Japanese日本人, 日语; 日本(人)的
709. jeans(n)牛仔裤
A woman in blue jeans walked into the store.
710. job(n)职业, 职位; (一件)工作; 职责
He has a job in the bank.他在银行里有份工作。
I’m only doing my job.我不过在做分内的事。
He’s been out of a job for six months.
His brother has just lost his job.
It’s a policeman’s job to maintain law and order.
711. join (v)连接; 加入; 参加;会合
He is old enough to join the army.他足够大能参军了
Do you mind if I join you?我和你们一起,可以吗?
He didn’t join in the basketball game.
The island is joined to the mainland by a bridge.
How do these two pieces join?这两件东西怎样接合呢?
This is the place where the two paths join.
712. joke(n. v) 玩笑, 戏弄,开玩笑
You have taken my little joke too much to heart. 你把我的小玩笑太当真了。
Being cold and hungry is no joke.饥寒交迫可不是闹着玩的
I can’t tell jokes.我不会讲笑话
I'm only joking. 我只是开玩笑而已。
She was laughing and joking with the children.
713. joy(n)欢乐, 高兴, 乐趣
To his great joy, she accepted.
To dance with joy高兴得跳起来
714. juice(n)汁, 液
Two orange juices, please.请来两份橙汁。
* juicy (a.) 多汁的,水分多的
715. July(n)七月
716. jump(v)跳, 跃
With these words, he jumped into the river.
She jumped down from the chair.
She has jumped 2.2 metres.她跳了2.2米。
Prices jumped by 60% last year.
He jumped to his feet when they called his name.
717. June(n)六月
718. just (a . ad .)正义的;正直的;公平的, 合理的(形容词)
You are a just man. 你是一个公正的人。
This is a just decision. 这是一个恰当的决定。
正好,恰好仅仅,只是, 刚才(副词)
That is just what I want to know.那正是我想知道的。
He is just a child. 他只是一个孩子。
I decided to learn Japanese just for fun.
He is just out of hospital. 他刚刚出院。
I’ve just heard the news.我刚听到这个消息。
--Can I help you?我能为你做点什么?
--No, thanks. I’m just looking.谢谢,我只是看看。
719. keep (kept, kept) (v) (长期或永久)持有,保管; 存放,保留,保存; 使...保持在(某一状态); 抚养;饲养; 经营,开设(商店等); 履行;遵守;保守; 阻止; 记(日记、帐等)
The notice said “Keep off the grass”.
I’m very sorry to keep you waiting .对不起,让你久等了。
Keep your voice down. I don’t want anyone else to hear.
The machine kept running.机器一直运转。
Keep your money in a safe place.把钱放在安全地方。
She kept the child quiet. 她让孩子别作声。
Everyone must keep the law. 每个人都必须守法。
Robbie couldn't keep the child from crying.
The church bells keep me from sleeping.
She kept a diary for over twenty years.她记了二十多年日记。
He needs more money to keep his wife and children.
The farmer kept many sheep 这位农民养了许多绵羊。
They kept a small hotel in the town.
Can you keep a secret?你能保守秘密吗?
She kept her promise to visit them.
How long can I keep the book?这书我可以借多久?
* keeper (n) (动物园中的)饲养员,看守人
They kept their hearts __well. A. to beat B. beating C. beat
The old man keeps some birds ________the eggs.
A. to get B. getting C. get
This kind of food__cool,clean and dry according to the instructions.
A. should be carried B. must be put
C. should be placed D.must be kept
720. key(n)钥匙 (钢琴,打字机等的)键,;答案
I’ve left my keys at home and can’t get my books.
I wish that she would not hit the keys of the computer so hard.
I don’t know the keys to the questions.
721. keyboard(n)键盘
I bought a keyboard in the supermarket yesterday.
722. kick (v. n ) 踢, 踢进(球门)得分
He kicked the football out of the field.他把球踢出了场外。
He kicked a goal. 他踢进了一个球。
The baby was kicking and crying. 那婴孩正又踢又叫。
He gave the ball a hard kick.他使劲踢了一脚球。
723. kid(n)小孩, 年轻人
Do you have any kids?你有孩子吗?
I didn’t mean it. I was only kidding.
You must be kidding.你是在开玩笑吧。
724.kill (v) 杀死;宰 消磨(时间);
He was killed in the accident.他在事故中死去。
Cancer kills thousands of people every year.
We killed time playing cards.我们打纸牌消磨时间。
Stop it! You are killing me.别说了,你都把我笑死了。
725. kilo= kilogram(n)千克, 公斤
726. kilometre(n)千米; 公里
727. kind (a. ) 亲切的;和蔼的
---It’s very kind of you to work out the problem for me.
---That’s all right.
They are very kind to me. 他们对我很好。
A kind girl tries to help people and make them happy.
That made me feel kind of stupid.那使我感到有点愚蠢。
728. kind (n) 种类
There are all kinds of animals in the zoo.
* kind-hearted (a.) 好心的
* kindness (n) 仁慈,善良
729. king(n)国王; 大王
They made him king.他们拥戴他为王。
The lion is the king of animals.狮子是百兽之王。
* kingdom (n) 王国
730. kiss(n,v)吻
He took her in his arms and kissed her.他拥抱她并吻她。
They were so excited that they kissed and kissed again.
My mother gave me a kiss on the face.妈妈吻了我的脸。
731. kitchen(n)厨房
We ate at the kitchen table.
She’s in the kitchen.她在厨房里。
732. kite(n)风筝
The kids are flying kites on the playground.
733. knee(n)膝, 膝盖
She fell down and hurt her knee.她跌倒了摔破了膝盖
He went down on one knee and asked her to marry him.
734. knife(n)刀,匕首,刀片
Knives and forks刀叉
735. knock (n. v) 相撞,碰击, 敲
His legs knocked against the chair.他的两条腿撞到了椅子。
He knocked at the door and entered他敲了敲门便进去了。
She was knocked down by a bus.她被一辆车撞倒在地。
The falling bottle knocked him on the head.
When I fell I got a terrible knock on the head.
736. know (knew, known) (v)知道,了解,认识,懂得
The cause of the fire is not yet known.
All I know is that she used to work in a bank.
I’ve known David for 20 years.我认识大卫已20年了。
She is best known for her work on the human brain.
The drug is commonly known as Ecstasy.
这种致幻药通常称作 *** 。
As we know, the fresh water is very important to us.
* unknown (a.) 不知道的
737. knowledge(n)知识,学识,学问
He has a wide knowledge of painting and music.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
She sent the letter without my knowledge.
My knowledge of Mr. Read is not very great.
738. lab = laboratory(n)实验室
739. labour = labor(n)劳动, 努力
Labor creates the world.劳动创造世界。
The company wants to keep down labor costs.
740. lady(n)女士, 夫人, 举止文雅的女子
There is a lady waiting to see you.
His wife is a real lady.他的妻子是个娴雅的淑女。
Could I have your attention, ladies and gentlemen?
741. lake(n)湖
We swam in the lake.我们在湖里游泳。
Hangzhou is famous for the West Lake.
742. lamb(N)小羊 羔羊肉
There are several lambs around the sheep.
They had lamb for lunch.他们午餐吃的是羊肉。
743. lamp (n) 灯,光源
A large lamp lighted the room.一盏大灯照亮了房间
744. land (n, v) 陆地;使登陆;使降落; 登陆;降落
We’ll go there by land.我们将走陆路去那儿。
The price of land is rising rapidly.地价正在迅速上涨。
The pilot landed the plane in a rice field.
The airliner landed safely. 客机安全降落。
745. language(n)语言
All the children must learn a foreign language.
How many languages do you speak?
Italian is my first language.意大利语是我的母语。
Mind your language, young man!
746. large(a.)大,大规模的
A large number of people很多人
Small, medium, large小/中/大号
【补充】at large未捕获的,逍遥自在地
Her killer is still at large.杀害她的凶手依然逍遥法外。
* enlarge (n) 扩大
747. last (a. v) 最后的, 最近的, 刚过去的; 持续; 耐用
He was the last person to leave.他是最后离去的人。
I’ve spent my last dollar.我把我的钱全部花光了。
We had dinner together last Sunday.
How long will the meeting last? 会议要开多久?
These shoes will last. 这些鞋经久耐穿。
The meeting only lasted (for) a few minutes.
Our water will not last long. 我们的水快要用完了。
We’ve got enough food to last (for) three days.
The last thing she needed was more work.
He’s the last person I’d trust with a secret.
--What a day! It’s raining again. I’m afraid we can’t fly a kite.
--Don’t worry. It won’t ___ long.
A. live B. last C. wait D. go
---Tom is the ___one I want to work with. He is always complaining
---Be more patient. He is still a good boy.
A. best B. last C. first D. only
748. late(a. ad)迟的 晚的;已故的;;最近的;,新的
He was late for school. 他上学迟到了。
He came back in the late afternoon.他在傍晚回来。
She is still missing her late husband.
She married in her late twenties.她快30岁才结婚。
The school was built in the late 1970s.
Have you heard the latest news?
I’ve got the latest nove.我得到了最新出版的小说。
Can I stay up late tonight?今晚我可以晚点睡吗?
She has to work late tomorrow.她明天得熬夜工作。
* lately (ad.) 最近,不久
* later (a.) 晚些的,迟些的
* latest (a.) 最近的,最新的,最晚的
* latter.(n) (两者之中的)后者
The latter point is the most important.
749. laugh(n, v) 笑, 发笑, 嘲笑; 笑声
The show was so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing.
He gave a good loud laugh when he saw it.
750. law(n)法律, 法规; 法学,定律
Our government has made several laws to protect children.
He is studying law.他在研读法学。
If they entered the building, they would be breaking the law.
* lawyer(n) 律师
751. lay (laid, laid)(v) 放,搁,下蛋;产卵
She laid the baby gently on the bed.她把婴儿轻轻放在床上。
The black hen lays an egg a day.
注意:(有些人把lay的词义与lie混淆,尤其在现在时和进行时中。然而,lay后可以接宾语,lie后则不接:She was lying on the beach.不能说:She was laying on the beach. 在过去时中,laid常被误作lay或lain, She had lain there all night, 不能说She had laid there all night.)
752. lazy(a.)懒散的,;懒洋洋的
His teacher thought he was lazy. 他的老师认为他很懒。
We spent a lazy day on the beach.
753. lead (led, led) (v)带路, 指引, 领先, 领导
If you lead, I’ll follow.你领头,我跟着。
Who is going to lead?谁来领导?
Which horse is leading in the race right now?
* lead (n) 铅
Lead is a heavy metal.铅是重金属。
* leading (a.) 最主要的,第一位的
754. leader(n)领袖, 领导人
She’s a born leader.她是个天生的领袖
755. leaf (leaves) (n)叶子
756. learn (learnt, learnt) 学习;学会;得知,获悉
We were very surprised to learn that she had got married again.
We learnt the news this morning.
I’m sure she’ll learn from her mistakes.
【补充】learned (a.) 有才华的,博学的
He is a very learned man.他是一位学识渊博的人。
757.least (n)最小(的), 最少(的)
He did it well with the least money.
He’s the best teacher, even though he has the least experience.
She chose the least expensive of the hotels
She must be at least 40.她至少40岁了。
At least 702 people were killed and 1,042 others are missing after Sunday’s mudslides in Zhouqu.
758. leave (left, left) (v)离开,把…留下,剩下,遗忘;; 听任; 离去;动身[(+for)
Mr. Smith left the room at two o’clock.
I’ve left my bag on the bus.我把包丢在公共汽车上。
I felt I had little energy left.我感到我一点劲也没有了。
We will leave for London next week.
Is there any coffee left?还有咖啡剩下吗?
He left the windows open. 他让窗子开着。
Leave the door open, please.请把门开着吧。
She asked for a day’s leave.她要求请一天假。
759. left(n, a.)左边(的); 左手; 向左, 在左边
Take the second turning on the left.请在第二道弯口向左拐。
Fewer people write with their left hand than with their right.
I broke my left leg.我的左腿骨折了。
* left-handed (a.) 惯用左手的
* left-wing(a.) 左翼的
760. leg(n)腿,腿脚,支柱
I have a pain in my leg. 我腿部疼痛。
One of his trouser legs was torn.他的一条裤腿被扯破了。
One leg of the chair is missing. 这椅子缺了一只脚。
761. lemonade(n)柠檬水(不可数)
* lemon (a, n) 柠檬; 柠檬色(味)的
762. lend (lent, lent) (v)把…借给
I’ve lent the car to a friend.我把车借给一位朋友了。
Can you lend me your car this evening?
Has he returned that book you lent him.
The bank refused to lend the money to us.
763. lesson(n)功课; ;(教科书中的)一课; 教训
Lessons begin at 8:00. 八点钟开始上课。
They usually have four lessons in the morning.
The accident taught me a lesson I’ll never forget.
You should teach him a lesson.你应教训他一顿。
We should draw a lesson from the accident.
764. let (let, let) (v)让
She would not let the child do it. 她不会让孩子做这事的。
Let us go, will you? 让我们走,行不?
Let’s not tell her what we did. 咱们干的事别告诉她。
Don’t let’s tell her what we did.
Let the door open.让们开着。
His father doesn’t let him smoke.他父亲不允许他吸烟。
【补充词汇】let sb, down使失望
I’m afraid she let us down badly.很遗憾,她让我们大失所望。
765. letter (n) 信, 函件; 字母
There is a letter for you from your mother.
I received a letter from my uncle yesterday.
The last letter of the alphabet is Z.
* letter-box (n) 信箱
766. level (n) 水平,水平面/线,等级
A high level of achievement高水平的成就。
A computer game with 15 levels 15级的电脑游戏。
What is the level of this course?这门课程是什么程度?
767. library (n) 图书馆
The library has many art treasures.
* librarian(n)图书管理员
768. license (n) 执照,许可证
A driving licence? a driver’s licence驾照
You need a licence to fish in this river.
769. lie (lay, lain) (v)躺,卧;(东西)被平放 , 位于
His hat and gloves were lying on the table.
He lay down for a rest. 他躺下休息一会。
The cat was lying fast asleep by the fire.
The town lies on the coast.小镇位于海滨。
Japan lies to the east of China. 日本在中国的东面。
770. lie(n. v)撒谎
He lied about his age. 他在年龄上撒了谎。
The newspapers were full of lies. 报纸上一片谎言。
He never tells a lie.他从不撒谎。
【补充】I tell a lie(表示刚说的话不真实或不正确)我说错了,我说的不对。例如:
We first met in 1982, no, I tell a lie, it was 1983.我们初次见面在1982年,不,我说错了,是在1983年。
771. life(复lives )(n)生命, 生活, 人生, 一生
The body was cold and showed no signs of life.
My father died last year. I wish I could bring him back to life.
My grandfather lost his life in the Second World War.
The operation saved his life.手术挽救了他的命。
He risked his life to save his daughter from the fire.
I’ve lived in England for most of my life.
He will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
* lifetime(n)一生,终生
772. lift (v,n)举起, 抬起; (云、雾等)消散; 电梯
This box is too heavy for me to lift.
The rain stopped and the clouds lifted.雨过天晴。
It’s on the sixth floor. Let’s take the lift.
I’ll give you a lift to the station我用车顺便送你去车站。
773. light (n, v, a. )光; 灯;;点(火) 照亮 ;轻的,浅色的
She was reading by the light of a candle.
Sudenly all the lights went out.突然间所有灯都灭了。
Turn off the lights when you leave.离开时把灯熄掉。
Can you give me a light, please? 能借个火吗?
He’s lost a lot of weight. He’s three kilos lighter than he was.
The boy in a light blue coat is my brother.
He lit a match. 他划着了一根火柴。
* lightning (n) 闪电
774. like (v, prep) 喜欢; 想要; 像
Which tie do you like best?你最喜欢哪条领带?
How do you like Japan?你觉得日本怎么样?
I didn’t like to disturb you.我本不愿打扰你。
He doesn’t like asking his parents for help.
Would you like to come with us?
He is very like his father.他很像他父亲。
What’s the weather like today?今天天气怎样?
--_______ do you _______ about spring?
--The flowers and the green trees.
A. How, like B. How, thinkC. What, thinkD. What, like
775. line (n) 线(条), (文字的)行; 线路
She put the wet clothes on the line to dry.
The children all stood in a line.孩子们全部站成一排。
They were waiting in line to buy tickets.他们在排队买票。
If you hold the line, I’ll see if she is available.
The line is busy.电话占线。
776. lion (n) 狮子
成语:lion’s share最大(最好)的一份
777. list (n, v)一览表,清单,目录;列清单,列举
You should make a list of things to do.把要做的事列成清单。
His name was dropped from the list.
We were asked to list our ten favorite songs.
778. listen(v)倾听, 留心听; 听信
He listened, but could hear nothing.
I listened carefully to his story.我认真听了他说的情况。
None of this would have happened if you’d listened to me.
779. little(less, least) (a.n, ad)小的,少量,几乎没有
--Which do you want?你要哪一个?
--I’ll take the little one.我要那个小的。
We should manage, with a little bit of luck.
There was little doubt in my mind.我心里几乎没有疑问。
If you have any spare milk, could you give me a little.
【成语】little by little逐渐地,一点一点
His English is improving little by little.
780. litter (v, n) 废弃物,; 把...弄得乱七八糟
There will be fines for people who drop litter.
Please don’t litter. 请勿乱扔纸屑杂物。
Broken glass littered the street.街上到处是碎玻璃。
781. live(v)活着; 继续活; 居住; 生活
Are your parents living? 你父母亲健在吗?
He lived to the age of 70. 他活到七十岁。
She lives about ten miles from my house.
As long as I live, the bridge lives.人在,桥就在。
【补充】live (a.) 活的,实况,现场直播的
living (a.n) 活着的; 生计
782. lively(a.)活泼的,充满生气的,栩栩如生的
She showed a lively interest in politics.
She may be 80, but she's still lively.
What lively colors! 多么鲜艳的色彩!
783. lock (n, v) 锁; 水闸; 锁住/上; 卡住
The safe locks easily.这保险箱容易锁。
When you leave the room, make sure the door is locked.
Lock the door when you leave.离开时把门锁上。
I can’t control the car, the wheels have locked.
784. London(n)伦敦
785. lonely(a.)孤独的; 寂寞的; 偏僻的,
When his wife died, he was very lonely.
He lives in a lonely mountain village
786. long(距离、长度、时间)长的; 长久地
She had long dark hair.她留着黑黑的长发。
It was the world’s second longest bridge.
He’s been ill (for) a long time.他生病很久了。
The table is six feet long.那张桌子长6英尺
How long have you been collecting stamps?
Long time no see!好久不见!
* length (n)长,长度
787. look (n, v) 看,瞧; 看来, 显得; 脸色, 表情
She looked at me and smiled.她看了看我,笑了。
That book looks interesting.那本书好像很有趣。
That looks like an interesting book.那好像是本很有趣的书。
I can’t find my book. I’ve looked everywhere.
Are you still looking for a job?还在找工作吗?
Who’s going to look after the children while you’re away?
She looks down on people who haven’t been to college.
People came out of their houses and looked around.
Look out ! There is a car coming.当心!有车来了。
She looked through her notes before the exam.
I looked it up in th dictionary.我在字典里查过这个词。
Here, have a look at this.来,看一看这个。
He didn’t like the look in her eyes.他不喜欢她的眼神。
She has her father’s good looks.她继承了父亲俊秀的容貌。
--Could you tell me what time the train leaves Hefei for Beijing?
--I’m afraid you need to ___ on the Internet.
A. look for it B. look at it C. look it over D.look it up
788. lose (lost, lost) (v)丢失; 丧失; 损耗; 迷失;使迷路; (钟表)慢;输掉,被打败
Carl's father lost his job last month.
He has lost the game. 他的比赛打输了。
We lost a lot of money on that deal.
She got lost in the forest. 她在森林里迷了路。
The boy soon lost himself in the book.
My watch loses a minute a day.我的表一天慢一分钟。
to lose a game输掉比赛

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